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  1. Watched the Oscar announcement out of boring (boring noms too). Kumail Nanjiani is so cute, isn't he? I was going to watch The Big Sick until I saw that it was from the wretched Judd Apatow. 

    1. DramatistDreamer


      He's going to be doing a RomCom with Issa Rae so hopefully that'll be worth watching.

    2. DRW50


      Oh good. I hope it does well.

  2. I'm glad that Don Cheadle shut down Kathy Griffin's manic ravings. After the homophobic winking and nodding she indulged in last year my sympathy is pretty much gone.

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    2. DRW50


      I just don't think it was necessary to call him an "heiress," with what that implies. I apologize if it seemed to suggest more.

    3. ReddFoxx


      I can see how that comment could be taken to be homophobic or at least condescending. She probably felt as if her status as being popular with gay men would allow her to get by saying that.

    4. Graham


      Thanks, DRW50. Yep, that is feminizing him as an insult. I know there is serious bad blood between the two but that is sad she said something like that.

  3. I'm glad The Rock cares so much about freedom of speech...


  4. Ellen Degeneres makes me sick.

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    2. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      I haven't cared for her in a very long time, and I never bought the whole "She's so cool bc she dances!" shtick. Most daytime talk show hosts these days are so hard to like.

    3. Soapsuds


      Not happy that Ellen got involved in it. She should've stayed away from the controversy. That said can't hate on her since she donated a big check to a city close by where I live to rebuild after the horrible hurricane that hit us a year ago. The city mayor even appeared on Ellen to receive the check....considering how bad the devastation was that money will help a lot. 

    4. NothinButAttitude


      I feel like Ellen shouldn't've conducted an interview with Kevin at all. It totally did a disservice of to us Black LBGTQ, who already get the shaft from our White counterparts. And I've never seen it for Kevin. Never have, never will. He's always been an unfunny, overrated troll.

  5. I haven't watched the new Black Mirror but sad to see that the self-loathing bitch brigade who drove that Stranger Things girl off Twitter have now done the same to another actor.

  6. RIP Super Dave. So many childhood memories of all the fun and craziness.

  7. Happy New Year's everyone. May 2019 be the year we need. 

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    2. kalbir


      Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe.


    3. YRfan23


      Happy New Years everyone!! :D 

    4. Soapsuds


      Happy New Year!!



  8. I found out that Mamma Mia 2 does in fact have a deleted scene for my favorite ABBA song, "I Wonder." I therefore retroactively declare 2018 a wonderful year. 

  9. The top third of the board has blown up in size for me, but that won't stop me from wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. 

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    2. DRW50


      Glad it isn't just me! Have a great Christmas. 

    3. SFK


      Merry Christmas to all! And yes, these ads are crazy.

    4. DramatistDreamer


      I don't see ads. 

      It's the banners at the left side that have practically tripled in size.   

      In Chrome, the size of the banners are huge while in Firefox, the fonts are the size they've always been, which has somehow always been too small for my screen size, which is why I have always used Chrome.

  10. Finally watched Mamma Mia 2. Too long and relies a bit too much on the charms of Lily James, but it was better than I thought it would be. The last 20-25 minutes are actually pretty moving, and Amanda Seyfried finally gets the chance to act she never got in the first one. It was also nice to hear some of the lesser-known ABBA numbers, even if many of my favorite songs were still not used ("Move On," "Should I Laugh Or Cry," "I Wonder," etc.) 

  11. RIP Nancy Wilson. 

    1. DramatistDreamer


      :( All we have left are recordings of that golden voice. R.I.P.

    2. Khan
  12. RIP Sondra Locke. You were tough as hell and you deserved better. 

    1. Vee
    2. DramatistDreamer


      Locke has an upcoming movie with Keith Carradine that is soon to be released.  She still looked quite young, at least, that's what it seemed from the movie still that I saw.

      I just read her obituary and it seemed as if in some way, the stresses of career frustration and personal struggles negatively impacted her health.

  13. I hate John Mulaney for making me sit through a Jimmy Fallon interview.

  14. Days like today are when I miss Guiding Light and As the World Turns most.

    1. DramatistDreamer


      Same.  If only P&G/Soapclassics had kept producing those box sets, I'd like to think we would've ended up having a significant number of Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes in clear quality-- I would've loved every celebration during the 1980s, that would've been enough to satisfy me.


      Come to think of it, the impossible dream would be to have every party (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, costume ball, birthday, engagement party) from 1980-1989 on DVD or digital download.  

      I don't think that's too much to ask.;)

    2. Juliajms


      Me too, especially ATWT. I usually miss GL around the 4th of July.

  15. RIP Roy Clark. Memories of watching Hee Haw at my grandparents' house...

    1. sivad40


      Every Saturday night at 7:PM at my grandmother's house, the television was tune to Hee Haw.

  16. I see it's time again for the media to beg people to watch Riverdale even though the show had a golden opportunity for new fans last season and instead chased away most of the ones they already had. Hype is just hype in the end.

  17. Even with the Republicans frothing at the mouth with insanity and mania, SNL and Lorne Michaels still manage to do the "both sides are bad" game and portray Democrats as weak and worthless. It's a real feat. 

    1. Khan


      Take it from one who was bullied throughout his junior high and high school years: the Republicans are the "cool kids" who get away with murder, literally and figuratively, and the Democrats (and everyone else) are the geeks who keep getting shoved into their lockers while the rest of the school looks the other way.


      That's why I believe @marceline when she says she fears it's all going to end in violence.  Because, people who are bullied and oppressed can take only so much before they inevitably fight back.

  18. RIP Scott Wilson. Losing Hershel all over again hurts. What a wonderful actor he was. 

    1. Juliajms
    2. Vee


      Oh God.


      Please watch his incredible work in, among many other films, William Peter Blatty's The Ninth Configuration and The Exorcist III, and of course In Cold Blood.


  19. RIP Marty Balin. The Jefferson Starship Behind the Music was an unforgettable viewing experience.

    1. Khan


      I was so sad to hear the news.  May he RIP.

    2. ChitHappens


      Oh wow!  The songs he lead were my fav.  RIP :(


    3. DRW50


      My favorite - 


  20. I'm happier about Cher getting her own emoji on Twitter than I am about her having an ABBA covers album.

  21. I only played a few of their games, but sad to hear Telltale is shutting down. Their style of gaming is needed in such an OTT, desperate world, even if they lost it along the way. 

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    2. Vee


      Wow - they're allegedly not even completing TWD's final season (which fans have paid for in full).

    3. DRW50


      That's awful. I hope people get their money back. Given that their employees won't get packages, maybe that won't happen either.

    4. Faulkner


      I just saw an old colleague of mine who worked there got laid off.

  22. A beautifully made Google Doodle for Mister Rogers. It makes you cry. (I wish they'd included Lady Elaine Fairchild though). 


    1. SFK


      I woke up ungodly early yesterday and watched an episode heavily featuring Lady Elaine. I'm always so tickled by her character and wonder where Mr. Rogers drew inspiration. I don't want to put my own stuff upon it, but with all love, I'm like, "Who was the cranky old d#%! who inspired her??" 😂

  23. Of course people are angry that Batman is showing his penis in a comic book that is marketed for adults, even though they had no problem with Batman becoming a jackboot fascist who practically bathes in blood.

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    2. DRW50


      I know. I think this applies to Europe mainly (I'm not sure about the UK if they are leaving the EU) but I do wonder if it will start here too. I guess I really need to download the classic soap stuff that is on Youtube while it's still there, what I haven't. The thought of things like this possibly stopping someone from putting up some very rare soap episode from long ago would break my heart.

    3. I Am A Swede

      I Am A Swede

      Yes, I've heard about it, even though it's been handled surprisingly low-key by the media here considering the implications this could have. I guess our recent election and the fall-out from that has helped keep this off the frontpages.

    4. ~bl~


      That's insane, but it has been a concern of mine that eventually they would do something in law that would stifle anything that didn't come from an official site. Of course, how this will hurt social media is another thing. So no one could retweet even official content that would be weird.