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  1. Loved this eppy, but I could have done without Rick and his mini breakdown. The Gov is something else. What or who do I have to do to get Michonne and Daryl to meet? Michonne was a total badass tonight! Loved it! The Walker Fight Club? Um what?! Andrea is completely useless. I'm hoping she gets laid soon so she can snap out of it.
  2. Cheap, Adrienne deserves all of the disdain she's getting because she arranged (with the help of Kyle) an ambush on her supposed friend because she's jealous of Lisa being HBIC! That won't be changing, so she can get in line or go home! Stil not sure why Lisa is giving Kyle the time of day, but at least that bitch knows what side her bread is buttered!
  3. I find Derek and Lawrence to be two gross bitches. Wish they'd go away!
  4. Shoot, I forgot to comment on Kyle - BITCH!!!!!! That's all.
  5. Watching now, and so far, I don't see a problem with Lisa. Not wild about her slumming it with Brandi. I like Brandi, but she's not in Lisa's league. The new chick, Yolanda...hate her already and thats only because her husband is the brilliant David Foster. The man is a musical genius! Love him and I play The Love Theme To St Elmo's Fire at least 10 times a day! Some of his work is reserved for the golden vault. Adrienne? Lisa is overreacting? Is this bitch crazy? She accused Lisa of selling a story for $25,000, which is nothing for Lisa. That was humiliating. Adrienne stil
  6. Kenya needs to go! Didn't miss Sheree one bit! Nene still rules! Kandi's house is great and Kim was hatin'. Not sure why Cynthia wouldn't ask Kenya to leave. Jet me think twice about using TBA again due to Kenya's lack of respect and unprofessionalism. Hated her.
  7. Who let the walkers in? Wasn't it that short black guy who wanted to take back the prison? I was shocked he survived, but he appears to be pretty quick on his feet.
  8. I know it's only 11/4, but FELIZ NAVIDAD! Hated Lori with the fire of 1000 suns! Hate that we lost TDog. Did we lose Carol too? Overall, wonderful eppy! I wanted to be sad at the end, but I just couldn't. I was so happy.
  9. M, I already love it, and last night the PR woman was great! She needs to stick around because she was really savvy. Not to mention, the show could use a few regular black characters. Where is Coleman! Why are we discussing an election and not showing the other candidate? Love Nashville!
  10. Another solid eppy! I really need this show to be picked up!
  11. Really liked the eppy, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the hell out of Daryl and Crossbow! I really did! Wasn't sure how I felt about The Gov, but I see where they are going with this, and I like it. Jim Jones, shall we? When he had that entire camp smoked, I was so damn shocked. I like this guy! Michonne, I hear Denai is a marvelous actress, and I can't wait to see her actually act? Pouting is not acting, and it's very annoying. Keeping up her guard and listening to her instinct is one thing, but moping with that "I wanna go home...are we there yet" attitude is throwing
  12. Rick earned major points tonight. Walking away from skanky and eliminating the threat to the group immediately! Daryl is my man. I don't even want to see him with a gun. His weapon of choice is perfect for him! Carol, really? I'm gonna need a zombie to handle this chit now! Dumb ass! This eppy was unbelievable! So happy T Dog is being given the opp to step up. Daryl, "today is your lucky day. You've been pardoned, you're free to go". LMAO! Love him!
  13. Damn it if I don't absolutely love this show! I'm at the edge of my seat!
  14. Good news indeed! The first segment was on fire! Daryl and that crossbow! Ssssssswwwwwwwwooooooonnnnnnnn!!!!!
  15. There are only 3 shows that are currently must see for me: Person Of Interest The Walking Dead Nashville (sorry Grimm, but turning the Captain into a punk while stalling on who he is has worked my final nerve. I will watch but not because I have to or want to). In that order! Love Nashville! Coleman letting Lamar know what time it was? This is a rivalry I can enjoy as long as it is not forgotten and Robert Wisdom is given a decent amount of airtime. Please give this man a daughter who wants to sing country music! RW can act, and he and PB are so good together. I"m super ex
  16. Gotta catch one more time before eppy 2!
  17. I just realized Whitey is played by JD Souther! OMG! If this man writes or collaborates on any songs for this show, we are in for a huge treat! He's written and/or collaborated with the best of them! He practically wrote one of The Eagles entire records! God, I love him! Another thing, I could watch Rayna and Lamar's confrontation til the cows come home. That and the intoxicating duet at the end. I would love it if Coleman Carlisle had a daughter who's a singer trying to breakdown the "barriers" to the country music industry. That would make me salivate!
  18. I think my favorite parts of the show Sunday were anytime Daryl had his crossbow. He's a total badass and loves using that thing. Michonne and that sword (or whatever you want to call it) is awesome! Give me these two in an adventure w/in this whole adventure, and I'd be in heaven! My least favorite part you ask? Hershel interrupting Lori when she talked about dying in childbirth. He hushes her up quickly. I was like, "Hershel, let's explore this a bit, and anything you can do to assist, please!". HATE HATE HATE Lori!
  20. I have not deleted this eppy yet, and I watched 3 times. The duet at the end, If I didn't know any better, is now on my MP3. Absolutely loved that song. Can't wait til Wednesday!
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