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  1. I don't remember when she started, but I know she ended in late '90 because Kelly Ripa was one of her last hires.
  2. BingCherry

    VH1: Mob Wives

    So it's safe to assume this season is going to be everyone vs. each other?
  3. Neither look like they've had any work done. Kassie is obviously someone who takes care of themselves, probably a non-smoker who stays out of the sun for the most part.
  4. Last weekend I cut my foot on glass and this weekend I'm pretty sure I broke my left pinky finger. I obviously am accident-prone.

  5. "Finally" randomly started playing somewhere in my place. I first started dancing (because I love that song), then I got worried. What if there's a gay ghost in my house? This is way too American Horror Story for me.

    1. DRW50


      Ask them to play some Sonia.

  6. I just realized a dark, dark thing today. I actually prefer LML's Y&R to MAB's. Yeah, I said it!

    1. aMLCproduction


      Me two. I always have

    2. Cat


      I am LML's #1 hater. I thought she helped to hasten the decline of the show. She set in place the excessive Phyllis love (and Gloria love) and the Newmans ruled the show while the Abbotts were dismantled. But compared with Hogan + MAB? Yeah, I think it has gotten to the point where LML's version, overall, may have been better executed.

  7. Louise Sorel almost left Days of Our Lives to take the role of Vanessa on All My Children, but decided to stay with Days. Esta TerBlanche auditioned for Allie Doyle before being cast as Gillian. Beth Ehlers, Maura Tierney and Tea Leoni all screen-tested for the role of Cecily Davidson on AMC. Tierney also read for the role of Hayley on Santa Barbara.
  8. LA Law was in the crapper by then (kind of like how all the CSIs are now), so maybe it was best.
  9. I'd assume so, but ABC Daytime was making a lot of odd decisions around this time, so who knows. LOL. In an interview Debbi Morgan did with TV Guide when she joined Loving, she said that she chose Loving over a series regular role on LA Law.
  10. Sherry Stringfield initially auditioned for the Mindy Lewis recast (eventually taken by Kimberley Simms) before getting the role of Blake on GL. Not exactly "They Almost Became"s, but I thought this was interesting Both Finola Hughes and Jane Elliot turned down the chance to join Port Charles around the time Debbi Morgan left but before Kimberlin Brown came in.
  11. The role of Chris Stamp on All My Children was originally written with Wayne Northrop in mind. When he turned the part down, both Robert Hays and Brian Kerwin screen-tested before Jack Scalia was cast.
  12. In the early 90s, Paramount was planning a syndicated wheel of 4 30-minute soaps, each soap airing in a telenovela format of 13 weeks sharing the same timeslot. Paramount's hope was to shoot each show on location in a different city/locale and to cut costs by pursuing co-production deals with international broadcasters and US station groups (Tribune, Group W and the NBC O&Os were said to have been approached in this regard). The plans sadly died off when they merged with Viacom some time later.
  13. It seems as if the germs of the planned Spelling/Collins series led to Melrose and 2000 Malibu Road (which ended up airing on CBS at the same time Sunset West was going to).
  14. Before returning to All My Children the first time, Cady McClain was offered the roles of both Barbara Graham and Georgie Phillips on One Life to Live.
  15. Found some old '80s issues of Variety and there's one from 1987 where it mentions that Gloria Monty and MCA were developing a serial for Fox about a blue-collar family in the Northeast.
  16. No. He's laughing like crazy just right now. Oh, and he wants me to tell Ryan that he loves him a whole lot. I dunno what that means but he just wanted me to tell im that.
  17. I would if I could find any. Of course, I could get drunk off the soda over here.
  18. Thanks for the well wishes. It really helps Casey, even if it is in his own words "just appendicitis." I dunno how to introduce myself here per se, but I guess a hi will do for now. God today's been super stressful. Between school and getting out in the middle of a class to pick up Casey, it's a wonder I'm still awake. Hope everyone's doing good and good luck.
  19. I just got out of the hospital a few hours ago. I had my appendix removed. Well, I'm not technically sitting on the computer right now. I'm actually lying on my bed on bedrest and my roommate Paul's typing this. Paul: Hey everybody. Casey's told me a lot about this place and DR too, but I've been too nervous to post especially after he told y'all about his, um, proclivities with me. Anyways, Casey's doing fine and he can't wait to sit and talk to you guys again. I'll make sure to post here again, and y'all have a nice day. -Casey and Paul
  20. Congrats! Everyone needs a new comp sometimes...what kind of computer do you have presently?
  21. No, it's just that you're there for me a lot, and I appreciate that.
  22. Na'Vell! I knew I'd find you here, my buddy.
  23. God I miss it here. I've been over at the [sITE NAME NOT ALLOWED] board a ton and I always tell myself to post back here, but I always forget. Darn!
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