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  1. Looking forward to a new year of this much improved soap!
  2. I'm still enjoying the show and I am grateful to feel that way. I read the most recent posts and I think Devon was right for coming down on Hillary. And I don't need any more scenes to prove she made Mariah fall. It probably happened the way Mariah imagined. Hillary copped to it and eventually seemed to feel the weight of what she did. Mariah could have been seriously injured, so no I don't think it was weird that Devon walked out. She continued to do power trip stuff and accelerated it to the point of injuring someone. Yeah it's soapy. Devon's crash was predictable and also soapy. I hope people don't come down on Mariah for exposing Hillary. But that would be soapy too. Maybe there will be more outcry for other people's misdeeds now that more people are commenting about this drastically improved soap. I think the show has been very even with the characters across the board. I didn't like JT as Billy at first, but I did like him A LOT more than DT in the aged role. The past few months have hardened him. He is not the same Billy as he was when BM was in the role. Overall, I give Y&R a A- which is a vast improvement over the past 10 years. I can't explain to anyone who isn't a soap fan how much it means to me to look forward to 12:30 - 1:30 again. Happy New Year.
  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Y&R live since SS's first episode aired. I haven't even FF through the commercials and a couple of nights I watched the episodes again on whichever channel it is that broadcasts it at night, after B&B. I loved that Nikki went to NY shopping for Christmas. I loved that Victor gave her a present before telling her about the surprise trip, and that the box was wrapped in wrapping paper itself (fancy boxes). I loved it that her first episode focused on the hearts of the characters and I think I teared up about 6 times. There have been so many little touches that I haven't seen in 10 years. My Y&R is on the way back and I think I can call myself a fan again.
  4. There was a comment about her sister's death taking a toll on her and another about her being very thin. Neither things are as critical as some of the others. Again, IMO.
  5. I think she's beautiful and I love her as Victoria. She has lost weight since the death of her sister. Her hair has been styled better lately. The other day it looked wonderful in the front, but messy in the back. I wish criticizing actors' and actresses' appearance as in some of the posts above was not allowed. I don't know what good could possibly come of it. JMO.
  6. I love this interview. It gives me hope. Best holiday 2016 present ever. lol. And I noticed that she didn't mention Cane/Lily...
  7. I didn't enjoy Friday's episode. There was too much dialogue for one thing but I think it was more than that. I definitely did not like the interaction between Natalie and Travis. I am liking Travis even less after Friday, as a matter of fact. Not sure what has happened with that. I definitely do not like TPTB trying to push Nat off as Victor's new receptionist. I definitely do not enjoy seeing Daniel Goddard (Cane). Friday's episode was just yuck after watching the Sully/Christian reveal all week.
  8. I would not miss it for the world! So glad to know that SSM was there when this was being filmed. Yes!!! I wonder how long they will. She is no better than Sharon if she allows it to continue, no matter what Victor says/does.
  9. I can't imagine any other actress as Patty. I'll bet she's fun to be around IRL. Patty seems different this time - not so much cray cray but very smart and alert and mean... I wish they would write Cane off.
  10. Ah that's good to hear! Not sure if it's been posted or not but Tracey Bregman posted on her Instagram that her first day back at work was Sept. 15.
  11. Never saw the actor until he was cast as Adam. So, as to my comments above -- Yes Really. It's ok that you don't agree with me... Makes the soap world go 'round.
  12. Hi GMac. When I read the recap I thought, oh no here we go again. I hope you are right. I was shocked when they aired the mixup conversation about the paragon virus - when Victor got the timeline and the perp All Wrong. I think he mentioned it again in the last few days...?
  13. I keep thinking how great Billy Miller would be as "Billy" for the past couple of weeks but as far as Philly is concerned, not once have I imagined MS as Phyllis. No. Sad that GT still seems to be so stiff. BTW: Hi everyone! I have not watched very much since Pratt took over and I tried to tune in a few weeks ago and I just could not stand more than about 2 minutes. And it really ticked me off that Y&R had become that way. I've watched and read recaps for the past week or so - ever since I read about Mal Young replacing Phelps. Chuckled when I read Nina Tassler was out at CBS too. I've gotta say though that Victor has been ruined for me to the point that I actually get nauseous whenever EB is on screen. I read all about what he's done since last year. Do I dare hope that insulting the fans where Victor is concerned is over?
  14. I'm going to miss him and I wish him well. He made Adam human after MM decimated him on screen and on Twitter.
  15. I am soooooooo happy that Phelps is gone, Pratt is on his way out and SSM is in. Been a long darn year. Been a long time since......well whatever it was that brought MAB in to only make things worse. Happy Friday and weekend Y&R fans. LOL at my signature and member description!
  16. I love it! I think I will be very sad when it ends.
  17. Loved Sunday's episode! Glad the folks in Storybrooke know what's going on, on the other side... And I love how tender Mr. Gold is with Henry. Still can't figure out why August didn't want Henry's dad to go to Storybrooke with Emma.
  18. Isn't that funny though, considering that it was actually Brandi who said to Yolanda "You've slept with everyone in Beverly Hills" ? I think everyone will come to be close again with Adrienne when the problems with her husband surface. I love how Brandi calls a spade a spade when she sees one. Her calling Adrienne out was no more rude than Adrienne repeatedly pointing out to everyone that Kim was crying in the way that she did.
  19. Also, Yolanda said at the beginning of the episode that she likes to invite people from the music industry to dinner parties she hosts for friends so that they can all mix together. She didn't say she invited them to be the entertainment. Seems to me that her dinner parties are really captive audiences for her husband with dinner rather than dinner parties with a little music afterwards. But hey, she is keeping him happy and I am sure that is what they both want.
  20. Yes, the tone and tempo of music picked up after it was brought to their attention that the music was depressing. They should have seen it on everyone's faces though. I thought it was odd that guests aren't allowed to sing along. Controlling much?
  21. I wonder if Lisa has ever GIVEN a story to Radar... I thought Yolanda was a little over the top being protective of her grown man husband. Would she rather one of her guests have run out of the room in tears from depressing music? Sheesh. The night has to be about your guests, too. Taylor was drinking too much again, but still... That was some depressing after dinner music. I wish Brandi had've been there to meet the famous trumpeteer!
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