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  1. I agree! I expected to be wowed! But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Joss was disappointing in the end because she came off as a straight cartoon character. Too OTT, moreso than usual to the point I didn't take her seriously. Let's be cautious, LAHHATL! Scrappy, that is one dumb mother&^$*&^! Erica really should be embarrassed for giving him the time of day, let alone bearing his child. What an idiot! Shay appeared to be on the right track at the beginning of the conversation, but then she got all stupid on me. The liberties taken with the English language is unbelievable wit
  2. Joss said she watched because she's into chicks too. Shay, go away! No neck Zino brings Karlie to dinner just to NOT propose and dump her? Cold blooded!
  3. Kelli McCarty is doing full hard core porn - not leaving anything out. I saw one of her scenes and she's a porn "star" now. Nothing soft about it.
  4. OMG! I just don't know what to say here. I really don't. It does, however, bring me back to when K told Karlie she didn't even have a Wikipedia page. Well, now she does! I'm in tears here..
  5. I thought that was some hip hop thing that I didn't understand, but she simply can't spell. You'd think, if nothing else, the heifer would get her own first name right.
  6. I'm gonna need subtitles when Lil Scrappy is onscreen. The liberties this dude takes with the English language is criminal!
  7. My daughter told me she read that the reunion is indeed back on and that it's on between K Michelle and Rasheeda (physical altercation and it aint looking good for Rasheeda).
  8. DAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! I love Joseline! Mimi better finally be done! Hate hate hate Stevie J! He didn't expect that ass whipping! Cheap, gif please!!!!!
  9. Just saw a preview of tomorrow's show. OMG! Too funny! Mimi surprised me with this one.
  10. Karlie looked so much better in that bedroom scene without all that caked up makeup on. But she and Zino would be ff material if I ever ff this show. I don't because its just too delicious! I don't want the hour to end. Too much Stevie J and Mimi. Not enough Joseline and I hate that Erica was MIA last night.
  11. Its the best damn soap on the air right now!
  12. That preview was looking pretty good next week. I hope Joseline knocks Stevie's teeth out! What a pity that Mimi is having a meltdown in therapy and the only person there to comfort her is that stupid toad?!
  13. Exactly what does Karlie do? I saw her on stage "auditioning" for Stevie, and if that was it...what else does she do?
  14. Lawd lawd lawd, give me strength! I hate Stevie J so damn much! Ugh!
  15. lol.. I was not feeling well one night and saw one and a half eppies. I was shamefully hooked.
  16. Can't wait for tonight! Can't believe I'm actually excited. That's ok, my friends don't know I watch, nor do my family (except my daughter, swore her ass to secrecy).
  17. K Michelle needs to be cautious with her hair styles/weaves. She looks so much older in the eppies, but when talking to the camera with the reddish hair, she looks much younger. Still love her! I'm finally caught up, and I'm becoming a fan of Erica. She seems the realist and half intelligent. Scrappy needs to stop acting like he's the only person with asthma and it's fatal. He had already dumped Erica when he had the attack. What does she owe him?! Hate Stevie more, and I didn't think that was possible. Still don't believe Joseline was born a woman, but I lover her/him/it.
  18. I've seen lots of videos with women jumping around dancing because it's the easiest to do, so I'm only mystified about that damn chicken! Why was it in the video, and where in the sam hell did they get it?
  19. Does she always sing with that southern drawl? It's just awful!
  20. My only request for the remainder of S1 is for Joslene to make Stevie J's life hell. I love the way she handled that bastard in the last eppy! Run his ass over!
  21. Does anybody know how to unsee something?! I'm sick now...
  22. Mona will do individual interviews again.
  23. Just read on Twitter that LAHHATL reunion is canceled. Cast hate each other so much that it would be impossible for the show to be made for TV.
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