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  2. Me either, shes especially being a total c u next tuesday to Robert. I thought Josh Swickard/Chase did a great job on his song yesterday.
  3. 😀😀😀 I used to like Anna. Now i can't stand her.
  4. Somehow this looks worse to me. The technology is accessible (and affordable) to do better now. You have to be really lazy and indifferent to do something this bad.
  5. Wesley Eure (Ex Mike Horton) tweeted a photo and caption of him, John Clarke and Macdonald Carey when Mike was in the hospital when a wagon injured him in which he came to find out that Mickey was really his uncle and Bill was his father. Man I wish Sony would release 60/70's episodes on the NBC website one day. Or if someone can get their hands on them the better. In this scene on DAYS OF OUR LIVES I was crushed by a wagon falling on me! I discovered my father wasn't my father. My uncle was my father because my uncle raped my mother years before at the hospital Oh, soap operas! LOL #thosewerethedays #DaysOfOurLives #soapawards #DaytimeTV
  6. The one thing this article really fails to mention is that Obama's earliest supporters before the Democratic debates and primaries were mostly white voters because many black voters were dubious about his ability to get elected. Many black women did indeed vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary for this same reason-- Hillary appeared to be the solid choice to many. As the Obama campaign began to raise more money than the Clinton campaign (along with some missteps Clinton campaigners and surrogates), black voters began to coalesce around Obama. This is perhaps an uncomfortable aspect that many people (including those in the black community) don't want to acknowledge but it would be absolute amnesia to forget about this.
  7. This entire administration under Trump is simply awful. Almost too awful to contemplate on a daily basis.
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  9. I'd like to talk about all of the different actors who played Donald Hughes on As the World Turns. I am a big fan of James Noble (Donald #3), but I think that Peter Brandon (Donald #4) was the best actor in the role. Mr. Brandon even resembled Santos Ortega, who played Pa Hughes. Martin West (Donald #5) was a good replacement, and I am sorry that he was not on the show longer. And, I loved Conard Fowkes when he was paired with Alberta Grant (Liz) on The Edge of Night (Mr. Fowkes played Steve Prentiss.), but I did not like him as Donald.
  10. I saw some spoilers posted elsewhere about Neil's will from someone who got SOD early. They said that his will be read and that the people attending the reading will be Devon, Lily, Nate, Ana, Cane, Ashely, Nikki, Jack and Victor. It sounds like Neil mentions all of these people in his will. And it looks in this week's SOD, we will be getting Summer Previews. I saw a couple of people post that the Summer Previews said that Adam will want custody of Christian and will do anything to find Chelsea and Connor. Rey will also be hired to investigate Adam and look into his past away from Genoa City. This will complicate things with Rey and Sharon. And I also saw someone post on another site that SID is reporting that Elizabeth Hendrickson will return as Chloe. And there is a spoiler from next week from the Courier Journal that says that Devon will be haunted by his dreams. I think that will continue to dream about Hilary. I am interested in seeing what other spoilers are mentioned in the Summer Preview.
  11. I think that Lyle B Hill was a very competent producer. He has worked on As the World Turns and then on Somerset. That is obviously the reason that so many performers who had appeared on As the World Turns (Michael Lipton, Ed Kremmer, Gloria Hoye, Pamela King, Abby Lewis etc.) appeared later on Somerset. The show was interesting when it was being written by Robert Cenedella, Henry Slesar, and even Roy Winson. But, somewhere during its run, I lost interest in the characters/ I think this began when Julian (Joel Crothers) stopped being a concert pianist and was suddenly hired as the editor of the town's newspaper. Mary Waronok and Ray Fulmer were good in their roles. So too were the show's older cast members (Abby Lewis, Clarice Blackburn, Molly Picon), but the crime element was not quite up to the standards as Mr. Slesar had written. And, I adored Bibi Beesch after having seen her on The Edge of Night and especially on Love Is a Many Splendored Thing. But I really cannot remember what actor played her romantic lead on this show. Audrey Landers, who had appeared on The Secret Storm after winning some type of contest, was also good as the daughter of Ms. Beesch. She was used with two leading men, Greg Mercer (the superb Gary Swanson) and James O'Sullivan (who later became a wonderful actor in his roles but had not yet reached his best). I remember that the mystery concerning Dr. Kane and Heather was very mysterious, and the fans talked about this storyline a lot. The newer writers and the later storylines did not hold my attention. I believe that killing off Dick and Mitch was a mistake. I know that pairing Georgann Johnson and Jameson Parker was a mistake. It may have made sense to someone at the time, but it hurt the show's matriarch who had already been weakened when she became a widow.
  12. andrew (@heltterskeltter) tweeted at 10:44 AM on Tue, May 21, 2019: "The children of the 21st century will be listening to The Beatles" - Brian Epstein (1934-1967) The Beatles' Manager
  13. You just summed it up for me perfectly. Kate is my absolute favorite Soap Mom and Lauren Koslow has been and is still one of the only reasons I still occasionally watch Days.
  14. Eric Braeden on social media is just ... everything.
  15. How in the heck did McTavish ever manage to keep being rehired as a HW? I don't think there is one soap she was the HW on that I thought she was a good fit for. Okay, her brand of over the top stuff might have worked a little better on Days, but her stints on GH, AMC, and GL weren't very good.
  16. Wrote a fanfic a few years ago which was basically a continuation of Doctors after it was cancelled. It would've been beneficial for the show to say Billy had faked his death with the help of the FBI because Billy had been involved with some shady people back then that needed taking down. Perhaps utilize some history and bring back his bio mom Barbara to usher in his return to Madison, who was the only other person who would've known about Billy. With a SORAS Michael-Paul wanting to know more about his mom's family, the ingredients were there for a intriguing story involving the shows past.
  17. This feels like clumsy pandering to me, even though I agree with them about the writing for women. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/05/21/warren-and-aoc-diss-game-of-thrones-finale-1337234
  18. Has Maggie ever fallen off the wagon before?
  19. I agree. In fact, there's a lot of Joan Bennett imbued in Maeve's performance. Joan Bennett always seemed regal, cool, sophisticated and almost aloof. But when she had a "maternal" scene with a child or teenager, Joan would let her guard down and display a certain sweet warmth, without losing her sophisticated edge. I see a lot of that in Maeve's Vanessa.
  20. I'm following black women. I know Maxine Waters is for impeachment but she's been that was for 2 years and I don't hear her screaming like some of the others. I trust Pelosi. Part of it is the media egging democrats on. THEY want this and they are pushing democrats in that direction. Pelosi is going to hold her coalition.
  21. Oh dear, apparently Madonna altered the sound on her own video upload of her "performance" at the Eurovision Song Contest..... She must have realized that there would be others who uploaded the real version. The real, live performance: Madonna's own upload
  22. The Mustache has spoken 😎. I take it she is on set!
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