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  1. Elaine Princi (OLTL's Dorian, 1989-1993) now teaches specialized programs - Language Arts, Writing, History - for 5th graders at a charter school in the San Fernando Valley / Los Angeles area.
  2. What are you saying?? There is no way he is Frank Sinatra's son! Yes, those EYES... That's how he most resembles Allen: (l'm sorry for the sarcasm.... I couldn't hold back on this one, lol.)
  3. The post you're responding to is from 9 years ago, but I'm gonna take a stab in the dark that DRW50 meant Kelly Rutherford - who played Megan on Melrose Place (and Sam on Generations). Buchanan was in re-negotiation in 1994. AW was negotiating right back, holding auditions for her recast and making overtures to people like Karen Witter - who'd just left OLTL as Tina, as well as Grace Phillips - who had replaced Buchanan on OLTL as Sarah two years earlier (ouch). Of course, Anne Heche's name was tossed around, too. Obviously, JB & AW came to an agreement and she was back on-air. Three years later, re-negotiations would happen again, and AW took a big step further by simply temp-recasting Vicky with Cynthia Watros (double-ouch). As for Ellen Wheeler, she actually screen tested the role(s) in 1991, and they chose JB over her. At this time, they just weren't interested in going back to her.
  4. To add some context, ABC was going after ED right before Gottlieb & Malone came on. Max was still Nicholas Walker (sigh), strangely paired with Yasmine Bleeth's Leeann. That would have put Eileen co-starring with her real life ex-BF. I wonder, if she had happened on OLTL, if Blair might have been rendered unnecessary at that time. With Kin, he "tested" with Robin, who of course really wanted him to come on - but that test was really for him, to get a feel of Pierce and what he's be taking on. One of the things he sort of jokingly (but maybe he meant it?) griped about was the intense dialog. Remember around this time, scenes were really being written with the character layer-shedding in mind. What Kin read with Robin was an emotional scene in the cabin that ultimately aired with James Fitzpatrick, where he pretty much delivered a monologue. Still good, but would have been far more awesome with Shriner.
  5. I see what you're saying. But Kit would have been an awful character for anyone to play: She showed up, revealed herself to be Jackson's "dead" sister (right after he was out-of-the-blue talking about her death), basically acted like a bitch to any PV resident she crossed, made everyone hate her, then was raped so that viewers were supposed to suddenly like her, but no one cared. Add Lee Hawkins (AKA poor man's Ray Gardner), his daughter-by-day / ghost-of-dead-wife-by-night Camile, suddenly-psychic Mateo, his never before-mentioned wife / baby-mama Raquel (he didn't see HER coming!), resurrected-just-for-comedy Mike Roy, and the hysterical conclusion of Brooke's storyline with Jim Thomasen... 1998 was the first time in AMC's history that it became a legitimate hot mess.
  6. *Something "AMC" new to add that I don't think has been mentioned yet: Pierce Riley, love interest for Janet... then Brooke... originated in 1995 by James Fitzpatrick, ending in scandal and replaced by Greg Wrangler in 1996, himself replaced several months later by Maxwell Caulfield.... The role was created for Kin Shriner, who backed out.
  7. There isn't. Eva LaRue is the only actress to play Maria Santos, who first entered the storyline as... Trevor's doctor. Here's one of her first episodes: 100% Laurel. And you're right, Khan, the role was created with Eileen in mind. ABC tried to get her two years earlier for OLTL as a recast Gabrielle... she declined for the same reason: not wanting to relocate to NY. As for Kit Fisher / Christine Montgomery, AMC was courting Jessica Tuck (ex-Megan, OLTL). Obviously that didn't work out. She dodged a bullet since 1998 was just a major WTF year for AMC.
  8. I'm only including recasts of character that were being played by an actor who popularized a role ... So for example, I can't add Genie Francis as GH's Laura or Cady McClain as AMC's Dixie, because their predecessors didn't exactly make an impact or impression. On the other hand, Sherry Stringfield as GL's Blake , I see differently - since Elizabeth Dennehy was clearly front-burner, and was arguably really good in the role - same for Judi Evans replacing Cali Timmins as AW's Paulina. Karen Witter is for me the most impressive recast as OLTL's Tina. I just couldn't imagine anyone else succeeding Andrea Evans - I don't think any viewer at the time thought that was possible. Then she just showed up one day and did it. It was as if she and Evans rode on the same wave of energy and spirit. She generally resembled Evans, had a similar way of speaking and moving, and instantly connected with every single co-star on screen. You didn't need anyone to tell you that she was Tina; it was 100% clear from the second she showed up. She eventually added some traits to the role: growth, signs of selflessness, more compassion, independence - not everyone was a fan of those changes, but Tina could retain childlike petulance for only so long. (The downside is that then-HW Michael Malone never truly got Tina, and would ultimately derail her on-screen under mis-recast Krista Tesreau, and then off-screen in his second run as head writer - reducing her to a deadbeat mom.) Other actors who wowed me in roles I didn't necessarily think could be successfully recast: Elaine Princi as OLTL's Dorian, 1989-1993 ( >< Robin Strasser) Robin Mattson as AMC's Janet Green, 1994-2000 ( >< Kate Collins) Christina Bennett Lind as AMC's Bianca Montgomery, 2010-2011 ( >< Eden Riegel) Lisa Peluso as Loving's Ava Rescott Alden, 1988-1995 ( ><> Roya Megnot) Lee Meriwether as AMC's Ruth Martin, 1996-2011 ( ><> Mary Fickett) "Honorable mentions" - otherwise very good recasts cut short of their potential mostly due to BTS-BS: Carrie Genzel as AMC's Skye Chandler, 1996-1997 ( ><> Robin Christopher) Grace Phillips as OLTL's Sarah Buchanan, 1992-1993 ( > Jensen Buchanan) Carrington Garland as SaBa's Kelly Capwell, 1989-1991 ( >> Robin Wright; > Kimberly MacArthur)
  9. The originally planned ultimate outcome was, how it ended... except it wasn't initially envisioned to wait an entire decade. Case in point: All My Children with Francesca James & Broderick in 1997.... then James & McTavish in 1998. Wow, was that an awful "WTF" year.
  10. That isn't the same scenario that j swift was describing, which is what I was responding to. Maybe I should have said "self-denial." But yes, "culture of denial" also applies to what you said, all of which is valid. Well beyond magazines (soap or otherwise), pretty much every part of the entertainment industry - from execs, producers, publicists, to actors themselves - helped maintain that order. Too many still do.
  11. Let me say, though, I know there are a few editors who attracted themselves some attention... and might have left the kind of impression you're describing! I don't fault anyone for their thoughts about the soap magazines. So really, thank you for bringing it up.
  12. I can't see into the operation of each soap editor's mind. But I can tell you that from the 90's forward, there wasn't any culture of denial that I think you're describing here. Everyone knows / knew who was doing who - whether it involved being gay, straight, or bi... As Vee made reference to, every show had/has a publicist who is supposed to be in the loop on every interview & conversation their talent is having with the press. The talent is also supposed to be checking with the publicist on things they will or won't talk about. Nobody was to violate that publicist relationship. The idea that the soap mags were overrun by women desperate not to shatter hunky delusions, is the real fantasy here. About a third of the magazines' editorial staff were gay men, and one of the most recognizable and respected editors in the industry was an out lesbian - certainly none of those were personally invested in maintaining such an illusion. But they and everyone else were all journalists who (*with a few infamous exceptions) always practiced with professionalism. They knew their #1 job was to produce the kind of compelling content that sells the issues. Keeping an actor's sexual orientation, even their entire personal life - straight included - out of the pages was always the doing of said actor, the actor's representation, and/or the production they worked for.
  13. I don't believe she was ever nominated, not even for her work in 1987 for the Ross / acquaintance rape storyline... I mention that because it was the first time I really saw how much she was capable of. She was mesmerizing.
  14. But what other choice would there be when the actor says the subject is off-limits for publication, or describes something contrary? You can print only what you can quote. I can recall around 2010, when OLTL's Nic Robuck (James Ford) - mentioned in this thread - was interviewed alongside on-screen brothers Lenny Platt (Nate Salinger) and David E. Gregory (Robert Ford) for a profile Q&A. They were asked if they're dating anyone. Lenny and David both dropped some tidbits, and Nic simply said "I don't discuss my personal life." Even though I'm sure the interviewer knew he was already married to Tyler Robuck, the magazine is obligated to go with what Nic tells them. Believe me, they would love to give you the real scoop about the antics of a certain pair of recast on-screen brothers finding lust off the set ... or to have broken a story of two intoxicated leading men (also on-screen brothers on a show, but appearing on said show at different times) who otherwise present as hetero, getting incredibly, visibly, palpably touchy-feely outside the Daytime Emmys - and overheard & witnessed by many around them, one suggesting they go to his hotel room - then exiting together... But as complicit as it may be, it wasn't on-record, so they legally can't.
  15. So does this, just a little 😉 Zimmer won 4 Daytime Emmy awards, but none were under JFP. And her time working with Phelps was very brief: KZ returned to work in March of 1995, and JFP was moved to Another World in early May - actually, 24 years ago today. (The infamous day of P&G soaps musical chairs.) As was mentioned, Zimmer didn't talk about Phelps in her book, but was cordial about her upon returning to GL. Prior to 1995, JFP made no secret that as far as she was concerned, she wasn't looking to bring Reva back.
  16. Though it changed the placement from GL's norm, the EP credit coming first isn't unusual. It sometimes depended on the practice of the studio / network. ABC shows were typically "Created by" first, then EP on the crawl (before the early-mid 2000's). Other shows were giving their EPs final billing - sometimes with the crawl freezing on their credit, such as with Santa Barbara. It's probably where Conboy got his "inspiration" for moving it on GL.
  17. That would be the aforementioned John Valente.
  18. Well if there's any actor that can turn a lemon soap character on paper into on-screen lemonade, it's Watros.
  19. For my personal regular viewing, Phelps was worst for her OLTL... though I can't accurately split how much of that work was hers, or Megan McTavish's. I do know they were a horrible combo: No sense of heart, hope, emotion, rooting-value, character... just dark, dark, dark. I've tried to think of a worse time on the show, and though a few periods come close, this one wins hands down. Then there are EP's that are only as good as the head writer's work. Julie Hanan Carruthers is one of those. Because she had a few horrible head writers at different times, her AMC was periodically awful - more awful than OLTL ever was, when you count Charles Pratt's run as HW. Another example, McTavish's work under Jean Dadarrio Burke as EP was much better than the nosedive it took after JDB was replaced by JHC. So the mark of a good EP vs a bad one varies for me.
  20. I've always thought there was a good chance Sorel had a part in what provoked Robin to leave OLTL the first time in 1987. I don't think she ever directly said anything about LS, but she didn't exactly have kind words for Paul Rauch... Of course most everyone knows what was happening with LS & PR during that time, and Judith Sanders was created for her & story / family built all around her. So the petty side of me wonders if there's also, beyond just the fun of playing this character, a tiny bit of particular pleasure for RS in taking on Vivian...
  21. Khan, Marj is one of a handful of soap actors I was blessed to know, and at the very time she played Vanessa. She felt more freedom with Vanessa, and she really seemed to be having fun working on AMC. Her co-stars welcomed and respected her, and you could tell she was happy. I don't know how much that contrasts with the experiences on other shows... And while she never said anything about this in particular, it comes to my mind that Vanessa may be the only daytime role she created - all the others were recasts (I think).
  22. She and Jamie Luner were up for Phyllis before Tognoni was cast.
  23. It's also possible that Stafford's exit is so abrupt, that the only option is to recast - at least to bring the storyline to a conclusion.... Though I totally understand the willingness to let Nina simply disappear, lol. And then there's this ^
  24. It's pretty much how it worked for Robin Strasser on Elaine Princi... 🤐 😉
  25. Oh, GOOD! Because I was afraid you guys were going to hijack an otherwise very interesting conversation about these two actresses soap hopping, and turn it into bashing an actress you don't like just to aggravate someone who is obviously her fan. So I really apprecia----- Aw, I spoke too soon. Seriously... Could we please not be a discussion-kill and return to our regularly scheduled programming? The conversation was good, because the BTS turn of events and the people involved make it interesting. I initially thought Tognoni wasn't quite right for Phyllis, but I think she's a good actress and I'm interested in how this affects her (many feel she was wrongly screwed) & where she'll go from here. A lot of people share that sentiment.
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