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    • Wow. Those ratings were not at all as I expected. Last season's BH was #3? No wonder they didn't bother to change the line-up. 
    • I was about to give up last night's M2M episode halfway through, but held out for the team-bonding stuff because I wanted to see Heathenly get hit on the back of the head with a dodgeball.   Heavenly, I noticed, is very insecure about her sporting skills and, by extension, her physique. That's why she purposely messes up/gives up on a sports challenge before it even starts. Contrast that with Mariah who throws herself into them even though she herself may have some of the same insecurities Heavenly has. My point is, Heavenly cannot stand being in a situation where she isn't top dog and lording it over others.   The Contessa/dad stuff is almost impossible for me to watch because I went through something like this with my mom. One thing I can say is that NONE of my friends did what Toya is doing to Contessa. Toya is so selfish and spoiled. As Contessa says, Toya is just starting a fight for the sake of it. She is pretty much cancelled for me until she readjusts her attitude.
    • I see what you did there. Very good 👏🏿   Wit aside, it seems his hire is very much temporary and he’ll not have much of an impact in any event.    Rather than being on borrowed time as initially thought, it appears (at least on the surface) that CBS/SONY are doubling down with the ‘Serial Shaking Scouser’ 🙈
    • I honestly thought Barbara Rhoades was pretty weak as Irene. Campy as hell but wooden, except when she returned as a very OTT ghost. I wish they'd gotten Liz Hubbard instead.   My favorite part of the Two Todds was Todd asking everyone how they could ever have thought he would re-rape Marty. As a fan of the character since the '90s I turned on TSJ's Todd completely over the rapemance in 2008 - only a story like making that Todd an imposter could ever have brought me back to him. Todd is a relic now in the Me Too era and should be written off any future imaginary OLTL IMO - at least for a long time - but that meant a lot to me, undoing the rapemance.
    • It's also amazing that the scenes have so many big name actors, but it's almost a Barbara Rhodes monologue.  There's the usual begging to hear the story, and some interjections to move the plot along, but mostly she's just sitting there talking.  It was an incredibly huge job to give to someone who was not a known character or actor (on that soap).  When we recall Karen on the stand, or Nora's summation at the rape trial, or Tina in the taxi before Cord's wedding, those monologues were earned by characters who had been on the show for years.  Irene got one scene to walk into Llandfair and then she had to captivate a whole episode.   The detail that I appreciated was Todd's anger that everyone believed he had already returned from the dead.  As I recall, Todd was incredulous that Blair trusted Victor's outrageous story; prior to learning from his mother that the truth was even more outrageous.  It was great to see a soap play out all the beats of returning from the dead, rather than just write it as if someone had come back from Europe.  I admire the audacity of trying to be so meta in a soap universe, and I think that Irene Manning Day should hold a special place in Llandview history.
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