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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward

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  2. I'm hoping one day I can find uploads from 2006-07. Not my favorite time from the show. But Kristoff and Victoria had some memorable scenes during that time. I just want to relive them in memory of Kristoff. Watching this week's shows has me reminiscing.
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  4. YRFan23, thankyou so much for these uploads. I love 80's Y&R
  5. Two episodes where the main plot revolves around dog poo. 🙄
  6. Friday March 27 1970 Jo, driving home, realizes that her son in law Len is the father of Grace Boulton's child. She loses control of the car and the episode finishes with Jo lying unconscious amongst the wreckage. This cliffhanger was planned because A World Apart from Irna Phillips was premiering the following Monday opposite Search. Irna Phillips sent a telegram to the producer "Brilliant"
  7. Being a straight semi-successful guy on the Upper East Side seems like a dream for Mario. You can humiliate your ex-wife in the press for years, and then be called a prince for gifting her alcoholic friends some free wine charms that you found at the bottom of your desk. And if one lady says she won't sleep with you, turn your back and find another one. A man with hair, a credit card, and a black leather jacket could probably score a home cooked meal twice a week, a month in the Hamptons, and the Restilyn-filled gal of his choice. They seemed happier than the "artist" with a million birds who has lost the concept of time. Things either happened ten years ago or ten minutes ago, he doesn't seem to recall. Did you see his paintings in Sonja's testimonial background? Bethanny's point of how that experience validated Tinsley and Sonja's history made zero sense to me. Bethanny is a long time scholar of the New York Post, certainly, she read about them both in their prime. While Barbara is on her apology tour, I feel like nobody is nice to Tinsley. She seems like a girl who is game for a good time, but they are treating her like an idiot. And did she tell Dorinda they broke up at the circus and again at the spa, or did she say it on spa day for the first time? Also, I smiled that for all of the talk about wrap dresses, they only had two shots of Barbara in a wrap dress. Meanwhile, Bethanny bought out the entire fall season of Gucci, with all those stripes and bows, and nobody calls her out. Look at Ramona tonight and in her flashbacks, she has been engineered not to droop. It reminds me of a play I saw with Jane Fonda and in one dramatic scene, she had to take off her blouse. She was a woman over 70 with a chest that stood straight forward on its own. Every other part had aged: her hands, her neck, her walk, but her bazongas were still hard as rocks. The future of NYC won't be like The 5th Element, it will look like Dorinda's real estate agent; zombies who can still support a strapless dress and the men they crave.
  8. Re Court Benson Add Backstage Wife 1953
  9. Here's also some more May 1989! I think 5/23 might have been on YT before?
  10. So this is about to be upon us, but I wanted to take a minute to talk about the beginnings of Marvel as we know it today. I watched Iron Man tonight in full for the first time since 2008 - the capstone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It really holds up and is both modern, funny and human. What wasn't known then, but is now, is just how much of an incredible gamble it was. Many people know Robert Downey Jr. was uninsurable by '08, and that Marvel had to backstop him themselves. But it was also largely an independent film, taken on by the fledgling Marvel Studios only after every studio had put the property through development hell since the '90s before abandoning it, because no one cared about Iron Man. At that time, Marvel, only a handful of years out of its '90s bankruptcy, had sold most of its marquee character rights (Spider-Man, the X-Men, etc.) to other studios. Captain America and Thor were too earnest or esoteric to try out immediately. Iron Man, a character focus-testing indicated most of the general public thought was an actual robot if they knew him at all, was the only shot. The script was at least half-improvised, a la Robert Altman (a direct influence on Jon Favreau during the making of the film, and it shows). And Marvel had to take out a massive bank loan to finance the film at all. If it flopped or only broke even, the bank would own the entire remaining Marvel property catalog. But it worked. I won't say much about Captain America: The First Avenger because I think it stands for itself. It was also a huge gamble - a very earnest, even cheesy on paper, potentially jingoistic character being launched in a post-GW Bush America. I love Captain America but I never thought it could work onscreen. It did and it's still one of the best films Marvel ever made. I'll leave talking about the others to other people for now. I'll just say what I've said many times - what Marvel has accomplished is beyond my wildest dreams as both a film buff and a longtime comic book geek. If you told me we'd be here now a decade ago I'd call you insane. For better or worse, Marvel has created an entertainment superstructure that rivals the golden age of the Hollywood studio system of the 20th century. As Endgame is already out in parts of Europe, Asia and Australia, please tag all SPOILERS. The reviews are pretty good so far. (Granted, it got a B- from the guy at the A.V. Club who hates everything; a B- from him is an A anywhere else.)
  11. Bernie will get a lot of cookies and tummy rubs for even going to event at all - especially since most of his supporters have no use for women of color (beyond tokens) - but I'm glad he is getting more focus for his lack of real plans. Only Buttigieg is getting knocked for this. I agree with those criticisms, but then I think he is a vanity candidate anyway, not likely to last. Sanders has a real chance of getting the nomination.
  12. I wonder if NBC even bothered with making promos for those shows by then.
  13. Here is a Playlist of some August 1988 episodes I just got! 8/19 is the first half only unfortunately..
  14. I'm not sure if I can watch the next season if Jussie's smug face is on it. I had to mute the wedding scene. As for the show - Andre needs a new heart after he's had the quickest chemo treatment for his cancer, possibly beating Amanda Woodward's miraculous recovery from Hodgkins. My guess is that the twist will be that Lucious kills half brother to save André.
  15. Christie Clarke as Victoria Newman
  16. SHHHHH!! They might be reading this.
  17. Madonna still pushing this notion that the world finds her fascinating. That train left the station years ago.. Madame X... that was dated when Lana Turner did it 50 years ago. The whole spoken words to God asking for forgiveness...I am a whore etc Just not working anymore.
  18. The saddest thing is how deeply Neil was tied to almost every character on the show. He was a classic tentpole character that soaps don't feature enough of these days.
  19. The CW is returning 14 shows for the 2019-2020 season with plans to order additional series when it unveils its schedule during the upfronts. More The post The CW Renews All Freshman Series for 2019-20 Season, Including ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ appeared first on Soap Opera Network. Read More
  20. was super sad. Bryton, CK, and Shemar really showed out. It was really dumb that they didn't have people that were on the show as long as or longer than Kristoff speak like Tracey, Lauralee, Daug, Eileen, and especially Melody who was one of Neil's best friend on the show for freaking years and years and they always leaned on each other when their addictions flared up and even flireded w/ a romance for a bit. really boneheaded.
  21. I proposed ta while back that Traci write a Jabot business history and uncovers a new Abbott from a dalliance of John's. Fresh blood in the family...
  22. I really thought I would like this guy as Thomas - but he is totally pedophile creepy. Peeking in windows, drawing pictures, coaching your son - creepy. Gross. Rapist. But didn't Thomas rape Caroline before? He raped her then she loved him? LOL. So he'll rape Hope and she'll end up loving it.
  23. Totally confused by all of this. Jussie has been given a pass and not had to explain what actually happened . in other circumstances an actor setting up something like this would have been banished. WTH is going on - am i missing something??
  24. Madonna came up with ray of light and music after major changes in her life (motherhood, moving to the UK)....so when she moved to Lisbon..I had a feeling she would be inspired. It sounds modern, yet also unique and a classit's own its own. And she actually did a music video with a story!
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