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  2. Came across this today and it made me laugh. This sequence looked fun.
  3. Gawd Kirsten was horrible and what was that from Wes Ramsey, sounded like cat who has it's tail stepped on. Holy scenery chewing Batman
  4. Pure torture watching Emme and Kirsten in scenes. The black hole of acting.
  5. Except EVERYBODY on GH kisses Sonny's ass, so... *Shrug*
  6. On today's show Cane looked very happy when he was talking about Traci and her book. Maybe DG has or will embrace this pairing more, I do like them together. Also Cane mentioned that he is selling the Ashby family home. I wonder if that is happening because they have gotten rid of that set or if maybe he will sell the home to someone in town. I wonder if: I also wonder where Cane will live now that he is selling the Ashby family home. Maybe he and Sam will move into the Chancellor Mansion now that, the set is back.
  7. I get it. He's got a very...particular way of speaking. It's irksome. I've watched scenes of him as Lujack and all I can wonder is how he became popular because he comes off as such a prick. I think his best work is as David, at least you're supposed to hate him.
  8. He seems like a nice guy, but he’s just one of those performers who irks me, and it’s been that way on every show, including AMC. It’s a very personal thing.
  9. Is the housing market not doing well in Cali?
  10. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I’d rather watch the Shiloh stuff then this psychic b.s with Ava and Sibley
  11. Roger Stone in "Can't Stop, Won't Stop": https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/16/roger-stone-banned-from-social-media-after-judge-rules-gag-order-breached.html
  12. B&B isn't very interesting right now, but I'm glad to see Vincent back working in daytime again.
  13. Today
  14. Well, that's Ron for you. He always knows how to run something In. To. The. Ground.
  15. Y'all. The more you talk about Lola being a lost cause and such, the more you hurt Angelica McDaniel's feelings. I wish I could give a damn about Cane and Traci, but thanks to DG's underhanded tactics, I'm just wishing Beth Maitland had someone thing better to do.
  16. More info https://www.tvinsider.com/794545/vincent-irizarry-bold-and-the-beautiful-jordan-armstrong/
  17. One more (GH) and he will have been on every soap ever made, lol.
  18. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/vincent-irizarry-joins-bb/
  19. There's an episode of "Law & Order: SVU" where (I think) Malcolm McDowell plays a Rupert Murdoch-esque figure with an Asian wife. (Murdoch, if you recall, was once married to Chinese-born Wendi Dang). As viewers, we're supposed to believe theirs to be a happy, loving relationship. However, at the episode's climax, when Vincent D'Onofrio (or whoever was his surrogate for that season) exposes McDowell's culpability in the Murder of the Week, his true feelings toward his wife and Asians in general is revealed...and no, it's not pretty. Similarly, like I always said about my now-ex-sister-in-law: just because you lay with us and you make our babies, that doesn't mean you're not racist. In fact, she proved time and time again just how racist she really was, and continues to be. (And then there's my second cousin, who said -- and I quote -- "When I marry, I'm marrying a white man, because black men are ugly"; and who, when busted by her mother, busted my ex-cousin-in-law, saying, "Well, didn't you say that the next time you got married, it would be to a white man, too!?") Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell share similar attitudes toward their respective spouses. Just because they married women who are not American-born (and in Chao's case, are non-Caucasian), that doesn't mean they are racially tolerant. If anything, it shows how desperate both men were to find wives who were NOT American-born and therefore, were more submissive toward them than their previous wives had been -- which is misogynistic AND racist.
  20. At the risk of sounding like Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof," they did not have permission?
  21. Please don't give anyone else on DAYS DID! Abigail/Gabby/Dr. Laura was WAY ENOUGH!
  22. Today was so BORING 😴 At least Stabi have sparks. Kristen in a Nicole mask is a clunker. That has been going on way too long.
  23. Someone should ask Trump the exact same question?
  24. I really do feel like Lola is a lost cause at this point. I don't really think there is much of anything that can be done to make this character interesting. Or make the pairing with her and Kyle interesting. (Though I do think that the character of Kyle still has a lot of potential and would be fine if freed from her). I wish they would do more with Celeste and I really do feel like she's being isolated with mostly her family. And now it's being written that she got back together with her husband, which I feel is preventing her from mixing it up with someone like Jack. It's like Josh doesn't want to tarnish her image and is keeping her uptight/reserved. I think she would be more interesting interacting with Jack/possibly going after him. I don't care for these plotlines with her and Lola. Her preventing them Kyle/Lola from living together is something that would be soapy in the 50s and I don't think her dating her husband is interesting either. I think they should show Chelsea and Adam less. Especially Adam. I like Mark Grossman but Adam is being shown too much and it feels like the writing for him is getting stale. I do wonder what is going on with him and Chance. I've seen some people speculate that him and Chance were undercover in some type of sting in Vegas and that may explain why Chance got involved with shady dealings. I Think that would be interesting and could give Adam a chance to play a more layered character like he did when he had amnesia. And Chance could also play a more layered character. Maybe Chance could have ended up enjoying participating in some of the shady dealings in spite of himself, and that may explain some of the news that is coming out about him, turning darker. On today's show it was mentioned that he had gotten involved in money laundering and other shady dealings. Maybe that ties into him possibly going undercover with Adam. Also, on today's show I actually liked Billy getting on Cane regarding Traci. I think he was already on edge because of Delia, but I thought him questioning Cane about Traci was funny. I was glad to see him show some concern for her. And I enjoyed seeing Jill on today's show and her interactions with Cane, Nikki and especially Jack. I wish she would come around more often, maybe she will once Chance comes back.
  25. He has always been blah. But over the yrs his become a comforting presence . Rather see Mac than Sonny's crusty entitled face.
  26. YRBB

    Thor 4

    It's officially happening! Taika Waititi is writing and directing! Fingers crossed for an official announcement on Chris Hemsworth soon! YES YES YES!!!!
  27. Didn't think anyone got more "blah" than John J York, but he's been there forever and viewers have gotten used to him. I totally get how comfortable can be mistaken for good acting. Totally get it!
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