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  1. Winsor should have tried for primetime work about 10-15 years ago. He was always an odd fit for B&B and had a rocky beginning with fans - that he managed to last as long as he did in a fairly important role (up to about 2003 or 2004) was more than I'd expected. And I did grow to like him over time, to be fair, especially with Brooke, and he was OK with Darla too, but I think in some ways the show should have recast a long time ago if they wanted to do anything with the character. I'm not a huge Ingo fan, although he got better in acting in later years (not that this is a high priority for B&B). It will be strange seeing him as a Forrester, complete with a foreign accent like Ridge. I wonder if they will recast Felicia with somebody like Joanne Whalley Kilmer...
  2. Katie's an awful character. If she were played by someone not named Heather Tom she wouldn't have lasted a year.
  3. The Politics Thread

    Dale Earnhardt Jr has come out in support of the NFL protests. My family loved his father so it's always weird when I see his name pop up. I imagine the crazies are in overdrive. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nascar/2017/09/25/dale-earnhardt-jr-quotes-jfk-says-americans-have-right-peaceful-protests/699171001/
  4. The Politics Thread

    I think where we disagree is that I think a lot of this stuff is technology which was being developed and was going to be tested no matter what. Trump has given them more high ground because he's behaved like a child and they can now say that they are being attacked by him so they can and will attack back, but ultimately I think the pieces were in place for this day no matter what. Susan Rice said that she felt various administrations had let it get this far. I think Obama handled it much better than Trump has but I feel like the day was coming no matter what where we were going to be threatened by North Korea and they would be confident enough to be in the position they are now. They just have even more comfort because Trump has made them martyrs and tough guys by not behaving rationally or in a way that was remotely intelligent.
  5. The Politics Thread

    I first heard about it getting worse last year as that was when the tests increased, and then later on we heard that Obama had been using cyber efforts to try to stop their missile technology advances. I think Trump did escalate it but I don't think we were at a stalemate - I think it was getting bad and we just weren't told. But who knows. He said something about Puerto Rico, but it's obviously not a priority.
  6. The Politics Thread

    Oh I agree with you there, I just think this has been happening and would have kept happening. He makes it more likely that they will directly attack us, but I feel like this was all going to be building to something and it just didn't get that much attention last year or in previous years because for a long time now many people and the media have dismissed Kim as a joke.
  7. The Politics Thread

    I have a lot of respect for people like Jimmy Carter or in some ways even W, because they knew when their time was over. Carter has still worked on justice and important issues, and he says things when he feels he should, but he let those who were after him have the spotlight. Blair is so personally invested in his image, in keeping what he saw as important for the UK's role in the EU, for the Labour Party, etc. that he has to make it all about himself rather than realizing that his time is over. I kept hearing Brexit backers say how thrilled they were that he got involved, because they knew it would move votes their way.
  8. The Politics Thread

    I think North Korea would be pushing in this direction no matter who was President, but what Trump is doing is making it more justifiable to many to turn a blind eye. They can say that Trump brought it on, even though most of this would be happening no matter who was in the White House. And what I hate the most is that I guarantee you most of the people running things in the WH know this but it doesn't matter because he just says whatever comes into his head, damn the consequences.
  9. I actually think that would be a decent idea (Susan as Taylor), although she's lacking charisma.
  10. The Politics Thread

    You can kind of tell this from her interviews and persona going back a long way. She's a beautiful lady (and presumably made wise choices in surgeons, unlike many her age in Hollywood...), but you always have to be wary of people who are too sure of their own intelligence. I still enjoy her more than I probably should, to be honest. She's actually pretty lucky because a lot of people who went as far as she did during the election season might have faced more career blowback but she seems to have gotten through unscathed. I guess at her age parts or recognition for women are already crumbs anyway.
  11. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I wasn't surprised about him being closeted but was saddened when he spoke of how self-loathing he'd been and in some ways still is. You could tell he probably wasn't expecting to be that honest during the interview. I did laugh at Joan Collins telling him he was too old to play her son. I had no idea Adam was supposed to be 25-26. Gordon was a gorgeous man but he did not look 25-26. It's nice to hear how close he is to both Stevens. The stuff about John Forsythe being in love with Linda Evans and channeling it through the characters fascinated me as well (although it's probably a bit of hokum). The bit about the reason for the aliens story (which I never understood even though it didn't bother me as much as it did him) cracked me up. A vision, indeed. And the bitching about the "reboot" warms my heart. Thanks for sharing that. I will enjoy reading Pamela Bellwood's when it's out as I always had a soft spot for poor Claudia.
  12. The Politics Thread

    I meant the international reaction. Most of the coverage I'd seen from outside Germany framed it as being a walk for Merkel (which I suppose it still was) and that the AfD was broken/cracked/missed their moment entirely.
  13. I'd take him over Darin Brooks... That's a logical casting choice so it can't happen. I guess he would be free now that he's done fulfilling daddy fantasies on that tedious wolf show.
  14. The Politics Thread

    I saw some "Merkel let a million migrants into Germany and got re-elected" type congratulatory tweets and it just reminded me again of how of touch many of us are as we see it as just her winning and losing, because so much of Germany's image to the world and the media is now wrapped up in her. Merkel herself knows it's far more complex than this, which is likely why she had such a sober reaction to the reality of all this - that her party and the party she had worked with in her last government took heavy losses, and that an extreme party many said had fizzled out are getting a foothold in power.
  15. Y&R: Old Articles

    Thanks so much for these. I didn't know YT got rid of that editing tool. I wonder why. Maybe it was another copyright crackdown? I have to also say thank you for posting your playlist links a while back as it saved me from posting the video an Australian YT uploader put up today - it was one that you'd shared a few years ago (it was their own copy of course).