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  1. Re Three Steps to Heaven, Kay Medford played Elaine, night club hostess. 


    Sam Gilman played Monty, a bartender.


    Poco is described as a NYC model whose roots are still deep in her Midwestern hometown.


    Poco's husband, Bill Morgan, was a writer.


    Barry Thurmond was Poco's brother and Uncle Frank was her uncle.


    Vince Bannister was a nightclub owner-racketeer.  Was trying to break up Poco and Bill, by trying to convince Poco that Bill was a bigamist.


  2. 56 minutes ago, Bill Bauer said:



    Yes, that's him and he seems to be having a temper tantrum in that photo so that could be the smoking gun. LOL. Good find indeed! 


    Who is that very 70s-looking kid on the far left? Would that be TJ Werner? 

    Yes, that's T.J. Hargrave.  I do remember him but don't remember Gary.

  3. A few more for Hawkins Falls.


    From NBC press release, Nov. 1951, Jack Bivans plays Mike Pargin, who returns to Hawkins Falls after his business fails.


    From NBC press release, Mar. 1955, mentions that Pat O’Neal plays Perry Hyden.  I’m guessing this is the man little Nellie was with when Lona met her.


    From April 1954, Minneapolis Star, Rupert LaBelle has just finished a run on a Hawkins Falls.

  4. More Hawkins Falls:


    From January 1953 issue of Variety, add actors:

    Sam Siegel

    Les Podewell

    Norma Ransom

    Henry Elders (who played the District Attorney according to a blurb in newspapers.com)

    Stanley Gordon

    Muriel Bremner

    Irwin Cherone


    From various Ross Reports on Television, add actors:

    Emmet Vogan

    Jean Christian

    Gary Walberg

    Herb Newcomb

    Henry Barnard


    From newspapers.com (multiple newspapers):

    Lucile Lorelle played Clara Fennert.


    From Radio-TV Mirror:

    Tony Eben (child actor)

    Ronny and Richard Holm were also child actors.  Richard looked a few years older than Ronny (who appeared to be close to Tony's age).  All the children are described as Lona's neighbors.



  5. Re Hawkins Falls:


    Toughy's last name was Padget and was played by John Galvarro.


    Per a 1956 Radio TV Mirror article, Jayne Heller also had a role (unknown character).


    Also, Carol Corey was Floyd's sister; trying to cause trouble between Floyd and Lona.


    I also learned that Bridget Daly Brazlen (that's the spelling in the articles I found that mentioned Hawkins Falls, but the articles were about her mother) was the same Brigid Bazlen who played Salome in King of Kings.





  6. Re GL and Arthur Peterson being written out, these clippings are from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  The first one is from a 1949 article re Arthur Peterson's father (Arthur, Sr.).  The other three are from a 1980 interview of Arthur (Jr.).  Both mention GL moving to the west coast.  Was that once a plan?



    GL Arthur Peteson 1949.jpg

    GL Arthur Peterson 80.jpg

    GL Arthur Peterson 80 2.jpg

    GL Arthur Peterson 80 3.jpg

  7. On 8/28/2020 at 12:14 PM, slick jones said:


    APRIL 2, 1951-JULY 1, 1955         NBC





    Andy Anderson    ....   Arthur Peterson       1955     

    Spec Bassett   ......   Russ Reed      1953

    Mary Jane Bettert     ?????    Roy's aunt

    Dr. Glenn Bowden      ....    Lee Henry  1954      

    Sheriff Boylan       ....    Doug Chandler         1954

    Corinne Calvet      ..... Corinne Calvet         1953          

    Nancy Campbell   ....  Beverly Younger         

    Belinda Catherwood     ....    Hope Summers   1951-52

    Elmira Cleebe             ....    Elmira Roessler        1953

    Carol Corey            ...      ?????    .....      

    Dr. Floyd Corey      ....    Maurice Copeland    1953-55       

                                     .....    Mike Golda       1951-53

    Lona Drewer Corey    .....     Bernadine Flynn       1951-55

    Nellie   Corey           ....    Brigid Daly Bazlen      1955            

    Roy Bettert Drewer Corey    ....    Bruce Dane      adopted runaway.

    Knap Drewer          Frank Dane    1953-55           bedridden old man

    Laif Flaigle         .....    Wyn Strack           1951-53        town bum

    Millie Flaigle         .....    Ros Twohey       1955

    Mitch Fredericks          .....    Jim Bannon        reporter

    Cleo Hollister            ....    Mary Foskett       1953    

    Jenny Karnes           .... ??????

    Mr. Kratz              ....        Butler Manville

    Myra Martin       ....         Myra Hendricks       1955

    Garry Minden       ....    William Adler

    Sue Riga                ...   Toni Gilman        1953        

    Betty Sawtel       ....    Helen Bernie

    Judge Sharp         ....      Phillip Lord   1955

    May Shipley        .....       Vivian Lasswell     1953

    Calvin Sperry    .....   Art Van Harvey            1954-55        shopkeeper

    Clate Weathers          Frank Dane                   reporter

    Audrey Wheeler    Rusty Sammon   date, Mitch     55

    April Winfield        ....    ??????

    Toby Winfield       ...     Tom Poston      1953      




    Kevin  that Lona thought was a bank robber   ??????

    Toughie      ....      ?????    soda shoppe

    Virgil     ad man   William Green



    Announcer    ...    Wes Howard        1954-55

                            ....    Hugh Downs     1953







    Frank Aletter    1/54

    Jim Andelin   4/54

    Barbara Berjer        

    Jackie Berkey

    Viola Berwick                   

    Marie Engstradt Brady

    Irving Cherrone    2/55

    Richard Clary

    Mary Frances Desmond

    Alice Dinson

    Peter Donat                    

    Alma DuBus

    Tony Eben

    Norman Gottshalk    

    Sam Gray              

    Bill Griskey

    Russell Hicks      2/55

    Richard Holm

    Ronnie Holm

    Will Hussung         

    Carlton Kadell

    Geraldine Kay    1/54

    Anozia    Kukaki

    Jean Mowry              

    Richard Snary

    Les Spears

    Ron Tomme             

    Slick, Frank Dane only played Clate Weathers in the nighttime version (which aired in 1950).  He played Knap Drewer on the daytime version.  I think Clate and Knap might be the same character because both were newspaper editors (newspaper was called "Hawkins Falls Journal").  He was Lona's first husband, and they adopted the runaway boy (9-year old Roy, also referred to as John Roy).  Dane got into a dispute with the writer and producer and they killed him off in a plane crash (plane fell into the Irish Sea when Knap flew over to cover Queen Elizabeth's coronation).  Lona took over the newspaper.


    Re Roy's aunt, the few references I found said her name was Marijean Robbins (she was the sister of Roy's mother).  Roy's parents were killed in a car accident.  She was also trying to get custody of Roy.  Don't have the name of the actress but this is her picture, in case anyone recognizes her. 


    Re Arthur Peterson, his character (in the early years, at least) was "Doc Gibbs."  Referred to as a druggist and a soda clerk, well-educated, who frequently gets arrested.  Provides home-spun philosophy. 


    Nancy Campbell was married to Ray Campbell (Jim Andelin).  They apparently separated and Nancy was involved with a doctor (possibly Floyd Corey).  Ray was trying to win her back.  (1954)


    Belinda Catherwood was the town's richest woman and self-appointed guardian of morality.  She had a niece, named Janet Weaver (played by Nancy Brougham).  Janet's friend, Gillie, was played by Jean Hawley.


    Nellie (original last name Hyden) was a 7-year old girl Lona took an interest in (she was in the company of some man coming through town---sounded kind of creepy but maybe he kidnapped her?).  The articles I found spell the actress' first name Bridget (and she was really 10-years old).


    Millie Flagle was the town's laundress.  She and Laif had a baby named Mark (played by Ros Twohey's real son, Mark Twohey).  Born in 1952.


    Elmira Cleebe was described as a housewife and mother of two.


    Cleo Hollister ran the town's bookstore.


    Mr. Kratz's first name was Johnathan.  The oldest man in town, in his 70s.


    Sue Riga married Mitch Fredericks in May 1955.  He soon thinks she's cheating on him.


    Judge Sharp's first name was Willard.


    Norm Gottschalk played Phinny Zites, town handyman.


    May Shipley was described as a baby-sitter.  She looks to be in her 60s in a picture from the pertinent time (although I'm terrible at judging ages from that time period).


    Vera Ward played April Winfield.


    Marie Engstrand Brady played Osa Helgstrom, Swedish washerwoman.


    Jean Mowry played Claire Petrah.


    Les Spears played Jake Debrow, barber.


    Corinne Calvet's husband, John Bromfield, appeared with her, as himself.


    Alexander McQueen played Tad Mudwert, station agent.


    Cliff Soubler played Jim Mayberry (1952).


    Character of Theresa Mayberry was mentioned in a 1954 synopsis.  She was in love with Mitch Fredericks.


    Tom Neal played the warden of a boy's reform school (1954).


    John Ericson played Jerry Boone, prize fighter (1952).


    Other actors with unknown roles:

    Marie Petrillo

    Faith Brooks

    Mark Roberts

    Catherine Payne (1952)

    Kurt Kupfer

    Joan Gray

    Hawkins Falls Marijean.jpg

  8. On 8/23/2020 at 5:52 PM, slick jones said:


    JUNE 30, 1958-DECEMBER 26, 1958   NBC



    NO PAGE ON imdb




    Mr. Conger...???  janitor

    Chester Crowley...???... 

    Chester Crowley, Jr....?????

    Mary ____  Crowley       Eugenia Rawls

    Peter Hall... John McGovern        

    Adam Holt...John McGovern         

    Karl Manning...  Patrick O'Neal         

    Laura ____Manning ...  Pat Benoit      ex wife, Karl

    Leslie Williams Manning  ...   Joyce Lear       2nd wife, Karl

    Nicky Manning ...    Peter Lazar              son

    Rhoda Spencer  ...   Audrey Christie

    Glenn Turner ...  Ernest Graves   

    Maxine Wells  ...   Barbara Loden

    Lester Williams    ...    Barry Thompson

    Ellen Wilson......  Chase Crosley     dated Peter

    Betty Winters ...   Nancy Sheridan



    Ted...???...  boss, Glenn


    Teacher...  Tom Carlin ...   



    Roxann Arlen      October 1958-

    Martin Blaine    

    Nelson Olmsted

    Ted Osbourne    November 1958-

    Joanna Roos   

    Jean Stapleton   

    Joan Wetmore    November 1958-



    @slick jones Per my usual source:

    Tom Carlin played Peter Hall. 

    Martin Blane (Blaine?) played Chester Crowley, Sr., car salesman, husband of Mary and father of Chester, Jr., who attends Bolton High School. 

    Joanna Roos played Ellen Wilson's mother.

    Nelson Olmsted played Ted Brown, Glenn's partner (Glenn was an architect).

    Lester Williams (Barry Thompson) was Laura's father.

    Roxanne Arlen replaced Barbara Loden as Maxine Wells.

    Jean Stapleton replaced Nancy Sheridan as Betty Winters.

    Ted Osbourne and Joan Wetmore played married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw, who invested money in a building project.

    Adam Holt was the principal of Bolton High School.



  9. 15 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

    Charme Allen

    Into The Light - Ma Owen 1941

    Just Plain Bill 1949

    Lorenzo Jones 1952


    Haila Stoddard

    Just Plain Bill 1946

    Our Gal Sunday


    Eugenia Rawls

    Amanda of Honeymoon Hill 1943

    Second Husband - Lauren Bennett 1946


    Les Tremayne

    Mary Marlin - Doc Brooks 1941


    Jone Allison

    Orphans of divorce 1941


    Ruth McDevitt

    Young Dr Malone Mrs Timmons 1943


    Jimsey Somers

    David Harum 1945

    Second Husband 1946



    Haila Stoddard's character on "Our Gal Sunday" was Leona Kenmore, close friend of Sunday's, 1946.

  10. Synopses:


    Week of April 1:

    Attorney Ben Jerrod returns to his home town, coincidental with an apparent murder, in the premiere.  Seeking a more meaningful way in life, Ben has left a successful law practice in Chicago to join his old friend and mentor, Judge John P. Abbott, in a small town law firm in Indian Hill, RI. 

    Janet Donelli keeps a rendezvous.

    Ben investigates death of businessman Vincent Donelli.

    Vincent Donelli's death becomes a murder case.

    Ben agrees to represent Janet, Donelli's wife, and warns her to expect the worst in the inquest. 

    Janet denies any guilt in what has now become a murder case. 

    Ben learns that gossip swirls about her social life, and that apparently she is trying to shield somebody.

    Ben learns the personal history of Janet and her deceased husband from Dr. Withers, and hires an investigator to dig up information on the murder victim.

    Janet reveals there is a secret man in her life.


    Week of Apr. 8:

    Police and the DA suspect Janet and the local druggist (Pete Morrison) having poisoned Janet's husband.

    Janet has new information about her husband's death.

    Ben believes the coroner is headline hunting.

    Ben tells Judge Abbott that the truth is more important than a client's acquittal.

    Janet tries to hide her most recent romance from Ben.

    Janet and a local druggist (Pete Morrison) are suspected of having poisoned Janet's envelope.


    Week of Apr. 15:

    Ben learns about the "other men" in Janet's life. 

    Lieutenant Choates arrests Janet on suspicion of murdering her husband.

    Pete discovers he has a mysterious benefactor.

    Ben probes a new angle in the Donelli case.

    Ben believes someone intended to frame Janet.

    The case against Janet is resolved.

    Janet is released from jail.


    Week of Apr. 22:

    The mysterious death of druggist Pete Morrison ---the second death in the home of Ben's client, Janet Donatelli---casts new suspicion on the distraught woman.

    The DA is confronted with a surprising volunteer witness in the Donelli case.

    Lil Morrison, the wife of the slain druggist, declares that Janet will pay for his death.

    Judge Abbott uncovers a new slant in the case.

    Janet's double-talk infuriates Ben and infuriates her case.


    Week of Apr. 29:

    Janet seeks Ben's forgiveness.

    Janet makes another costly mistake.

    Lieutenant Choates is sure Janet is guilty.

    The DA gets two new witnesses, both dangerous to Janet.


    Week of May 6:

    Ben and Agnes share a dramatic encounter.

    More damaging facts about Janet develop.

    Ben reprimands Janet.

    The DA plans the prosecution.

    A sympathetic witness for Janet appears.

    Drugstore employees speak out against Janet.


    Week of May 13:

    Ben finds a new motive for the murder.

    Winifred Gibbs acts foolishly toward Lil Morrison.

    Ben receives some surprising news.

    Carrie defies her aunt.

    Tom Miller pays an unexpected visit to his home.

    Ben's case suffers another setback.


    Week of May 20:

    Janet remembers writing a dangerous letter.

    The Assistant DA makes a damaging admission.

    Lil Morrison receives unexpected help.

    Emily has a new plan.

    An ingenious plan is set.

    Janet receives a terrifying gift.


    Week of May 27:

    Ben encounters a fanatic.

    Ben and Dan (Joplan/Joplin) wage a battle.


    Week of June 3:

    Abel Forsythe angers Tom Miller with embarrassing questions.

    Jim O'Hara makes an unusual decision in favor of Ben.

    Wesley Gibbs continues to cooperate with Ben.

    Janet refuses to make a deal that could save her life.


    Week of June 10:

    Agnes tries to save Ben from danger.

    O'Hara baits a trap for the killer.

    Janet pleads vainly with Ben.

    Adele Pike begins to panic.

    A strange young man upsets the court.


    Week of June 17:

    Janet Donelli faces the jury.

    Agnes is rebuffed when she seeks information.

    O'Hara learns he is a murder suspect.

    Adele Pike's plans backfire.

    Ben springs a trap.


    Week of June 24:

    Abel makes a startling discovery.

    Judge Abbott is enraged by a young man's rudeness.

    Ben cross-examines brilliantly.

    Agnes loses her temper for the second time.

    Ben's strategy verges on collapse (last show of the series).


    @slick jones First name of DA Joplin (sometimes listed as Joplan) was Dan.

    I think there are a few other characters not previously listed:

    Vincent Donelli (murder victim---not sure he was actually seen).

    Dr. Withers

    Winifred Gibbs

    Tom Miller

    Carrie (maybe the ingenue?)


    Oops, looks like we were posting at the same time!

  11. @slick jones Re The First Hundred Years, the first name of Mrs. Graham was Angela.  Mrs. Martin's first name was Claire; Mr. Martin's first name was Walt; Mrs. Thayer's first name was Mary; and Mr. Thayer's first name was Frank.


    Additional characters:


    Robert Wilson (crooked politician?)

    Beatty (first name unknown---involved with Wilson)

    Crane (first name unknown-murder victim---George Graham and Johnny Peters are suspects in his murder)

    Mildred Cartwright (Chris' old flame) and her father (Chris is trying to sell him insurance)



  12. Way of the world Cynthia.jpg

    The clipping is from a columnist making snarky comments about various daytime shows so take it with a grain-of-salt.  But the characters are part of the story from the week of 4-11-55.


    Synopses (Way of the World)----The dates don't quite match up with the cast list.


    Weeks of 1-15-, 1-24-, and 1-31-55

    After receiving a blow on the head from a burglar, Eve learns that her condition is worse.

    Eve begins lip-reading sessions.

    Eve's husband, Lyle, tells her they have been asked to do a new play.

    Eve discovers that a thing as small as a hearing aid will not break up marriage nor ruin career.


    Week of 2-1-55 (Tues.)

    "Take Me in Your Arms," starring Jerome Courtland as Mike Stockton.  7-part story will deal with a young man who returns to his hometown to dispose of a farm he inherited.

    In the first episode, Mike meets childhood sweetheart, Tracy Dodge, and finds her bitter and withdrawn as a result of a tragic marriage.

    Mike finds himself arguing with Tracy and her father and renews efforts to sell his farm and get back to San Francisco.

    Mr. Dodge tells Mike about his daughter's husband, a man who is now spending time in jail.

    An unexpected visitor in the form of Tracy's bigamist husband appears at the Dodge farm.

    A prairie fire sweeps across the Dodge farm giving old Calvin Dodge a cause to regret his stubborness in a few matters.


    Week of 3-15-55

    Dorothy Sands in a story concerning the maturing Miss Perkins (Sands), and Abby Colt (Joan Hotchkis), a musical comedy star.


    Week of 3-25-55

    Sarah Marshall and Tom Tryon in a play about a serious college professor and his overly honest young wife.


    Week of 4-11-55

    Cynthia, in a spiteful mood, incurs husband Walter's anger.  Starring William Prince and Lori March.


    Week of 4-18-55

    Margaret Hayes stars as a woman torn between two loves.


    Weeks of 5-2 and 5-9-55

    Story of six dissimilar people who are passengers on a plane forced down in the wilderness of Labrador.  Edna Best will appear for the second time.


    Week of 5-16-55

    Eva Gabor stars in the story of a marriage of convenience for a woman (Mariska) trying to escape from behind the Iron Curtain.  She marries an American she helped escape and copes with adjusting to her new life in America.


    Week of 5-30-55

    Poignant story of a painfully shy girl who emerges from her shell only to be forced back into it by an unhappy romance.


    Week of 5-20-55

    Jerome Courtland will star in the story of a man whose life and marriage are almost wrecked by a winning sweepstake ticket.


    Week of 6-27-55

    Wayne Morris stars in a story about the tribulations of a suburban New York couple who go on a second honeymoon.


    Week of 7-4-55

    Gena Rowlands and Mark Roberts star in story of a young woman who finds love and its attendant complications when she returns to the hometown of her childhood.


    Week of 8-8-55

    Woman (Anne Burr) returns home after a year's convalescence and finds her home life is completely altered.  Addison Powell plays her husband.

    Alison (Burr) begins to doubt her judgment in leaving her husband and calls for aid to clear up her confusion.


    Week of 8-15-55

    Dorothy Hart and ex-Yale boxer Joe Morass in a romantic drama of an attractive woman whose dread of marriage and responsibility almost cost her the man she loves.


    Week of 8-22-55

    Geraldine Fitzgerald stars in story of a girl whose future happiness is threatened by her feeling of guilt over her father's death.


  13. Just now, jam6242 said:


    Date Barbara.jpg

    Date Barbara 2.jpg

    Date premiere 2.jpg

    Date with Life Logan.jpg

    date barbara 3.jpg

    Date with Life premiere.jpg

    Date continuation of premiere.jpg

    Date with Life Mark Roberts.jpg

    Date with Life Marian Russell.jpg

    Date with Life Redfield.jpg

    Date with Life Leona.jpg

    Date with Life Leona 2.jpg

    Synopses from The Philadelphia Inquirer:


    Week of 11-7-55:

    Laurie turns down a suggestion from Logan Bradford.

    Laurie returns back to a saddened house.

    Laurie sees things in a different light.

    Laurie drops one man, and loses another.

    Laurie hears about the Martins' 25th anniversary.


    Week of 11-28-55:

    Anne goes away to be alone---and discovers that she has a guest.

    Anne finds new interest in her life.

    Susan worries about her mother, but she seems to be doing very well.

    Susie finds out about Philip Mitchel.

    Philip gets an unexpected and unwanted visitor.


    Week of 12-12-55:

    Anne hears the rumors that are spreading through Bay City.

    Anne comes to a decision ---- and the end of the road.

    Susan tells Philip what she thinks of him.

    Philip confronts Anne.

    Anne refuses to listen, and then decides that perhaps she should.


    Week of 12-19-55:

    Nancy, whose life is run by her mother, decides that marriage is a problem for herself alone.

    About to give Frank her answer, Nancy is interrupted by a new arrival.

    Nancy finds that Charles is the sort of man she's never met before.

    Nancy sees Charles again, and her mother begins to worry.

    Nancy gets a second proposal.


    Week of 12-26-55 (pre-empted on 12-26 by LA Rams vs. Cleveland Browns NFL game):

    Nancy gets married.

    Jessie hears the news and makes an angry decision.

    Jessie worries about her daughter.

    Ruth tries to warn Nancy but gets nowhere.


    Week of 1-2-56 (pre-empted on 1-2 by Cotton Bowl):

    Charlie writes an important letter.

    Nancy finds out about her husband.

    Sue Loring goes to see Jessie.

    Tom Bradley gives Nancy important news.


    Week of 3-5-56:

    Frank expresses his feelings.

    Janet asks Joan's advice.

    Janet receives a letter.

    Gordon gives Janet good news.

    Frank and Ellen are upset at the news.


    Week of 3-12-56:

    Janet tries to change her plans (Ann Loring is listed as the star).

    Bay City's excited over Janet's accomplishments.

    Ellen has an emotional problem.

    Frank and Janet quarrel.

    Hemsley sends a wire.


    Week of 3-19-56:

    Ellen gets into trouble.

    Janet's bubble bursts.

    Janet worries about Ellen.

    Ellen feels her family is breaking up.

    Frank's practice is affected.


    Week of 3-26-56:

    Ellen's problem reaches a climax.

    Janet receives a letter from Hemsley.

    Ellen has an accident.

    Frank's friends help.

    Janet decides to write another book.


    Week of 4-16-56 (from Birmingham News):

    Story concerning deception, love, and attempted murder (starring Irene Moore).


    Week of 4-23-56:

    Neil is afraid for Peggy's safety.

    Jennifer convinces Neal that a decision must be made.

    Peggy makes a decision.

    Peggy says good-bye.

    Jennifer discovers that a frightening mistake has been made.


    Week of 4-30-56:

    The police search for Peggy.

    Tom brings news of Peggy.

    Jennifer is consoled by Dave.

    Peggy tells Neil the truth.

    Peggy finds happiness.


    Week of 5-14-56:

    Laura receives an invitation.

    Mrs. Appleby gives Laura a warning.

    Laura upsets Andy's plans.

    Henry is forced to confront a problem.

    Andy attempts to please Laura.

    (Also, from Birmingham News, Neva Patterson stars as a woman who makes startling discoveries when she returns to her hometown)


    Week of 5-21-56:

    Laura is undecided about her future.

    Andy reveals his unhappiness.

    Andy develops a desperate plan.

    Henry starts a frantic search.

    Laura blames herself for all that's happened.


    Week of 5-28-56:

    Andy passes the crisis.

    Laura is afraid of the future.

    Helen listens to Laura's side of the story.

    Laura makes a confession.

    Laura says goodbye.


    Week of 6-4-56 (from Birmingham News):

    Stars Georgann Johnson who will learn whether she wins her man (Tom Bradley-Mark Roberts).


    Week of 6-11-56:

    Cathy is threatened.

    Joan worries over Cathie.

    Tom learns of Joan's plans.

    Joan learns that a new flame can burn one's fingers.

    Tom is called out of town.


    Week of 6-18-56:

    An old friend visits the Fredericks.

    Cathy is worried (Susie Hallaran is listed as the star).

    Joan decides to take matters into her own hands (Georgann Johnson is listed as the star).

    Joan receives an ultimatum.

    Tom realizes his true feelings toward Joan.


    Week of 6-25-56:

    Rita offers to help (Pat Sully is listed as the star).

    Tom attempts a rescue.

    Pete covers his first big story (Peter Hernandez is listed as the star).

    Tom asks Joan to set the date (Mark Roberts and Georgann Johnson).

    Bay City attends the wedding.








  14. On 8/10/2020 at 1:07 AM, slick jones said:

    A Thread to discover information about 2 1950s Anthology shows.

    Information provided by @Paul Raven





    OCTOBER 10,1955-JUNE 29,1956 NBC


    Laura Appleby...????????

    Jim Bradley...Logan Field   10/10/55-11/11/55

    Tom Bradley...Mark Roberts 11/11/1955-6/29/56


    Organist  ...   Billy Nalle


    A Date With Life

    Logan Field as Jim Bradley, editor of the Bay City News, daily newspaper for Bay City, will appear in every episode, introducing each and playing an active part in each. Episodes will be based on the stories that lie behind local items in the newspaper reporting the activities of the city.


    Mark Roberts replaced Logan Field as lead character Nov 14 1955 and appeared in all subsequent stories.

    I would assume actors in different stories were playing the same characters


    Oct 10  11 Nov 1955


    Laurie Dayton                  Barbara Britton, 

                                   Fred (Anthony)Eisley, 

                                    John Gibson, 

                                 Irene Hubbard,

                                           Ilene Walker, 

                                          Al Burdick, 

                                       Bernard Grant,

                                               Cliff Hall                        

                                             , Ross Martin



    14 Nov  15 Dec 1955


      Ann Marlin         Barbara O'Neill, 

                                         Billy Redfield, 

                                       Don Hastings,

                                       Dolores Sutton, 

                                            George O. Petrie,

                                          Eleanor Phelps, 

                                         Charles Fenman, 

                                          Sheila Copelan, 

                                           Clement Fowler                                         


    The House on the Hill Dec 18 1955 -  Jan 20 1956


                                            Leona Powers, 

                                          Marian Russell,

                                         Lin McCarthy, 

                                            Leora Thatcher, 

                                              Frances Helm, 

                                          Lawrence Hugo, 

                                           Warren Parker, 

                                              Bruce Gordon,

                                             Gordon Peters.


    The Tom Bradley Story Jan 23 - Feb 27


                                     Georgann Johnson, 

                                          Lois Wilson, 

                                            Ann Deere, 

                                      Mary Alice Moore, 

                                          Adrian Bayan,

                                            Steve Chase, 

                                          Bernard Grant, 

                                            Gordon Peters, 

                                             Billy Redfield,

                                            Dolores Sutton,

                                             Irene Hubbard,

                                               Leona Powers,

                                               Marian Russel, 

                                               Susan Halloran, 

                                                  Jay Barney, 

                                                Ted Chapman, 

                                                    Eva Condon,

                                                     Ben Yaffee


    The Doctor's Wife was the story presented March 2 - April 6 1956


                                                  Shepperd Strudwick, 

                                              Tom Gorman, 

                                                      Dorothy Stinette, 

                                                 Cameron Andrews,  

                                            Doug Rutherford, 

         Housewife/Writer            Ann Loring,

                                            Natalie Trundy,

                                                   Goergann Johnson,

                                          Leona Powers, 

                                           Marian Russell,

                                         Gordon Peters,

                                           Susan Halloran, 

                                              Ella Dayton


    The Witness April 9 - May 4 1956


         Jennifer the teacher +David         June Dayton,

         David     + Jennifer           Dean Harens,

                                                 Irene Moore

                                              , Eric Sinclair

                                             , Barbara Joyce,

                                             Kathleen Comegys, 

                                                   Mel Ruick


    Spring Fashions May 7 - June1 1956


                                              Neva Patterson, 

                                                     Joe Maross, 

                                                       Phyllis Hill, 

                                              Joanna Roos,

                                    Rod Hendrickson,

                                         Dolores Sutton, 

                                   Jimmy Rogers, 

                                     Marian Russell,

                                             Vera Allen, 

        Jennifer                             June Dayton, 

                                           Georgann Johnson,  

                                         Barbara Townsend,

                                           Gordon Peters,

                                             Monica Lovett, 

                                            Irene Hubbard


    ?? June 4 - 29 1956


                           Susan Halloran, 

                            Georgann Johnson,

                            Peter Fernandez,

                           Henry Lascoe, 

     Bride             Pat Sully, 

                           Stanja Lowe

                              Lois Wilson, 

                          Lawrence Weber, 

                             Sam Jarvis, 

                                   Ann Dera



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