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  1. I hate gore, but I've learned to adjust for this show. TWD has made me face my severe hatred for gore. I hardly cover my eyes anymore because I don't want to miss anything. I'm healed!
  2. That trailer was made of all kinds of greatness! Four of the best minutes of TV I've seen in a very very long time! Can't wait for 10-14!
  3. Once upon a time, MM was must see. Not anymore! They came back from that long haitus just to disappoint. Wiener should have returned and hit the ground running! Giving Joan a baby was the absolute worst idea. Getting rid of 3/4 of he cast that made the show great was bad freaking idea #2. But what should I have expected for a show that had Roger and Joan screwing up against a car in low income housing because they were so overwhelmed after being held at gunpoint (or was it a knife? I forget which). Now, it's as clear as day that they have no idea what to do with Don Draper, a character who may very well have run his course. I only saw 1.5 eppies of the last season, and that was more than enough! TWD is a million times better, but that's when people screw with stuff!
  4. So happy to see this thread. Didn't know it existed til just now. I didn't think zomies could be made into a series, but I'm so happy I was wrong. I always bypassed the show until some of my Twitter followers kept on and on about it. It prompted me to watch S2 finale, and I was in complete and utter awe! After that, I went directly to amazon.com and bought both seasons. Tried to ration them out until the new season, but that didn't go over very well. I could not stop watching and finished both seasons in less than 2 days. Each eppy ended with a cliffhanger, and the follow thru didn't disappoint. There is not one character I hate (thought the wife grates at times), and this is a first for me! I cannot wait for the new season! I feel like I'm betraying Person of Interest, but TWD is probably the best written show on television right now, and I don't say this lightly. The finale numbers broke all kinds of records and will only bring in more viewers with the Internet buzz. Well, that's my testimonial, but I will add, if anyone wants to see the trailer for S3, check it out on YT! Be prepared for greatness! ANDREA
  5. Loved Hank and Dalton James! One of the few bright spots on Trassions until they dumped him in favor of that talking tree!
  6. Martin should have been introduced as a man who physically looks (bearded and emotionally damaged) as if he had been on the run for years. There was so much to write. Instead, slime? The story began and ended upon his entrance. Terrible!
  7. Lets not forget said deadbeat was shacking up with his mistress at his abandoned wife's sister's villa. The absolute worst intro of a character ever! Why should we have ever embraced this character. After all we had been told of Martin, they chose to introduce him the worst way possible? When the audience begins to root for Alistair Crane, there's a problem!
  8. All shows eventually lose their steam, but DH was trash starting with S2. That was a huge problem. I tuned out after 3 eppies.
  9. Carl, In case I've never said it, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! ANDREA
  10. Emily's dead! YAY!!!!!!!!!
  11. I agree! She's a bad ass with a truck drivers mouth. Brandi doesn't need backup when she goes after someone. She goes straight for the jugular! I only watch ATL and BH and am super happy she's staying!
  12. Not classic, but I'm watching the end of 2007 on SN, and Emily's time is almost up. YAY!!!!! I wish we could have watched her being strangled ANDREA
  13. I agree completely Ann! Never cared for KW, but this love story made me embrace her. The chem is for the record books.
  14. I only saw VW's Rachel and it was more than sufficient for me! I have absolutely no doubt that Robin was fantastic because that is what she brings to everything but I loved the Rachel I saw in VW and didn't need anything else. I absolutely adored Victoria. And when she and Linda Dano were in scenes together/shared a story, I was in heaven! Hated Mitch's guts, but if having him meant I got Rachel and Felicia facing off, so beit! ANDREA
  15. I've taken a peek at this show in the past and it never did anything for me. I also happened to see a bit of the reunion and I must say that Big Ang is possibly one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen on my TV! What did she look like before? I was absolutely mortified! ANDREA
  16. Tony Goldwyn totally acts with his eyes. He was the bad guy in Ghost. He's also the grandson of Samuel Goldwyn of Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM Studios). ANDREA
  17. I became so uninterested that I deleted the final 4 eppies off of the dvr without watching, but you guys have me curious. And if Ashley is in on the action, gotta see those eppies. I love her! ANDREA
  18. @Wales I agree! I like Q, but she is a bit of a dunce. The show is extremely enteraining. FLOTUS is a G! I love her! POTUS and Liv are swoon worthy! And I'm a total doofus because I didn't know Cyrus was gay with a partner until the finale. Has this come up before? I think it's brilliant and Cyrus rocks! Love the soundtrack! ANDREA
  19. Really good show, but disappointing as the finale. I didn't spend the enire season wondering about Nick's mommy, a topic not really delved into until 2 eppies prior! I thought we'd get some answers on who the captain is, a character who seemed pretty powerful, yet was treated like a little bitch. Nick's mother should have been introduced last week to provide more insight and help Nick fight the inevitable epic battle. We didn't get that. Instead, the worthless GF got way too much airtime and Hank looks like a nut! Did Nick really think he looked sane explaining things to Juliette? The scene came off as very stupid and juvenile. The finale didn't make me want to rush to the tv in September, but I will because I know how good the show is. Somehow, everyone got confused on what "finale" means. ANDREA
  20. I read an interview given by Shonda a few hours ago about the finale, and for personal reasons, CL asked to be written out. I stopped watching Grey's when the writers decided organ stealing killer Izzie should be coddled instead of facing the consequences of her deadly actions! Hated that bitch more than words could possibly say. Katherine too! My co workers and I really had it out over her! On another note, Shonda had some interesting things to say. She mentioned staying off of Twitter to avoid the backlash. She didn't have time for it. ANDREA
  21. It was amazing. The captain associated with HR is still out there and he knows Carter and Fusco are with Reese. It is so on! I think the chick who has Finch is his old boss' daughter. Cannot wait for S2!!!!!!!! Between this and Scandal, I could hardly sleep. ANDREA
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