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    •   DENISE ALEXANDER   RADIO I know I have some radio appearances, but I have to look her up in my radio cast book,   TELEVISION THE CLEAR HORIZON         Lois Adams       1960 BEN JERROD                        Emily Sanders     1963 GENERAL HOSPITAL          Lorna Hill              1963 DAYS OF OUR LIVES           Susan Hunter Martin Peters    1966-73
      GENERAL HOSPITAL        Lesley Williams Faulkner Webber Webber   1973-84; 1996-09;(occasional); 2013; 2017 HOTEL                                 Gail McClain         1984 ANOTHER WORLD             Mary Callahan McKinnon (LaSalle) McKinnon   1986-89 SUNSET BEACH                 Sister Beatrice         1997-98 THE INN                               Lois      2013           CLARICE BLACKBURN   LOVE OF LIFE             Nurse                     Unknown Year                                       College Dean         Unknown Year THE DOCTORS            Theodora Van Allen          1966 DARK SHADOWS         Mrs. Sarah Johnson        1966-70                                         Abigail Collins                  1968                                         Minerva Trask                    1969 THE SECRET STORM   Mary Lou ____ Northcote   1970 WHERE THE HEART IS       Amy Snowden       1973 ONE LIFE TO LIVE            Hattie Fredericks        1973-74 AS THE WORLD TURNS        Nurse Marion Connelly    1976-78 GUIDING LIGHT              Administrator Edith Spurrier    1987-88; 1992 (I believe she made occasional appearances in between 1988-92)         Okay, @Paul Raven @Faulkner and anyone else, who's next?  
    •   No. It doesn't.   Name ONE thing that JT has done besides criticizing what Victoria eats (which is out of character) that has been abusive or controlling.
    •   I agree. Amelia Heile is doing very well when the script calls for it. Truth be told, Heather Tom has gotten better writing for most of her duration. Heinle has not gotten anywhere close to that. And to say that Heather Tom’s Victoria would never be there, well guess what, with domestic violence even the strongest woman can be victims. It’s almost insulting and the reason why people don’t speak up because they are embarrassed.   But you’re not going to convince people around here, so best to just agree to disagree.    I also don’t see why JT has to die because he’s a dosmetic abuser. Many of these POS continue to live and hurt other women. Not saying it’s right, but the world is plenty grey.        I think your dislike for Victoria/AH clouds your judgment in this story
    •   JOHN O'HURLEY   THE EDGE OF NIGHT          Gregory Schaeffer       1983-84 LOVING                 Jonathon Matalaine         1984-85                                             Keith Laine                    1984-86 AS THE WORLD TURNS         Douglas Prescott      1988 ALL MY CHILDREN          James Prescott      1988-89 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS    Dr. James Grainger     1989-90 SANTA BARBARA            Stephen Slade            1990-91 GENERAL HOSPITAL         Greg Bennett           1992 VALLEY OF THE DOLLS        Allen Cooper          1994 SISTERS           Pizza Guy             1995 MELROSE PLACE     John Marshall    1996 SUNSET BEACH          Pete  (Host of Wheel of Misfortune)     1999 ALL MY CHILDREN       Kit Sterling         2011 DEVIOUS MAIDS           Dr.   Christopher Neff         2015           RON HARPER   WHERE THE HEART IS               Steve Prescott    1973 LOVE OF LIFE                               Andrew Marriott     1976-80 ANOTHER WORLD                       Taylor Halloway        1980 CAPITOL                              Jarrett Morgan/Baxter McCandless   1985-87 LOVING                                           Charles Hartman         1988 GENERATIONS                                Peter Whitmore           1990-91 BEVERLY HILLS 90210                  Mickey Garwood            1993 MELROSE PLACE                           Pilot                             1995   GORDON THOMSON   HIGH HOPES               Mike Stewart, Junior          1978 RYAN'S HOPE              Professor Aristotle Benedict-White           1981 DYNASTY                      Michael Torrance/Adam Carrington         1982-89 GLITTER                        Kate's Ex-Lover            1985 THE COLBYS                 Adam Carrington          1985-86 SANTA BARBARA         Mason Capwell              1990-93 FAMILY PASSIONS        Mathias Haller               1993 BEVERLY HILLS 90210       Mr. Parrish               1997 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS      Patrick Baker     1997 SUNSET BEACH               A.J. Deschanel            1998-99 PASSIONS                         Agent Hal Freeman         2000 GROSSE POINT                Dr. Evangelista             2001 DAYS OF OUR LIVES        Walter Kent               2009 DeVANITY                          Preston Regis          2013-14    
    • If Marla Adams wins, she'll be the oldest actress at the time of her Daytime Emmy win, at 79 years 245 days. As of now, the oldest actress at the time of her Daytime Emmy win was the late Jeanne Cooper, who won 2008 Lead Actress at 79 years 240 days. The oldest living Daytime Emmy winning actress is Helen Gallagher (91).
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    • DRW50

      Wow. A comedian calling out SNL's homophobia and their fear of having gay men on their show. I'm pinching myself. https://www.thedailybeast.com/comedian-james-adomian-snl-has-a-problem-with-casting-gay-men (why am I not surprised that worthless pig Alec Baldwin is upset)
      · 0 replies
    • Vee

      Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things is incredibly talented but by several accounts her management team and possibly family are her worst enemy: 
      · 5 replies
    • DramatistDreamer

      Apparently Aubrey O'Day from Diddy's/MTV's Making The Band and Celebrity Apprentice had an affair with Trump Jr.  Somebody's gonna be paying out a lot of money in that divorce settlement.
      · 1 reply
    • Vee

      We banned JONNYSBRO. When can we finally curse on this site?
      · 4 replies
    • sheilaforever

      Are theynow  taping WILL&GRACE in the DAYS lot/universe? Right in the middle of season ONE, NBC renewed it for a season THREE!?
      · 0 replies
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