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    • @danfling   or anyone else,  I added other shows for the actors on the past few posts. Please let me know if I missed any
    • Anyone in this thread smoke weed
    • THE DOCTORS      5/3/63 To Live or to Dive               Dr. Jerry Chandler...  Richard Roat                Don Robbins...????               Sheila Robbins...Lynn Bernay   5/23/63...  Greater Love Hath No Man                  Dr. William Scott  ...Jock Gaynor                   Dr. Harris Givney...Neil Fitzgerald                    Jimsie Summers...Leslye Hunter       TD   5/29/63         Hold the Lamp High for Willy                     Willy...   John Granger                      Mary   Fran Anthony        DS   6/3/63    The Disembodied Voice                      Grant Williams   Hugh Reilly      EON                     Det. Dave Stern    Archie Smith   6/4/63       Death is a Constant Bellringer                    Mrs. Harcourt Temple   Vera Allen           (SEE PREV. PAGE)   6/18/63    Property Unclaimed                    Mr. Wilson...   Edward J. Cullen                    Mr. Pulaski     Bjorn Kofoed      6/19/63     So Far from Home                   Formosan Nurse Lee Chan...Irene Yaah Ling Sun               AMC, ATWT, LOL, SUN B, LIAMST                   Head Nurse Kay Martin...   Joy Nichols                    Mr. Massey...Ralph Dunn       EON                    Dr. Elizabeth Hayes...Margot Moser                   Chaplain Sam Shafer...Fred J. Scollay   6/20/63         The Fallen Giant                     Dr. Max Bauer....David Hooks              EON, RH, SANTA                       Scrub Nurse...   Mildred Clinton    LOL, EON, AMC, GL, SS       Little by little, @jam6242 is finding it all.   LOVE OF LIFE   Industrial Spy...Conard Fowkes ATWT,EoN,SFT,HF,FITW,SS,DS,KF,TD  c.1968 or earlier
    • Just caught a few eps. Has this show long since decided it doesn't want to be taken seriously? From what I gather there are 2 doppelgängers ?? I feel bad for the few good actors left.   I'm interested in seeing Chandler Massey again. Nice to see Lucas Horton still in it.
    •     Let me put it another way:   1.  Soap start in 1930. 2.  General Public repsonds well but not the art elite. 3.A.  A saturation similar to the '.com bubble' occures--Everyone was making daytime serials to boost there revenue.  Then, somewhere down the line, the 'bubble burst'. 3.B.  The bubble burst because of TV. People dumped there TV, ad revune became stronger on TV, radio had a hard time moving. 4.  Quality deminshes so the art elite is taken seriously. 5.  ATWT reinvents the genre by playing to TV streanghts instead of trying to translate radio streanthgs to the TV. 6.  During the late 60s and throughout the 70s daytime is achieved acclaim from the academic sector, thanks to Agnes Nixon and Bell, in humanities courses.  7.  The 80s happen.  Shows like Dynasty and campy stuff from GH appeal to a lot of folks of that era as camp was the zeitgeist of the time.  8.  The 90s started strong but then they fetished on age demos.  This caused good people to leave and folks like Dina Higley and Megan McTavish to stay. 9.  Daytime started to suck. 10.  Folks would tune in priodically to see, sometimes during lunch break or sick days, and be like, "What!  Why did I like this crap!"     I'll expand and refine some other time
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