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  1. I've never watched Y&R, but I keep seeing stuff about "#Salad" on Twitter. That has to be the worst squish name I've ever seen for a couple. 😂

    1. dragonflies


      LMAO who's it for???


      My favorite for a worst pairing is "Soily" Sonny and Emily, that was pure genius and oh so fitting LMAO

    2. AlexElizabeth


      I think it's Sally and Adam. I just laugh every time I see something about "Salad." That's awful! 😂

    3. dragonflies


      Really? Most people I know are calling them "Ally"

  2. Is the troll really trying to tell us that we can't be thirsty in the DAYS thread? Be gone! Back to your superior soap boards you go! 😂Nene Leakes GIF by Real housewives of Atlanta

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    2. Liberty City
    3. KMan101


      They're just bitter we have a good time here and all they can do is bitch and talk about posters on another board. DL is irrelevant. 

    4. Franko


      Ah, yes, Datalounge, where the height of soap-related wit often is tired jokes about adult diapers and toe-sucking.

  3. After almost two years of waiting for this day, I finally start radiography school today! Trying to figure out when I'll be able to watch soaps between school and work, lol.

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    2. slick jones

      slick jones

      Good luck!

    3. KMan101


      Good luck and congrats!!!

    4. YRBB


      Congrats and good luck. Enjoy every moment! But don't forget the soaps!! lol

  4. Who the hell is Mike Richards? Was anyone asking for him to be the new host of Jeopardy?

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    2. Faulkner


      The incompetence of these institutions is hilarious. 

    3. dragonflies


      I agree with others I've seen say this all seems very shady. If he was in the running all along and the one they wanted, then why go to all the trouble of getting people to be permanent.


      I want LeVar Burton

    4. ~bl~


      I think what happened at TPIR makes it worse if he does get the hosting job. I would prefer Mayim even the guy who hosted this past week was good. 

  5. I got the Moderna vaccine today. When will I start feeling the effects of the microchip?

    1. Juliajms


      Never. Those of us in the deep state wouldn't be doing a very good job if people could feel the microchip, now would we? Seriously, are you feeling ok? I've read it can be rough, but obviously worth it.

    2. AlexElizabeth


      I've felt completely normal since getting the shot, besides my arm being a little sore for a day or two where they poked me, which obviously is to be expected. We'll see what happens after I get the second/final dose next month, but so far so good.

    3. Juliajms


      I'm glad you are feeling well!

  6. Finally going to college for the first time at age 28. I start classes in January. I'm so excited that I just had to tell somebody. 😁

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    2. SFK


      Great for you! Congratulations!

    3. alexisfan07


      That's awesome, congratulations! :) 

    4. Wendy
  7. When will we be rid of the trolls with the weird avatars? It's so obvious.

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    2. Cat


      Thank you for pointing out the avatars. They creep me the [!@#$%^&*] out!


      Now we have bots clogging up Off-Topic and Spoiler sections!

    3. DramatistDreamer


      I just saw it.  Looks like a spam-bot.  Seems like one nuisance begets another and another. 

    4. Errol


      Thank you for the notification. The matter has been dealt with.

  8. Just remembered that this was an actual scene that aired on a soap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iqb0Xv7p1NE

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    2. YRfan23


      I knew this was gonna be Passions related! :D  I can't say I'm upset I missed this when it first aired.

    3. MichaelGL


      Yup I knew this would be Passions lol 

    4. victoria foxton
  9. Any tips for gaining weight? I've lost 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks after having surgery to remove a 3-pound tumor from my uterus and being nauseous and not eating for a week after, and I was already underweight to begin with. I'm barely 100 pounds now. I look like a skeleton, I need to put on a good 20 pounds.

    1. DramatistDreamer


      Oh my goodness! Well, I'm glad you got it removed and I hope you recover your full health soon. The last time I was underweight was when I had gastroenteritis and...I'll spare you the details. 

      I think carbs put weight on you (bread, potatoes, pasta, etc) but I think you should try and pace yourself so you don't make yourself nauseous in a different way. 

      I don't eat dairy but maybe some full fat (or whole) milk, yogurt, cheese, etc if you do eat dairy.  Some nuts too.

      I'm trying to offer healthy choices but you definitely can splurge on a nice dessert with meals.

      Pace yourself, see what your system can tolerate.

  10. Kassie DePaiva tweeted that she's cancer free. Fantastic news!

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    2. DRW50


      Wonderful news for her and her family. 

    3. marceline


      Good for her.

    4. MissLlanviewPA


      So happy for her and JDP (and her son/step-daughter).

  11. In January my sister had a baby and named him Brady. I did not know until today that her idea for the name came from Brady Black on Days. I love it!

  12. Kristen Alderson is getting into real estate. Good for her.

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    2. Cheap21


      good for us

    3. DRW50


      Has the market picked back up? 

    4. MissLlanviewPA


      She's back in her hometown (Philly). Maybe it has there.

  13. Is Days not on today? I have tennis.

    1. jcar03


      preempted today and tomorrow for French Open coverage.

    2. AlexElizabeth


      Thanks. The one day I'm home to watch live lol.

  14. Is it true that the guy who plays Felix on GH was born in 1968? That can't be right.

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    2. Cheap21


      good black dont crack...

    3. quartermainefan


      No, that has to be an error somewhere.  He is not 48 years old. 

    4. AlexElizabeth


      Right? I thought he was like 30. I want to see a birth certificate!

  15. 85 degrees out and my work still has the heat on. Why.

  16. Chili M&M's... ewww!!!

    1. ReddFoxx


      I was in the grocery store yesterday and saw a ton of them in the bargain bin. Sounds nasty.

    2. YRBB


      You can't be serious! Yuck!!!

    3. AlexElizabeth


      Someone at work brought in a bag yesterday. Disgusting. We were all racing to the water cooler after eating them. :o

  17. The Ted Cruz lookalike from Maury is going to do a sex tape. So done with the world. http://goo.gl/4tqEIW

  18. I have a new nephew who is a day old and he was just transferred to the children's hospital for a week of tests, monitoring and possible surgery. My poor little guy :(

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    2. Cheap21


      my prayers go out to you and your family

    3. AlexElizabeth


      His name is Brady. He's doing well again today. His tests results so far are all coming back good. They're going to try to take out his feeding tube later.

    4. Mr. Vixen

      Mr. Vixen

      Thinking about you and praying for your whole family. I also have a nephew named Brady - it's a tough name! I know he will pull through. Much love to you. <3 

  19. I have not been able to post on in this board using Firefox in a week. Figured I'd try Chrome. Good grief.

    1. DramatistDreamer


      I read an article last week (or maybe 2 weeks ago) that said that Firefox was planning on returning focus to its Browser and not a moment too soon.  Things have been a mess lately! I have problems with the keypad and it ONLY ever happens in Firefox!  For some reason, I've almost always used Chrome for certain sites and this is one of them.  

      The only annoying thing with Chrome is that sometimes, the pop up and pop under blockers are not as effect as they are in FF.

    2. dragonflies


      Same here! I can only post using my tablet.


      Sadly it doesn't seem like anyone in charge GAF either

  20. LMAO at the Miss Universe mess.

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    2. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      I've disliked Steve Harvey for so long, so I'm not too mad that he f!cked up and got that "smooth OG" image rocked a little, but I hate that it was at the expense of those young ladies.

    3. DramatistDreamer


      I'm defnitely no fan of Steve Harvey, he made a very notable mistake made even more laughable by his atrocious spelling.  The gifs and memes were hilarious and deserved.  What wasn't deserved were the racist tweets and postings that I saw today on social media, which I think are absolutely disgusting!  Those are far worse than Harvey's mistake.

    4. AllMyDaysatGH


      Why is his beard a caterpillar

  21. When you're Christmas shopping and everything on Amazon says, "Expected to arrive after Christmas"... ugh.

  22. Soap superstar JPL... LOL.

  23. They sell paternity tests at Wal-Mart. What the hell?

    1. Cheap21


      I CANT. I wonder how accurate they are and how many customers have been requesting that they start stocking that. Im just waiting for the episode on Maury where some guy claims he isnt the father bc WM's test said no

  24. Crying tears of joy over how amazeballs Jelly's smart GH is.

    1. AllMyDaysatGH
    2. YRBB


      I've never seen so much pink champagne fireworks.

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