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    • I agree. I thought Justin and Maggie's reaction was too subdued in my opinion to the news of Victor and Adrianne's nuptials. 

      The character of Brady has been useless since his SORASing. It's ridiculous. The only time he served any usefulness was during Kristen's return, and that's it. 
    •   ITA it wasn't the same after Joan died. However, after Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne departed, I felt the show was sort of hitting its stride -- or at least in a more comfortable place. Though, like you, I never understand why Nene and Margaret Cho were part of the panel. Both should have been replaced by Tim Gunn who lit up the place every time he was a guest. Also, one reason why I started warming towards Erika Girardi was because she made an appearance on the last episode and spoke knowledgeably about the designers. She also would have made an interesting panel member. Anyhoo, it's all moot now. Too bad for Melissa, who wanted her mother's legacy to carry on (I truly believe this, and not money, was her motivating factor), but she didn't pick a strong enough panel.   Nene better know which side her bread is buttered, but she's bit the hand that fed her before: during her first time on Fashion Police, she put Brad and Giuliana on blast on social media for being a bit cliquey. From then on in, Brad and Giuliana made concerted efforts on screen to agree with her 'fashion insights' -- when she wasn't gurning like a fool. I suspect they were a little afraid of her -- as Andy seems to be sometimes. Maybe that's the secret to her burgeoning TV career?   Lu is one of the few HWs on any franchise I am actively rooting for. I am personally relieved she has dumped that press-hungry albatross and moved on, and I cannot wait to see where the Countess takes her brand next! Hopefully we get to see it next years and not just Bethenny's VTs moaning about the other women.
    • AS THE WORLD TURNS --A's APRIL 2, 1956-SEPTEMBER 17, 2010   CBS OAKDALE, ILLINOIS     Bill Abbott....Patrick O'Neal       Hotel, EP,NAs, PFL Nurse Karen Adams...Doe Lang       EON     68-70 Mr. Adams...   Aaron Remey Nurse Adams...????...sanitarium, Barbara    2/83 Dr. Roger Adams...   Mark McConnell   +Annie    83 Tyler Adams...Peter Gatto...   LOL, TD, EON,    Tootsie   90 Detective Adamski...Roscoe Born    Chicago cop (3 days) OLTL, GL(2), DOOL, OLTL, RH, PD, CITY, AMC, PAS, Y&R   01 Reg Addington...Mark Jude Sullivan       OLTL   08-09    Luke's friend Dr. Adler..... Michael Lombard        GL, TD. EON Dr. Randall Adom...Fred Waggoner    Dr. Daniel Ahearn...   James Riordan...  Barbara's cancer doctor   OLTL, AMC, LOV, TD, GOS.GIRL   07-10 Dr. Aikido...   Ron Domingo   Alison's doctor   07 Mr. Albert...Lanny Flaherty      Bart Albertini...Robert Turano   gambler with Henry, owner Al's Diner   07-08                    "Al"....Ralph Buckley                    "Al".....Hardy Rawls                AW Buffy Alcott...Remy the Dog   92-93 Michael Alcott...   Richard Bekins        AW, OLTL   93                       ...Stephen Bogardus...AW, AMC, GL, SFT   93 Neal Keller Alcott...   Mary Kay Adams   Lucinda, Sam, and Royce's sister  OLTL, GL   92-93 Dr. Alderman...   Peter Kybart    owned infamous "tea set"   97 Greta  _____Aldrin...Joan Copeland   James and Ariel's mother   LOL(2), EON, OLTL (2), SFT(2)HTSAM 82-83                            Rosemary Murphy   AMC, AW, SS, Y&R       89-90 Rodney Alexander...   Jack Brewer...   top designer   01 Marian____Allen...   Never Seen    adopted David Stenbeck Warren Allen...  Never Seen...   adopted David Stenbeck Dr. Alsop...   Jack Koenig     Sylvia____ Alvarez...Taro Meyer   AW(2), AMC        88 Ben Anderson...Stephen Bogardus... dated Frannie   86 Burt Anderson...  Mike Hodge     Burt's garage   LOV   05-06                          ...Willis Sparks Edward Anderson...   George Connell   father, Kirk    occasional, 88-89 Ellie Snyder ___ Anderson...   Renee Props    SANTA, DOOL   88-92  Josie Anderson...Kristen Connolly   (AKA Josie Matthews Driver) hired to trick Dusty by Paul   GL  08-09 Kirk Anderson...Tom Wiggin   Lucinda's busieness friend/foe  AW,GL,OLTL,TEX  88-98   Laura___ Anderson   Jane Connell   Kirk's mother  occasional  88-89 Lenore Barclay Anderson...Breon Gorman   FR,FP, OLTL,SFT, KL Kirk's ex wife  occ. 88-95? Linda Ann Anderson...Rebecca Brown   daughter, Kirk and Lenore      89 Nels Anderson... Einar Perry Scott   James's assistant  80-84     GL Samantha Markham Anderson...Brooke Alexander   Lucinda's con-artist sister  OLTL   94-96                                        ...Sherry Alexander     97-98 Stephen Anderson...Buddy Smith   son, Kirk and Lenore   89                              ...James VanDerBeek       OTH, DC, UB    95 _____Andrews...Matthew Nicklaw      AMC     08 Dr. Andrews ...   Kris Bratton       GL, AMC      07-09 Garth Andrews...Tade Reen    Katie's stalker   Y&R   00 Grace Wescott Andrews...   Kelly Bishop    diner owner, Dusty/Lily   OLTL, AMC   87 Judge Andrews...  Stephanie Berry      Logan Andrews... Don Chastain...married Grace   GH, AMC, GL, ATWT, AW,SFT, OLTL, Y&R   87 Mrs. Andrews ...   Barbara Christie   04 Andrea Korackes Andropolous...   Patricia Mauceri   thief, ex-wife, Nick  OLTL, AW Betsy Stewart Montgomery Andropolous...Pat McGuiness     71                                                         ... Suzanne Davidson   on and off 72-80   AW, HTSAM                                                       ...  Tiberia Mitri  72 (temp.)   AW, LIAMST                                                        ...Maurine Trainor   72-73  (temp)                                                                 ...Simone Schacter  72-73 (temp)                                                          ...Lisa Denton   81-82                                                          ...Meg Ryan   82-84                                                         ...Mary Kane 84 (bandages)    AMC, GL                                                         ...Lindsay Frost  84-88                                                          ...Jennifer Van Dyck (V/O)   96                                                         ...Jordan Baker     PAS, Ally, OC, UB, O&A   95                                                          ...  Tracy Sallows    91 Costas Andropolous... Never Seen   father of Nick, raised Steve as his own Danielle "Dani" Andropolous...    Colleen Broomall    raised (briefly) by Craig Montgomery   84-88                                                ...   Kristanna Loken...   94                                                 ...Ashley Williams   95-96, 97-99, 00-01(occ)                                                 ...Deidre Skiles    08 Deborah Andropolous...Never Seen  deceased daughter, Nick and Andrea Diana McCall Andropolous  Kim Johnston (Ulrich) married Frank, loved Steve, owned Riverboat   PAS, DAL, SIS  83-85 Lt. Frank Andropolous...Jacques Perrault  cousin of Steve, Nick dated Maggie and her sister Lyla  83-85 Thea Irene __Andropolous... Nina Dova                84 Jill Andropolous...???... daughter of Cal Randolph, adopted by Maggie Thea Lena ____Andropolous...Eleni Kiamos   mother of Frank    LOL, TD Maggie Crawford Andropolous...Mary Linda Rapelye  dated Tom, adopted Jill married Frank  OLTL  81-85 Marina___  Andropolous (fbs)...Katerina Razelou    Nick and Steve's mother, had affair with Michael Christopher which                resulted in Steve    84 Nick Andropolous...Michael Forrest  owned The Plakka, married Kim  Y&R, DOOL, GH      80-82 Petros (Pietro) Andropolous...  Loukas Skipitaris  father Frank  84 Steve Andropolous ...Frank Runyeon   owned construction company AMC, SANTA, GH, FC, AW, MP, Y&R  80-86      Dr. Angelo Antonacci...  John Capodice       89 Sheriff Applegate...  David B. McConeghey  ATWT  8/92 Colonel Araca...Emilio Del Pozo      Montega   89 Dr. Ashford...   Hugh Karraker      AMC, SANTA Philip Austere   Dominick Aries    Patti Austin   Patti Austin   sang with Johnny Mathis   91   Steve Avery... Samuel Stricklen       06 Dean Avian   Donald Berman    photography professor    89-90 Gordon Avildsen   James Horigan    boss in Rome, Jennifer   01     Any further information is, as always, appreciated.   
    • ON LAST THURSDAY...and seeing the event.   So Traci and Ashley found out that Graham is from GC and his real name? Nice to see movement.   Hilary looks dynamite. She walked in and sassed Nikki. LOVE.   Hevon...le sigh.   Nick did WHAT?!?
    • Done with last week. Welcome back, Sami!!!   What I find interesting: The Will plot with its layers and beats (Kate showing depth being a highlight and the reveal about Stefano/rolf...forgot he was alive still then...not that he isn't alive still, but...)   Eric/Brady/Nicole. We know why. lol. That said, like the blackmail scenes.   B Plot:   That Bonnie plot is just bubbling for now.   C Plot   We so know something is coming JJ's way.   Tripp/Claire/Theo. Meh.
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