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  1. If she took a pay off WHY? If you are raped you'd want JUSTICE not a pay off. To me there's something fishy there. 



    Anywho now isn't the time to harp on this. Give a few days. I doubt his family reads this board but geesh people don't need to be bombarded with this everywhere. 

  2. 6 hours ago, SFK said:


    I'm so confused. She certainly replies to some posts, but then goes off on others as if they've dared to speak to her directly. She follows 0 people and seems like she wants her Twitter to be an echo chamber.

    Yep and it would be one thing if the people replying to her were rude but they aren't. They just replied to HER comments 

  3. On 1/12/2020 at 7:20 PM, applcin said:

    I'd seen commercials for "Dr. Pimple Popper" on TLC but wasn't interested. Then I caught part of the show last week and ended up binging the rest. It's weirdly fascinating, sad, happy, a little gross (some might say a lot) at times. But the doctor does really good work and she seems to have a cool personality. 

    I love this show I guess I'm a pop a holic LOL

  4. 22 hours ago, Markjeh said:

    I hate that I'm on Brooke's side but... she's right? KKL always gives her everything in her scenes and I love that.


    How much better B&B would be if airtime was decently balanced. This week has really showed that.

    Eh RS acted circles around KKL in that scene. KKL is too over the top

    32 minutes ago, Aback said:


    I'm all for a good catfight but even the dialogue, I don't see what's so precious about it. Quinn has no place to tell off Brooke. Brooke should not be acting like a wimp who's on the verge of crying all the time. And we all know the show's focus is going to shift to something else (probably Liam) in a couple of episodes.

    It's QUINN's HOUSE, Brooke aint no one to be coming to Quinn's house and telling her what to do

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