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  1. And those numbers are going to be worse next week because people were very disappointed to learn that this wasn't an actual sequel series. Whether they should've known that before going in or not, they didn't, and they weren't impressed.
  2. I absolutely believe that most of the cast wouldn’t have been interested in a true sequel series at all. If otherwise has been stated, then I am wrong, but they’ve always been like that group of popular kids from high school who are all still friends but don’t really dwell on high school memories because they’re living their lives in the present. This gives them that chance to work together without going “back” down the same road. i love them, and I get it, and I feel bad that ppl are directly calling out “whomever had this idea” because we know it was Tori and Jennie, but it’s foolish to think everyone would want to see them all together and NOT playing their characters. Didn’t Tori and Jennie have a sitcom a few years back that was a quick one and done? They even played former costars. Once again, “let’s work together without focusing on the old stuff.” It’s so easy to make new stuff out of the old stuff!
  3. I love you, Ian, but nobody's gonna watch this show. I haven't turned the channel yet simply because the remote control is on the other side of the room. This is too silly and indulgent. I want to say it could've been a one-off special, but not even that. This is the type of thing that should begin and end as a quick, fun 10-minute online clip.
  4. It's so annoying and frustrating how much these vocal groups on The Ed Sullivan Show relied on goofy ass covers of Beatles songs.

  5. I just really want the TV version of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on DVD or streaming somewhere pls

  6. Here is a collection of the black/yellow bumpers from the early 2000s. The Erica bumpers with the big grandiose music is included three times, and I live. Also loving Eileen Herlie's yelling at 40 seconds.
  7. That would have been an amazing summer series. I'd definitely watch the grainy YouTube uploads of VCR recordings (so maybe I've dabbled in David Cassidy: Man Undercover...) I did not like Jason Cook when he was on DAYS, but I found something endearing about him afterward when I'd go back and watch clips or watch an odd GH episode. Besides being absolutely my physical type (that black hair! those dark eyes! that pout!), he had that dopey, goofy stoner thing going on. I bet he's a fun time.
  8. One of vetsoapfan's posts got me interested in EON's Teri Keane, and she's going to be turning 94 in October. There might be one or two older than her.
  9. How heartbreaking. I had not read into any details surrounding DC's illness at the time of his death, so all of this is new to me. As a high school teacher, I witness the types of injuries she mentions with my students every year, and of course, we think nothing of it. They'll recover, and life will go on, but that's not how it works. Once upon a time, a good well-written soap could have excelled at telling this story with a long-running character who'd been an athlete in his teen years and now is suffering with brain difficulties in middle age.
  10. Ah okay, I figured one was Tara and the other was Claudette. I don't think I've ever seen Hal before, and that's certainly not how I would've presumed him to look. This must be from the first half of 1976. I'd give absolutely anything to see just a week of AMC from this time.
  11. What set is the AMC cast on? I can identify Judith Barcroft (Anne), Bill Mooney (Paul), Mary Fickett (Ruth), EIleen Letchworth (Margo), Larry Keith (Nick), Pat Dixon (Caroline), Richard Van Vleet (Chuck), Nick Benedict (Phil), and Paul Gleason (David) in the first photo and Francesca James (Kitty), Susan Lucci (Erica), Ray MacDonnell (Joe), Kay Campbell (Kate), Fra Heflin (Mona), John Danelle (Frank), Ruth Warrick (Phoebe), and Peter White (Linc) in the second. Can anyone help fill in the blanks? Both women look familiar but I'm drawing a blank on them. I'm not sure I've seen the guy before at all.
  12. Can't wait to dig into that luncheon article! Meanwhile, these words from Teri Keane touched me deeply: “Soap opera is drama that’s as close to real life as you can get. It goes on and on like life does. It’s about people – and what really makes people tick. Why they do ‘bad things.’ How they survive. Plot is important, but only in relation to how much you care about the people involved.”
  13. Just chiming in to say that his story of watching Dark Shadows as a kid ("racing home"), memories of the EDGE opening sequence (wtf you mean "one window"), and just so happening to tune in to Santa Barbara, just so happening to decide he'd work on it one day, and his father just so happening to be dating a writer on the show already, etc. is obviously all a crock of sh!t. Every last bit of it sounds fake as fck.
  14. Currently making my way through fall 1987, and I am just about sick of The Julie Show. Is Lauren Holly typically considered good as Julie? Because I think she’s awful, and every single episode revolves around everyone protecting the delicate flower that is Julie. She’s sickening. The only good coming out of it is the Palmer/Natalie/Ross/Ellen/Mark drama, which has been messy as hell! Kathleen Noone was running AMC at this time.
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