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  2. John Aniston is fantastic. I liked his scenes with Kayla, and the Victor/Hope scenes are particularly touching. Where are the flashbacks????
  3. I did not like seeing Nate selling Neil's penthouse to Adam and then giving all of the money away to charity. I wish he would have kept the penthouse or at least kept the money from the sale (or most of the money, if he wanted to give some to Charity.) He barely batted an eyelash when he sold the penthouse though he did explain his reasoning a bit more later on in the episode. I still don't like that he sold the penthouse. And Devon was a bit harsh today towards Ana. I think he should direct some of that feeling towards Mariah, who came up with the idea. If Ana isn't ready to manage artists on her own, then what does that say about Mariah, who came up with the idea, and is heading a company that she is not qualified for. I wonder if Devon will direct that energy with her or is he mostly only allowed to be mad at family members. I do think that he was already in bad mood before he learned about Mariah/Kyle's idea and I believe that stemmed from him still grieving Hilary and Neil. He was looking at a picture of both of them before he got angry with Ana. I do hope that him hiring someone to mentor her will lead to her having a love interest. Or at least someone else to interact with besides Tessa and Mariah. It would be nice if the person he hired to mentor her was a handsome, mature, intelligent man in either his late 20's or early 30s. Also, I was surprised to see Jett come back so quickly. I wasn't sure if he would ever be back. But it was nice to see him again and I enjoyed his and Ana's performance. Also, I thought that Summer's business date looked like Shawn Mendez, lol. And The writing for Kyle and Lola continues to be terrible. They are getting such goofy, plotlines. Today, Kyle was actually arguing with Abby about what the color of Lola's bridesmaid's dresses should be. He was going hard for that stone cold blue color, lol. But seriously it is unfortunate to see him written like this. And then on top of all of that he ended up digging through the trash to find Lola's ring. Kyle has been reduced to these silly storylines and I feel bad for his character. This pairing with Lola is really dragging him down: It's unfortunate, that this is the type of stuff that the show is doing with Kyle:
  4. OBBA BABATUNDE ALL MY CHILDREN Rusty Bennett 1987 SISTERS Ben 1992 DAWSON'S CREEK Principal Howard Green 1888-2000 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Clay Williamson 2005 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Carter Campbell 2007 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Julius Avant 2015-Present also..... HALF AND HALF Charles Thorne 2002-06 I'M DYING UP HERE Barton Royer 2017 DEAR WHITE PEOPLE Dean Fairbanks 2017-18
  5. yes there is room for both plus the way OWN & FX rerun these shows it can help both with their numbers
  6. Why are they dressing and styling Summer like she's 6 years old?
  7. Cant believe JM has been on 25 years. I thought he would have been one to leave after his original contract to try Film & PT. Now he will never leave. Ughhh
  8. Ambitions beat Pose. Credit where it's due, I didn't think it had a chance at that. Quality is not the relevant conversation, eyes are so bringing up that Pose is 'better' is pointless. But I hate Ryan Murphy so it's all gucci
  9. I really don't think any of this is going to stick to Biden. In fact I think his refusal to apologize will help him. People might want to keep talking about how Biden is prone to gaffes but he didn't make a gaffe here. He pointed to his ability to hold his nose and do what it takes to get something real done even if it meant working with awful people. That doesn't play well with the Woke Police because they only care about performative outrage not making real, concrete progress.
  10. Not that I'm defending Jamey, HELLO NO, but that was just me stating that [about Pose] because folks here thought Pose would bury Ambitions. Cartoon villains and poor writing don't seem to be a problem for OWN shows. For some odd [REALLY ODD ūüôĄ] reason, HAHN still has a following.
  11. VERNEE WATSON (JOHNSON) THE DOCTORS Nurse 1972 PARTY OF FIVE Officer Windlan 1995 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Birdie, friend of Mac and Kay 1999 PORT CHARLES Madea, Imani's grandmother 2003 GENERAL HOSPITAL Minister Unknown Year DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES ER Doctor 2006 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Dr. Ella Kraft 2007 GENERAL HOSPITAL New York City ER Nurse 2013 Stella Henry 2017-Present also.... WELCOME BACK KOTTER Vernajean Williams 1975-76 CARTER COUNTRY Lucille Banks 1977-79 FOLEY SQUARE Denise Williums 1985-86 THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR Vi Smith 1990-95
  12. Right and next week will begin to tell if Ambitions is truly a success
  13. Ambitions benefits heavily from the post-HATHN's timeslot. Really, Jamey should be thanking Tyler Perry.
  14. Jamey even tweeted or Facebooked about Pose not being an issue for his show. Look I liked Ambitions but Pose is written and acted better and If I had to chose (No DVR, Etc) Id chose Pose The ratings are Good but will they sustain for AMBITIONS, Its all about keepin them eyeballs
  15. With Morgan returning (YAY) I expect them to drop Elena, Ana & Maybe even Nate
  16. What is it with Jamey and his Ambitions Vs Pose Bull [!@#$%^&*]
  17. Today
  18. Lack of character development is not something black folks get very often (if at all) on a soap and if this speed bump, Elena, was brought on to prop Devon, the experiment went terribly wrong!
  19. Correct. Ambitions had a half-million more viewers than Pose, and a 0.3 in demos vs. Pose's 0.2.
  20. LOL you do not have to watch the show to see that she gets no character development at all. I read recaps just to prove my point. If a character is introduced and gets absolutely no development, why are they there? To prop another character of course.
  21. If I'm reading this correctly, Pose wasn't much of a problem for Ambitions, right?
  22. Emmerdale currently has Matty Barton (previously Hannah Barton), played by real-life transgender Ash Palmisciano. He's been on the show since June 2018. (Hannah was on from 2009 to 2012).
  23. Germany's "Lindenstraße" introduced Marek Zöllig played by Martin Walde in May 2016. He was the brother of regular character Nina Zöllig and was married with a child. A while later, Marek was revealed to be transsexual and gradually changed his appearance to eventually become a woman. The character is now known as "Sunny Zöllig" and is still a regular character as of today. Sunny has been in a relationship with bisexual Tanja Schildknecht for quite a while. Here's a gallery highlighting all the important moments in Sunny's life on Lindenstraße: https://www1.wdr.de/daserste/lindenstrasse/personen/aktive/rolle-marek-zoellig-100.html Sunny has just started her hormone treatment: Sunny is fighting for unisex bathrooms at the show's main restaurant: Sunny is worried about Tanja: Sunny receives a visit from her son:
  24. Add this to the list of popular actors whose characters gets killed off, so they return in a new role. At least with Drucilla, a body was never recovered...
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