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  1. 20 hours ago, Vee said:

    Didn't Sasha Alexander get her head blown off on NCIS and then shade the show on her way out the door?


    Apparently early on in the show, the hours were ridiculously long due to Donald Bellisario taking forever with his scripts and generally being a difficult micromanager; some days went as long as 20 hours.  The cast would consistently complain, but Alexander was said to be the loudest voice on set, to the point where she asked to be released from her contract.  It was only when Mark Harmon threatened to leave a year or so later that Bellisario was let go.

  2. What time frames do they have of the show? I read that not everything was kept.

    Very little of the NYC years or the first year in Burbank (1962-mid 1973) still exist and what does is almost entirely kinescope.  Mid-1973 thru 1992 is said to be mostly intact.  

  3. Brandi was on WWHL tonight and, besides being sober for perhaps the first time ever on that show, spilled some interesting details about the reunion. Apparently she's in front of the firing squad for the first half of the reunion then something happens that causes everyone's "plan" for the reunion to fall apart and things get really truthful, this according to Brandi. Granted how this season has gone and how Kim has been lately, this could literally mean ANYTHING.

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