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  1. You know things are rotten in soapland when the best one on the air is B&B. I always forget Bradley Bell can deliver when he's not phoning it in.

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    2. BingCherry


      The Rick/Maya/Caroline story is the wildest "straightforward" soap story I've seen in a long time. Everyone's killing it and the writing is just...dishy!

    3. Soaplovers


      That's what disappoints me about Bradley Bell.. he and the writers are capable of crafting stories for all characters yet chooses to only feature Brooke/Hope. You can feature two stories, even three stories per half-hour episode. It's possible with talent and planning.

    4. sheilaforever


      To be fair, B&B has been stellar for 6 months or so...

      while the other have been, well,...

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