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    http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo65/tzetaj/ASshowerAni-2.gif He seems like a nice guy!
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    We keep talking about Maryann wanting revenge on Sam but didn't she say he took something from her all those years ago? He thought it was money but it wasn't. What if she's using Daphne to get that "thing" back? Argh, so many questions. I luv this show.
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    I'm pretty sure you're right. I think Eric can fly because he's so old, but newer Vampires like Bill can't yet. Nice to see you in this thread Greg. I can't believe it's only Friday. I am so ready for the next episode of this show.
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    Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it anymore....so why not just give up and quit fighting it?
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    Awesome spoilers. I don't understand them all. I've been struggling with who Maryann is. The series is apparently deviating from the books a bit here, so we can't be totally spoiled. That said, here is what another website (greyblood) seems to think:
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    I had missed that link. Yes, he seems to think there is in his future. I like when these shows leave their books behind. I have intentionally stayed away from the books, but now, as the show diverges, it is less likely I'll be spoiled. Jason Stackhouse is insanely hot, so I don't want him to become a religious bigot. I like Lafayette and Jason most, I think. And Tara!!
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    Do you think they'll make Lafayette a vamp?? I could totally accept that. TVGuide tells a similar ratings story
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    Per the hated "PH" website
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    Let me say I am so so so happy Lafayette did not die (yet, anyway). Previews for next week show him asking to be made into a vampire. That could be amazing. I do wonder what the evil secret of that vibrating Mary Ann is. Is she a grecian goddess? On this show, anything is possible.

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