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  1. Surely after we have already shown our collective asses to the world so much over the last few years (much longer than that, really, but...), we can at least stop acting like bitter losers when American athletes don't win gold medals, can't we? Fans like this are why I boycott all Olympics. One of the reasons, anyway. Get over yourselves. 

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    2. Cat


      I don't agree with Pence not standing up to acknowledge the united Korea team, but I understand why he did not acknowledge Kim Yo-jong, Kim Jong-un's sister. Yes, the NK dynasty sending their prettiest and smiliest family member down for the Games was a diplomatic masterstroke. But do not be fooled by the pretty, modest exterior. The Kims are awful people and they treat their subjects in North Korea like dogs. It is an awful regime propped up by fear, mass executions, brutal torture and criminal activity. And just a few weeks ago they were threatening to fire a nuclear warhead at its enemies the US, Japan and SK, so I can understand Pence and 'Mother' :lol: not being psyched to see her.


      My issue is and has always been with how the US media propagates the idea that only TEAM USA can and should win gold medals. This attitude, I think, instils a stank attitude in both the viewing audience and some of the athletes where they cannot fathom another team bettering them. Hence when Canada and Russia score higher than the US team at figure skating, we hear snide remarks about skating judges being bullied or bribed to score a certain way. Whereas all I am seeing is some top-tier figure skating from all parties! Maybe because I am only half-American, but at these sporting events I like to cheer for more than one team and acknowledge when athletes are GOOD, period, regardless of where they come from. 


      Having said all that, I think the attitudes of US snowboarders like Red Garrett and Chloe Kim have been exemplary. Laid-back, happy to be snow-boarding for its own sake, congratulating fellow snowboarders etc. And they are so young, too.

    3. DramatistDreamer


      Personally, I wasn't talking about Kim's sister at all, he doesn't have to acknowledge her, I was talking about when the host country entered the stadium.  South Korea is the host country.

    4. Cat


      Understood @DramatistDreamer . It was bad form. Bad manners, bad behaviour and bad attitudes seem to be pre-requisites to being part of the administration these days (not to mention religious extremism, racism and bigotry). I know in the WH bubble people lap up the idea of being a douchebag, but on the world stage it translates badly. :lol:


      He also refused to go to dinner with the SK president and some of the other leaders. Once again, the US isolates itself and cannot be counted on. He went to eat with some US Olympic officials instead. It kind of sends the message that "we don't care 'bout nobody but our own kind."