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  1. Well, once in a while he flirts with me a little. We hug once or twice a day and we used to share the same bed until recently, not because he had issues with it but because I bought a new mattress finally. Paul's girfriend dumped him because she said he wasn't "good enough" for her. (What a b!tch) Which is BS because he is the nicest most committive man I know, my other roomies (who are also super nice) included. He hasn't taken it well; he was really depressed the first few weeks after the break up. Paul really loved that girl and she did the Hokey-Pokey on his heart. You just don't do that to someone. (see, I'm getting all protective of him) I love him, and I don't know how to tell him.
  2. Can anyone give me advice on something that's been really stressing on my mind for a while now: Paul is one of my roommates and he's been a really good friend of mine since I've entered college. And he's hott. He broke up with his girlfriend a while ago and he's been telling me that he just can't find the right girl. The thing is, as usual, I have a really big crush on him and I've been really bad at hiding it. Especially during Valentine's Day; we went for dinner together and just pigged out and had a really good time. What should do I do; should I tell him or should I just keep hiding it?
  3. Brokeback Mountain. Extraordinary extraordinariness! It was soo emotional and beautiful and heartbreaking. I was in full on sobs by the ending (which I will not spoil). Heath Ledger's got the Oscar in the bag.
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