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  1. Fuller House

    They're not back that much Jesse was in what 1 episode, as was Joey and Danny
  2. B&B Recasting Major Role

    It's a shame cause TK and KKL have a friendship type of chemistry, nothing romantic. Not like KKL and RM had.
  3. B&B Recasting Major Role

    I just wanna know what he has against WH? He's a good actor, good looking and has chem with KKL and others.
  4. I want him back, but unless they can stop giving him the middle finger when he does return, then my Jack can stay dead. Plus I want him far from Chic Fil A Reeves
  5. 30 Years of "A Different World" TV ONE is having an all day marathon tomorrow to celebrate the anniversary

  6. Fuller House

    I'm almost finished, so glad you didn't spoil anything. Gah when does the rest of this season premiere????
  7. Fuller House

    The new Season is better than the previous 2 lol
  8. The Politics Thread

    I think it's to the point they try to push these "repeal" bills through hoping people are tired of fighting and that at some point they'll just give up
  9. FULLER HOUSE SEASON 3 TOMORROW! Be there or be square lol

    1. Hunk Chandler Massey

      Hunk Chandler Massey

      Season 2 comes out on DVD in December. I have to pick that season up!

  10. Wonder Woman Movie

    Oh they'll probably move the release date, I wouldn't be surprised if they did. I read somewhere Chris Pine has a deal for multiple movies, so I wouldn't be surprised if they found a way for Steve Trevor to return. Say Ares was behind it somehow. He let Diana believe Steve dead to punish her(before he died of course)
  11. The Politics Thread

    Well all are aggravated along with you