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  1. Is there a show (old or new) that you discovered through Youtube?

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    2. Khan


      "He & She" lasted only one season, but I found the eps I watched on YT to be funny. Very funny. I see it as a sort of bridge between "Dick Van Dyke" and "Mary Tyler Moore" in the evolution of situation comedies on TV.

    3. Khan


      Also, according to a few sources, "He & She"s Oscar North (Jack Cassidy), an egotistical actor portraying Dick Hollister's Jet Man in a weekly series, wound up as a sort of prototype for MTM's Ted Baxter.

    4. MissLlanviewPA


      This is embarrassing, but I found a Sweet Valley High channel once on YT, and someday I might finally swallow my pride and watch it, LOL.

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