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  2. The biopsy the doctor did for the ulcer in my esophagus is good! To keep taking the medicine he gave me and it will heal the ulcer!!!

  3. All that SATC BTS low-key enmity over the years has really burst into the open, huh?

  4. The Olympics have started already!

  5. Who was dumb enough to give Emily Van Camp another series?  I swear I can't name a more basic actress benefitting from privilege than this here Dullard!  

  6. Finally had my endoscope procedure done today. I have gastritis and esophagitis(ulcers of throat and stomach). See the doctor in 2 weeks for results of the biopsy

  7. THE WIRE: Season 4 - Just wow. Enough said

  8. Donnelly Rhoades (Phillip Chancellor, Y&R) has passed away.  May he R.I.P.:(

  9. The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on FIRE!!  (at Trump Tower!)  "We don't need no water, let the muthaf*cka burn!" 

  10. Finally had to move over to Chrome. More of a Firefox guy myself and over Internet Explorer not acknowledging my passwords. 


    Should work better on this site however. Hopefully I can get back to doing detailed comments. :)

  11. Happy Birthday Beebs! 

  12. Took a day off, but Tuesday: Still no moderators. Or are there? Toups or Errol, feel like commenting?

  13. Took a day off, but Tuesday: Still no moderators. Or are there? Toups or Errol, feel like commenting?

  14. I saw "To Wong Foo, thanks for everything! Julie Newmar" today for the first time & I felt so happy and uplifted by the end. What a sweet, amazing, funny movie. Why had I never see it before? I shall be buying the DVD.

  15. I have DAYS episodes saved from December 2016 till now should I watch them all or just read the transcripts to catch up.

  16. Charlie Sheen is canceled.

  17. Charlie Sheen is canceled.

  18. Amirah Vann, Ernestine from Underground is popping up all over. Law& Order SVU, recurring on both HTGAWM and Major Crimes. Great to see her on TV again!

  19. Terri Conn (ATWT, OLTL) is among the women who have come forward to accuse writer-director James Toback of sexual harassment.

  20. A reboot of Name That Tune in the works at CBS.

  21. Ha...didn't know you could change your username manually. I did it thinking I was changing the name under my avatar. Oh well...now I will be known as Hunk Chandler Massey....teehee

  22. RIP Frank Vincent.

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