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  1. I became so uninterested that I deleted the final 4 eppies off of the dvr without watching, but you guys have me curious. And if Ashley is in on the action, gotta see those eppies. I love her! ANDREA
  2. @Wales I agree! I like Q, but she is a bit of a dunce. The show is extremely enteraining. FLOTUS is a G! I love her! POTUS and Liv are swoon worthy! And I'm a total doofus because I didn't know Cyrus was gay with a partner until the finale. Has this come up before? I think it's brilliant and Cyrus rocks! Love the soundtrack! ANDREA
  3. Really good show, but disappointing as the finale. I didn't spend the enire season wondering about Nick's mommy, a topic not really delved into until 2 eppies prior! I thought we'd get some answers on who the captain is, a character who seemed pretty powerful, yet was treated like a little bitch. Nick's mother should have been introduced last week to provide more insight and help Nick fight the inevitable epic battle. We didn't get that. Instead, the worthless GF got way too much airtime and Hank looks like a nut! Did Nick really think he looked sane explaining things to Juliette? The s
  4. I read an interview given by Shonda a few hours ago about the finale, and for personal reasons, CL asked to be written out. I stopped watching Grey's when the writers decided organ stealing killer Izzie should be coddled instead of facing the consequences of her deadly actions! Hated that bitch more than words could possibly say. Katherine too! My co workers and I really had it out over her! On another note, Shonda had some interesting things to say. She mentioned staying off of Twitter to avoid the backlash. She didn't have time for it. ANDREA
  5. It was amazing. The captain associated with HR is still out there and he knows Carter and Fusco are with Reese. It is so on! I think the chick who has Finch is his old boss' daughter. Cannot wait for S2!!!!!!!! Between this and Scandal, I could hardly sleep. ANDREA
  6. ICAM! DH lost me after S1, and I could no longer stand the sight of it. I didn't even want to see a preview. I tried to return when Vanessa Williams was cast, but the show was just awful! I'm just hoping the industry has the good sense to leave Teri Hatcher a has been next time! ANDREA
  7. I'm not super happy because I'm expecting a better lead in to the finale.. 38 minutes won't be sufficient. However, they can make it up to me if Captain plays a huge role It's time we found out who he is. Damn the gf! Who gives a chit about her?! ANDREA
  8. So agree with 1, 2 & 4! Don't know the others as I only watch BV and ATL. ANDREA
  9. Grimm is my second favorite show right behind Person Of Interest! The captain is beyond hot and I can't wait to see what he really is! ANDREA
  10. Too bad! I'm never gonna get my Emily and Derek hot sex! I am so damn unlucky in the swirl department. No Carly/Shawn and now this?! WTF! I'm gonna cry! ANDREA
  11. Fret not Dana, you still have your $25k glasses and your million dollar lollipop holder! Ridiculous bitch! Yay for Brandi! Love her. ANDREA
  12. I don't agree about LK. She looks horrible and has been injected way too much. She and Lisa in scenes together standing side by side has the makings of a horror flick! Lisa is just plain ugly and Lauren just better stay away from excessive heat! BB - JMW needs to leave her face alone. Hunter is too far gone, and she'd fit perfectly as The Joker in the next batman flick. Jennifer Gareis needs to find someone stat to undo the major damage, if possible. She looks horrible! Can't stand to see her coming! I remember a few years back, KKL had some work done on her mouth, and it looked li
  13. ROTF!!!!!!! I'm in tears here. She was absolutely horrible, but they probably would have kept her if she were really pretty. ANDREA
  14. She's still contract so DOOL can believe they are big on diversity. Lexie and Abe have really contributed nothing to DOOL in the 20 years they'be been on. How pathetic! ANDREA
  15. Agreed. The actress (her name escapes me) simply felt Carlotta was written OOC. ANDREA
  16. As far as I can remember, The Ice Princess was the absolute best for me. I remember running home from school at about 12 or 13 to see this. I also liked the story that had Peter Breck (Nick Barkley, Big Valley) make a small appearance in the 80s. I believe that story involved Demi Moore and Janine Turner. You guys are so good at the behind the scenes stuff, but I have to just go off of the stories I clearly remember. ANDREA
  17. Vanessa Marcil GIOVINAZZO's cheeks scare me. She could give Alvin a run for his money! ANDREA
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