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  1. The DECADES network is running a weekend marathon of the short-lived 60s police drama NYPD, and it’s chock full of soapy guest stars. Mary Fickett is currently killing it as a runaway hippie girl’s mom.

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    2. ChitHappens


      That bites!  I loves me some Decades and look forward to the weekend marathons, especially in the Winter months.  

      I haven't had cable in a year so I bought an antenna from Amazon for $27.00 and it pulls in all the old channels (MeTV, Antenna, Cozi, Decades, etc).  Try it and put the antenna probably near a window.  You'd be shocked the tv shows you can get for free.  I watched the entire season of Titan Games on NBC with excellent reception.  

    3. SFK


      Yes Chit, I have one of those antennas in my bedroom, I love it! But unfortunately I no longer get Decades nor Retro in my area. If they ever take Antenna and Me, I'm goin' AWF!

    4. allmc2008
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