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  2. ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW Ava takes action against Keith. Stuart catches Quentin up on what he missed during the five years he was out of town. Judith grows suspicious of what Vargas has in store for her. And, Jennifer and Veronica bond. READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE: http://tatfanfic.blogspot.com/2019/07/episode-51.html
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  4. This reunion has truly killed BH. I don't think this franchise will ever recover unless they recast 90% of the cast. These women were so vile, so hypocritical, and hungry for the crown to the point of no return. All of this to bring down LVP and guess what? You all look poorly with the exception of Camille. And Andy saying that these women don't have to invite each other to events is bullsh*t. We all know these women are contractually obligated and forced to invite their cast members to their events.
  5. Omg this is trying sooo hard to be SATC. Very of its time, but still pretty hot.
  6. In 1986, John Whitesell and Margaret DePriest introduced the following characters: Adam Cory, Julie Ann Edwards, Zack Edwards, Scott LaSalle, Reginald Love, Cheryl McKinnon, Mary McKinnon, and Chad Rollo They returned the character of Mitch Blake to the show and SORASED Matthew Cory to a tween. Cecile DePoulignac returned to AW for four months. They recast the following characters: Jamie Frame, Vicky Hudson, Nicole Love, M.J. McKinnon, and Vince McKinnon The following characters left AW in 1986 while Whitesell and DePriest were EP and headwriters: Chris Chapin, Neal Cory, Dee Evans, Clarice Ewing, Larry Ewing, Sally Frame, Marley Hudson, Zane Lindquist, Donna Love, Lily Mason, Liz Matthews, Jake McKinnon, Kathleen McKinnon, Kevin Thatcher, Carter Todd, Thomasina Todd, and Cass Winthrop. Catlin Ewing and Brittany Peterson would leave AW in early January 1987.
  7. 100% agree on this. Please move this story along
  8. Ellen became involved with Dale romantically, not David...who was her son. EEEK! Even soaps during the 1970s had their limitations! LOL! I am so glad you gave us this l;ink. I had had the site bookmarked way back then, but then it was closed down and I thought all the data was lost. Thank you! I am almost 100% positive that Russell Kubeck was indeed Somerset's final head writer.
  9. Ashley looked so awful. And yes, just like her mother in that awful wig. I suspect that VT was filmed while she was pregnant as she looks visibly fuller in the face...but while Monique glows while pregnant, Ashley looks horrible. Karen looks AMAZING with her wig like that. Edgy and modern and razor sharp. Loved it. This week's Potomac was another great episode.
  10. Haven't seen last week or this week's episode yet, but he seemed to disappear after their break up.
  11. Yeah, that's him. Ricky is his ex. It doesn't look like the future is too bright for Ricky though 😞
  12. Arjit Taneja from Delhi 🇮🇳 (but now an actor in Mumbai, the apparent global capital of the thirst trap)
  13. Is Damon the young one kicked out by his parents? It's a shame I binge watched the whole first season and most of this season and his name has never stuck for me.
  14. Dang, now I regret asking 😞 Sorry, Chit! I agree, PrayTell is annoying at times. I also hated how he treated Candy. I like Ricky more than Damon. But, I enjoyed the attention to both of them this episode.
  15. All these clips are way sexier than anything seen on these shows now. And the lighting! Now everything is so bright. Grant Aleksander has one of the best soap bodies of all time. And he could act! Rare for hunks that started in the 1980’s, let alone later. His scene with Arlene on AMC was racy too.
  16. This whole discussion makes me wish for a graph showing the number of family members in the cast for arguably core families and how it changed over time. My sense is that the Frames gradually swamped the Matthews, and maybe also families with more women were at a disadvantage -- Alice and Sally used Frame; Julia was Shearer; Rachel and Ada and Nancy get lumped in as if they were Cory. One thing I thought was shabby about DePriest's conception of the core was that she essentially obliterated black characters from the scene. In the early 1980s we had Henrietta and Roy, Leo Mars/Abel Marsh, Quinn, Lily, Grant, Carter, and Thomasina.
  17. Damn, 2nd part of the Reunion, Andy threw LVP under the bus, pointing out her hypocrisy LOVE IT! Teddy is STILL LYING!
  18. That Cristian and Evangeline scene was quite sensual.
  19. Rand Paul and Mike Lee are pieces of s-h-i-t. Just your daily reminder! And this picture circulating on Twitter, as Evil Turtle passes a smirking Jon Stewart before the 9/11 vote says it all:
  20. There's a Shane and Kimberly love scene from 1985 that was noted for apparently slipping past a censor. They were England and got it on in front of the fireplace.
  21. For some reason, there are a number of Nick & Sharon (Y&R) videos on YouTube that have age-restrictions on them.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Cristian shimmying off Evangeline’s panties for their big OLTL sex scene:
  24. If only Anna wasn't written as a nut job anymore.
  25. None of that Kyle and Lola [!@#$%^&*] sounds interesting but I also fast forward all of their scenes now anyway.
  26. I hate how Adam is being deemed the devil for wanting to be in his sons’ lives.
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