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  1. Stars who didn't conquer TV

    I think Paul Lynde was better as a supporting type actor, he just didn't seem like lead actor material
  2. 2018 Daytime Emmy Nominations

    Leave my Sheryl Underwood alone, I love her lol
  3. The Politics Thread

    I love these two people so much!
  4. Cobra Kai: Karate Kid TV Series Sequel

    Official Trailer, OMFG this looks soooooooooooooooo good!!!
  5. 2018 Daytime Emmy Nominations

    I just want to know how JMW fits in supporting when she more than lead story last year, yet JMc didn't
  6. "Roseanne" revival

    A clip of Johnny Galecki, he looks so good https://www.facebook.com/TVGuide/videos/10155256490042793/
  7. B&B Actress Out

    CH is so talented, I hope she goes far in this business. I'll miss Sally but they wasted her the way they did Ivy/Ashleigh
  8. "Roseanne" revival

    Yep that was it for me, it felt like she went from Dan & her kids being her whole world to acting like she can barely tolerate any of them
  9. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    So ReRon is doing a Tessica with Abby, why am I not surprised
  10. Stars unable to have lightening strike twice

    I'd say Lynda Carter, I don't think she's had any other hits than Wonder Woman
  11. "Roseanne" revival

  12. B&B actress returns again

    Cause SHE Not anyone else made the choice to do this. Bill put the idea in motion, but he didn't hold a gun to her head and force her to do it
  13. B&B actress returns again

    What a waste, this is why I didn't want Linsey to return