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  1. Who the hell is Mike Richards? Was anyone asking for him to be the new host of Jeopardy?

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    2. Errol


      I might be biased but I like Mike Richards and I was secretly cheering for him even though he was the unlikeliest candidate. Glad he might be getting the job. The less we know about the host the better, IMO. Alex Trebek was famous for his hosting the show and his mustache but there was a lot we didn't know about him which we found out after his death...nothing bad, but all the good things he did without public acknowledgement. Sometimes the quiet ones will be the best ones and I doubt the other potential hosts would be as quiet about their lives on social media.

    3. Taoboi




      I know people were wanting Levar. 

    4. wingwalker


      So this guy basically pulled a Dick Cheney? I think where a lot of the anger comes from is, the show advertised this whole big song and dance looking for a new host using guest hosts, so now people feel like the whole thing was a farce. If they just gave the guy the job right away, there wouldn't be nearly as many upset people. 

      They should also look into his time as producer of The Price is Right. The show was sued for toxicity in the workplace and lost. They had to pay out $7 million in damages. Mike Richards was specifically mentioned in the lawsuit as one of the people responsible. This guy has no place being near any gameshow, let alone Jeopardy. 

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