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  2. I think Judi had always been their choice for Paulina and they were waiting for her DAYS contract to end.
  3. Caroline's very first doctor is a man, dr. Oshiro. He delivered the bad news and I think he had also appeared earlier when Stephanie was hospitalised. But her second doctor is a woman and now that I've checked it we are given her name: it's dr. Angelo. And 20 episodes later Caroline is somehow "transferred" to Taylor. And yes, it is revealed that she's also psychiatrist when Felicia asks her to help Jake. I don't think that from that moment forward somebody has ever thought of Taylor as an oncologist again.
  4. Maybe I did know and I just forgot. LOL. It's a good movie.
  5. Laurie arrives at the Brooks home as Jill is performing a tracheotomy on Mr. Brooks. She screams “What are you doing?” and tries to pull Jill away from Stuart. Snapper is on the telephone giving instructions. There was a later hospital scene where Stuart is asked questions to check brain damage. One was his year of birth which he said 1927. There was also a scene following this where Ma Foster thanks Jill for saving his life. Jill is on her hands and knees trying to clean the blood off the carpet.
  6. Protests as far away as Tokyo...
  7. Every You, Every Me - Placebo
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  9. I like Judi Evans but why was Cali Timmins replaced. Its too bad she never graced Daytime since especially since she auditioned for OLTL's twice in 1994 (Krista Tesreau got it) & 2003 along with Cynthia Preston & Sarah Buxton (OLTL decided not to bring Tina back after all)
  10. We don't need "allies" like this. It's the very last thing we need.
  11. yes i think you are right @sheilaforeverHunter was very good so they wanted to keep her + she was gorgeous! And yes Caroline's first doctor was a man.
  12. is there any of phoebe Dorian 's Penny on The youtube?
  13. It's definitely not the origianl storyline direction: Caroline's first cancer doctor is a man... I think it was once mentione that Bill Bell was really impressed by Hunter Tylo and therefor quickly expanded the role - I think KKL's pregnanccy in 1990 might have factored in as well for the shift of focus for Ridge. Actually one of the very few believable widower stories on soaps...
  14. From Memphis 🇺🇸
  15. It's nice to have seen what I gather is the first big "week" in DAYS history - ie Tony breaking it off with Marie and her attempting suicide. It's frustrating to know that Sony is sitting on all this material and not allowing it to be released even if Corday wanted it to be.
  16. I don't wanna listen--does she mention her time at OLTL at all?
  17. The look on Lucinda face around the four minute mark is brilliant. Liz didn't have to have any written lines to show us what a brilliant actress she was.
  18. It was definitely #804. It would seem that the crew made a mistake during the special event, when the actors received signs with their first episode number, lol. Yeah, I wonder if the "original" oncologist was supposed to be Taylor at that time. Or whether they decided that if they go with Caroline's doctor as the next Ridge's lover, they need a new actress. I don't think that the name of the first doctor was given and few episodes later we had Hunter as "dr. Hayes".
  19. as far as i remember Taylor said that except an oncologist she also specialized as psychiatrist too. And thatwas supposed to answer fans questions that probably fans have been asking themselves in 1990/1991I think this was brought up when she had to help Felicia - Jake story.
  20. I think it is episode #804 which aired June 6, 1990 Taylor was not Caroline‘s Original oncologist... ...not to mention that she miraculously became a psychiatrist two (?) months later.
  21. First off Congrats to Jaida - some stunning looks throughout the season and a funny likeable queen. Ru's serial killer masks were just plain weird. Going in it was b/w Jaida and Gigi. Crystal was great but too quirky and not as polished up against those two. OK Face lipsync Gigi was clear winner , even using her eyelashes as Michelle stated. Crystal's makeup was messy and made it hard to make out her expressions and those yellow teeth !! Jaida did a fine job. Home made video. Crystal was madness with the bird theme but she should have moved to a full reveal in some bird costume than just the puppets all the way through. Gigi's was incredible with the costumes. filming and tribute to the original clip. Jaida just pushed the sofa to one side of the room and the Ciara song was pretty ordinary. Final lipsync Again Crystal's look was cluttered and distracted from the lipsync .The song didn't suit her . Gigi slayed it with the costume change Jaida to me was up to her usual standard but nothing we hadn;t seen before. So I was a little surprised to have Ru announce Jaida as the winner. Methinks that Gigi didn't represent what Ru (and the producers) want the show to represent. The narrative constantly pushed is that the show is some sort of touchstone that changes lives and provides inspiration for the vulnerable and marginalized. Gigi was a confident, talented , priveleged queen with supportive mom. Not the struggle that Ru wants to present.
  22. Some more statistics... GZSZ Episode Counts for 2019 Total episodes: 251 01. Timur Ülker (Nihat Güney): 156 02. Gamze Senol (Shirin Akinci): 153 03. Maria Wedig (Nina Ahrens): 152 04. Niklas Osterloh (Paul Wiedmann): 149 05. Anne Menden (Emily Höfer Badak Wiedmann): 142 06. Iris Mareike Steen (Lilly Seefeld): 139 07. Olivia Marei (Toni Ahrens): 138 *** Jörn Schlönvoigt (Dr. Philip Höfer): 138 09. Felix von Jascheroff (John Bachmann): 133 *** Gisa Zach (Yvonne Bode): 133 11. Thomas Drechsel (Max "Tuner" Krüger): 131 12. Wolfgang Bahro (Dr. Jo Gerner): 126 13. Clemens Löhr (Alexander Cöster): 121 14. Chryssanthi Kavazi (Laura Weber Lehmann): 119 *** Thaddäus Meilinger (Felix Lehmann): 118 16. Valentina Pahde (Sunny Richter): 116 17. Eva Mona Rodekirchen (Maren Seefeld): 112 18. Nils Schulz (Robert Klee): 105 19. Ulrike Frank (Katrin Flemming): 100 20. Felix van Deventer (Jonas Seefeld): 81 21. Patrick Heinrich (Erik Fritsche): 80 22. Maximilian Braun (Luis Ahrens): 53 23. Daniel Fehlow (Leon Moreno): 49 24. Annabella Zetsch (Brenda Schubert): 41 25. Eric Stehfest (Chris Lehmann): 33 26. Lea Marlen Woitack (Sophie Lindh Moreno): 23 CONTRACT DEPARTURES Daniel Fehlow (Leon Moreno) [02/01/2019] Lea Marlen Woitack (Sophie Lindh Moreno) [02/27/2019] Eric Stehfest (Chris Lehmann) [03/13/2019] Maximilian Braun (Luis Ahrens) [06/07/2019] Chryssanthi Kavazi (Laura Weber Lehmann) [10/08/2019] [maternity leave] CONTRACT ARRIVALS Gisa Zach (Yvonne Bode) [01/29/2019] Nils Schulz (Robert Klee) [03/22/2019] Patrick Heinrich (Erik Fritsche) [05/01/2019] Annabella Zetsch (Brenda Schubert) [09/03/2019] Daniel Fehlow (Leon Moreno) [10/17/2019]
  23. any idea which on is the first probably around 740ish?
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