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  1. Paraphrased from SOD: Phyllis meets with shady businessman Ben Hochman and suggests to him that Victoria is single and he should try to charm her to buy a piece of Brash & Sassy. He asks Victoria out to dinner and she agrees. They wake up in bed together and because of Victoria's head injury she doesn't know what happened. Hilary sees them and tells Jack who uses the info to try to break up Billy and Phyllis. So that makes two fake sexual harassment claims (Gloria/Jack and Cane/Juliet) and now two instances of people waking up in bed and not knowing what happened (Cane/Juliet being first) in a span of like 6 months. This show is really playing fast and loose with consent and just shady sexual situation these days. I don't like it.
  2. What atrocious acting today. Listen, when I saw Doug's tweet about JT and AH I thought it was bitter, over the line and unprofessional. But then I saw today's show and the awful performances from Heinle and Goddard and I can't imagine what it must feel like to be TEB or CLB or ED (who hasn't gotten a thing from this Dina story we can all admit) or KSJ or JW and be sitting on the backburner getting nothing material and watching those performances. It's almost insulting. They were dreadful (and CK wasn't that much better but at least she didn't embarrass herself). On another note, I honestly hope Mal scraps this traficking story completely. Who the hell is Crystal? Who is Zach? Why do I care about her or that he might be involved? Sharon Case absolutely deserves a fronburner story but I'd prefer it not be this. It's already a boring mess.
  3. Doug is going a little overboard now. He just retweeted this on his timeline and liked it (I don't disagree that they were on too much and it was obvious that some of the actors were starting to resent it but to put it out there publicly...)
  4. The affair was soapy and dramatic, I get why people were into it, the writing for them as a couple is dreadful. I suspect it's written this way because Sally didn't like them and maybe Mal is going to try to fix it but I'd prefer he not at this point and just have Phyllis dump Billy and honestly be single for a while? There was period around January or February where she was single and on a dating app or something and I thought they should have stayed with that. Bring on her mother if they need a story but tossing her in another relationship after the triangle last year and this dull triangle or whatever the heck it is now would be a terrible move. Put her in a business story now with Lauren and Fenmore/Jabot and then bring back Ronan or someone in a few months. And while Phyllis is single, give Ashley a love interest! It's absurd! When was the last time she had sex? Stitch?
  5. No worries. I'll edit mine too. I get why everyone is disappointed who liked them, I guess it felt like a lot of people asking why or saying it wasn't fair but without the ratings or demos there was no way to justify having them stick around. I think Mariah/Tessa should continue. I don't like Brash & Sassy. I actually think Brash & Sassy and GC Buzz need to go. Just go forward wit Jabot, Hamilton-Winters Group and Newman. Leave Brash and Sassy and Femores as smaller companies that are part of Newman (B&S) and Jabot (Fenmores) Sharon should absolutely remain sane I don't know about Victor, it still feels like they're not sure how to write him really. Dina should stick around but they should drop the whole Graham angle, who cares anymore?
  6. What are you talking about? I just said I expect Mal to fail, I think it's a mistake to make him HW and EP, I hope they get a new HW fast and I respect Kay. It helps to actually read the posts. My point was simple, Sally's ratings and demos were terrible so there wasn't really a choice for Angelica or Sony from a business standpoint.
  7. Let me ask this honestly, what could Angelica and Sony really do? Sally was here for like 8 months and 4 or 5 of those 8 months she had record low demos. She was actually setting records for most weeks of consecutive lows for the show. What is Angelica supposed do in this situation? Add that to the fact that many people in the cast were vocal in their displeasure with the show....it honestly would have been borderline irresponsible for Angelica as an exec not to do something. It's a business. She never had a period of good or even decent ratings or gains. How would Angelica be able to justify giving her a new contract or keeping her on? Now the Kay part is what sucks. It feels like she is unfairly being lumped in with Sally's failures when I think Kay has every capacity to still be great. They shouldn't be seen as a package deal. Sally's flops are not Kay's and I wish Kay would have been kept on as a consultant. Also, Mal becoming the HW is such an atrocious idea and a stupid one. We saw this with Latham - it didn't work. We saw this with MAB - it didn't work. This won't be any different. It's too much for one person and Mal doesn't even seem to have enough experience as a HW to justify this. Even if this is temporary, given the show's track record with having people take on both the role of EP and HW, it is beyond stupid that CBS and Sony would be fine with this even for a short period of time. I hope they find a real HW and fast.
  8. Also...this article from Tommy on Kay and Sally being OUT lol (with a big ol' shot at DC) http://highlighthollywood.com/2017/07/48-hours-after-firing-kay-alden-sally-sussman-is-out-and-not-retiring-despite-tabloid-report/
  9. How in the world is anyone surprised by this? Sally's Y&R was boring, dry and dull as hell. I couldn't understand at all the praise it was getting on this board, it was absolutely awful as were her demos. The show was hitting 16 and 12 weeks straight of record lows in the demos, there's no way they were going to keep her around. Sucks about Kay Alden though, she deserved better than to have her legacy tied to this awful stint from Sally. Mal being EP and HW is a horrid idea and I hope it is only temporary. One would hope that after the fiascos that were MAB and LML as HW and EP they wouldn't actually make the mistake of doing that again. They need to get a real HW, maybe even bump up Janice Ferri Esser and give her a fresh, young co-HW
  10. So this has started some uproar on Twitter (and yes we all know Tommy is cray though this appears to be true): Kay Alden is OUT as a consultant and Sally has hired her 24 year old son as a scriptwriter (he has been there about a month, his onscreen credit is ADAM SAMUEL when in fact his full name is ADAM SAMUEL MORINA) http://highlighthollywood.com/2017/07/yr-in-crisis-sony-insider-says-ms-kay-alden-is-out-sussman-tried-to-hire-her-son-to-replace-the-venerable-writer/ I think Sally is getting fired when her contract is up anyway but I can't imagine her son has enough experience to justify giving him a job as a scriptwriter. Y&R has always loved nepotism but now both Sally's husband and son work on the show? I assume based on those releases about how bad the The Talk is doing compared to The View that Angelica will be making a ton of changes to the lineup anyway. The lead-ins will shelter some of the blame I'm sure.
  11. Yep, it was called 'The Clarence Update'. My grandma used to listen to him when she couldn't be home to watch the stories because she was driving somewhere
  12. Why does it have to be either/or? I don't want her crazy or a hot mess but she could also be doing a lot more than she currently is. I don't get why the bar is set so low for the writers. "Well she isn't crazy so I'll accept whatever" or for Hilary it's "well she has no motivation or POV or friends or real reason for her actions but she's on all the time." Really there is too much great tv being created on too many platforms to be accepting the bare minimum from soaps.
  13. Ehh, I don't think Sharon defending the Newmans or kicking Hilary out of the coffeehouse on their behalf made a lick of sense considering what they have put her through and how they have treated her. Also Sharon Case has alluded to being bored as hell herself. While I don't think we ever need to see crazy, nutty Sharon again what she is doing now is boring as hell. I also don't get the notion that the show loves MiM or Hilary. She basically just moves around the show as a foil to their favorites with zero motivation or reason for doing so. They certainly like her being a punching bag but I don't get the love since they haven't bothered to actually round out the character. Like on today's show, what is the purpose of Hilary going after Lily again? Kicking Lily while she's down for no reason is supposed to endear Hilary to who? They just use her because they don't want their more golden characters to dirty their hands so they have her do it and never give a reason for it. She's on a bit, but I don't see the benefit in it. Every other week someone is wondering if they're setting up a "who killed Hilary" story. And Lily and Cane are still fine. DG posted pictures of the family behind the scenes yetserday they were all taping on the Lane set together and seemed fine so Lily still isn't leaving or breaking up with him obviously.
  14. JFP was not the only person who wanted Phyllis de-aged. That's my point. Both CBS and Sony did. Bergman didn't recommend GT so I don't know where that came from either. He didn't know and had never met GT until the audition (actually they claimed they may have met once but neither remembered). He has told the story himself about how Laura Wright told him at the Emmys after Gina got the part that Gina was going to be amazing and she's sweet and blah blah when he was still unsure about bringing Phyllis back. Plus, GT's biggest audition moments were scenes with Josh Morrow. The directive to put Philly back together came from higher up than Mal obviously. Mal is the EP. Sally is both the co-HW and the EP and even after all of that talking Mal did to the mags she STILL said they weren't happening. Mal does NOT outrank Sally. Angelica and/or Sony stepped in and told her to put Philly back together. I'm sure that Victoria and Billy will get back together eventually, nobody believes Philly are some forever couple, I just don't think anybody sees Phack that way anymore either. In fact, the first thing Sally did when she got here was immediately stop with the Phyllis crying over Jack stuff and put her on a dating app and hanging in Nick's bar all the time. And I also don't think Sally is as sold on Victoria and Billy as everyone thinks, not this version. Because she had six months to put them together before they went back to Philly and all the did was almost kiss I think once and the rest of the time was Billy doing a bunch of boring after-school specialish scenes with Reed. But I think this board really underestimates how at odds Sony and CBS seem to be about current Y&R. For some reason people think it's just Sally and Mal at odds. I don't. The survey about JT made that blatantly clear. Angelica McDaniel is on Twitter assuring people he isn't going anywhere while Sony is sending out a Survey asking if you miss Billy Miller and if you like JT less than him. I don't even get the "letting him hang himself" stuff cause the HW always goes before the EP and Mal already signed his new contract. It's quite obvious that Angelica or Steve Kent or someone said they'd rather she not give any interviews. Michael Logan said they would do a part two after she had been on Y&R six months and nothing. That apparently isn't happening.
  15. Ehh that wasn't all JFP's doing. When it was originally reported that they were looking for a recast Phyllis it came from Sony. After GT won the Emmy there were pics of her out to dinner solo with Steve Kent and Sony is the one who "leaked" the info about her audition to the press. That's why I never believed it was just Phyllis fans or the casting of Phyllis was JUST a JFP thing. Sony was also very integral and everyone mentioned by them too was 40 or younger. I'm not going to keep going back and forth about this but if Mal and Sally had any real use for 99% of the cast they'd be doing more than they are (with the exception of Amelia, Christel and Daniel). Does that also apply to Eileen? Who has no real story of her own? Or Bryton? Or Melody? Sharon? Like, you do realize that it's damn near August and nobody has anything CLOSE to an Emmy reel except maybe Greg Rikaart (and I guess CK or DG if you think they've been marginally decent - I don't). I think a better argument is the belief that Sally had other plans for Phyllis but Sony or CBS forced her to keep Philly together (after she swore in an interview that they wouldn't be) and so this is the result. It's quite obvious something happened because Gina was giving interviews about discussions she had (I guess with Sally) about Phyllis being single and re-discovering herself and how she was excited to play that and then randomly it was back to Phyllis and Billy. It was obviously network-mandated or Sony because Sally made her opinion on them quite clear. But either way, I think it's silly to claim that the writers and EP are invested in anyone really when 99% the actors have no noteworthy material to speak of 8 months into the year (and many of them have verbalized this). Aside from all of that.....does anyone find it odd that Sally no longer gives interviews? She gave that first interview to Michael Logan, there was some ugly backlash and nobody has heard a word from her since. Mal gives every single interview in every single magazine article. She literally has not said a word (and if you go back and read her interview - NONE of what she said actually happened). It's like Angelica or Steve Kent or someone read the interview and not only shut her down but told her that all her plans won't fly and she needs to change them (she said no more Jack vs. Victor, she said no more Philly, she said a great love for Ashley, she named her top 8 characters and many of them barely make the top 10 in episode counts now....)
  16. I don't think they'd ever seriously do Victoria and Cane. Lane ain't seriously breaking up anytime soon. I can't stand MO as Abby, she has anti-chemistry with every man she is paired with or tested with. HHK was the same way (though I found her a slightly more tolerable actress overall) Well apparently Sony does if that shady survey they sent out was any indication. But none of the couples that Sally has created work. Devon/Mariah, Jordan/Hillary, Noah/Tessa, Sharon/Scott, bunch of boring others. It's actually her biggest weakness and she fired the writers who really excelled at it like Kate Hall. But I'm fairly certain that Y&R has the oldest and whitest writing staff in daytime by a country mile since Sally took over so it's not a surprise that I find it dull, slow and outdated (including how they write romance and relationships).
  17. Have heard from several people that a Jack and Phyllis reunion ain't happening for a lot of reasons but mainly because neither Mal nor Sally likes them romantically and PB's days as a romantic/sexy lead doing love scenes are over - and obviously they like GT's Phyllis naked all the damn time. Plus I think part of the reason Sony & CBS wanted Phyllis de-aged was to eventually move her away from Jack. The casting call they put out when GT was hired was for someone 30-40. But yeah, I don't care about a single thing in that promo.
  18. How did I miss this and what was that OTT reaction from Victoria? This is so poorly acted and dramatic for a splash of water lol.
  19. So...I'm not agreeing with this narrative and it's honestly not why I posted the episode counts. Gina has done more than fine on this show. She led episode counts last year. She was the main focus of a whole triangle that lasted an entire year. She got her Emmy, the entire story of Victor's trial and reveal of Victor/Marco and what was done to Phyllis was all EB and GT (hell PB didn't even get much there) so I can't agree with the idea that she's gotten nothing. There are a lot of other people who have gotten a lot less in recent years. She isn't getting much under Sally (then again IMO, 95% of the women on the show aren't). I've seen a lot of "AH has been good since LA" I mean, I guess, but I don't know what it says that the bar is so low that she gets applauded for going what, 3-4 weeks without being awful? And yes I also agree that the writers have stripped, not just Phyllis, but most of the women of the show of personality frankly. I guess Hilary is the exception maybe, but while I love MiM, I don't get the praise for the writing for Hilary. She's a busybody, she's moving around a lot, she isn't drive any story whatsoever though. Playing sidekick to Juliet, interviewing Julie Chen and crying in a corner while Devon screws Mariah is great? Anyway, but look at the awful 180 they have done to Mariah. Phyllis has been made bland, Lauren is void of anything, I'm not even going to start on Nikki, Chelsea never had much of a personality anyway, and while I'm glad that Sharon isn't crazy anymore they don't have to make her into someone who just pours coffee and listens to Scott, Mariah and Nick's problems.
  20. He is on too much too but I was mainly focusing on the women and the lack of story that Sally gives any of them BUT Victoria. Each of them might have a week or two of focus and then they disappear for 3-4 weeks or they have background supporting scenes where they do nothing (Sharon Case actually had an episode where she had NO dialogue, she just sat there and smiled for an hour).
  21. I find it bizarre that nobody here seems to have an issue with this. Is it because it's Sally? Cause if Pratt's episode counts for some of these women looked like this.... 2017 Episode RankingsGina Tognoni (Phyllis Summers) 66 vs. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) 90 Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) 60 vs. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) 90 Mishael Morgan (Hilary Curtis) 60 vs. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) 90Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) 54 vs. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) 90Sharon Case (Sharon Collins) 52 vs. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) 90Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Lawson) 52 vs. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) 90Judith Chapman (Gloria Bardwell) 43 vs. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) 90Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman) 43 vs. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) 90Tracey Bregman (Lauren Baldwin) 40 vs. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) 90 For the most part ALL THE WOMEN ON THE SHOW get an equal amount of airtime (though for most it's a bunch of nothing) and disappear for weeks at a time except one. It's absolutely ridiculous that she's been on damn near 40 more episodes than MTS, SC, MCE, etc. And I believe she has only had ONE episode off the entire month of July so expect that number to grow and grow.
  22. When in the world would someone who travels back and forth from LA to NY every week have time to do theatre? Unless it was something in LA? But I have never believed that she wanted to stay on Y&R longterm frankly. I thought she'd leave after 5 or 6 years anyway. As much as I like her, I think it's fine for her to take a backseat on the show for a while. She has lead the show for basically 3 years straight got 2 Emmy nominations in 3 years and won an Emmy. It's okay if she has a slow 6 or so months. It's not much different than anyone else. Eileen is on sporadically and just to have repetitive conversations with Jack and has no love life, Victoria is on entirely too much and has no love life, Sharon has nothing close to resembling a story but she does listen to Scott talk about his 50 million backstories, Mariah has no story, the list goes on and on and on. There's the Brash & Sassy story and everyone else has a collection of scenes. Oh and the exit that won't end with Kevin and Chloe that disappears for 6 weeks then pops back up again for some reason (just leave already).
  23. I thought Eileen pretty much said recently no thank you to a Victor/Ashley revisit.
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