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  2. Although, I know every new writing regime seems to relish the chance to create their own characters, I can't understand why they couldn't just create characterizations from existing characters, they'd likely be able to do virtually the same thing. I thought about this last weekend while watching vintage episodes from Christmas 1986, New Years 1987 and ended up trying to find out what happened to the kid that Simon Hall and Jessie Matthews had? He could've been an interesting character to develop and bring onto the canvas since he already had extensive ties to Springfield--he'd be tied to Lillian and in a way, the Spauldings. Sadly, P&G soaps seemed overly-fond of wasting their histories.
  3. It sure is.... Lololololol of course because Sonny deserves to be happy and Will once again gets the shaft while Sonny humps ever gay male in Salem in order to forget his mother's death.
  4. SEAN McDERMOTT GUIDING LIGHT Hart Jessup 1993 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Unknown Role Unknown Year BROADWAY MISS SAIGON Chris FALSETTOS Whizzer STARLIGHT EXPRESS Rusty GREASE Danny and many others..... SUZY COTE GUIDING LIGHT Samantha "Sam" Marler 1989-92 and HOUSE Female Lawyer 2011 @Limenade
  5. Once Bridget left Springfield with Peter. He was seldom mentioned. Vanessa from time to time would mention visiting Peter off screen. As a surprise for Hart Dinah arranged for Peter to visit Hart for the holidays in 1998.
  6. When Bridget left in 1997, Vanessa was "dead" so she took Peter with her. He visited Vanessa for her welcome back from the dead party, and I think they still were in each other's lives offcamera. When we saw Bridget toward the end of the show she said Peter was in college. Or Dylan said it. One of them.
  7. I wondered why no one ever brought back the Kyle Sampson character either. Question: what happened to Bridget and Hart's son Peter? What happened to him? I had fallen away from GL in it's last 15 years but I don't remember hearing or reading about him as a teen or anything.
  8. I was watching the newest episode uploaded on Amy Silence's channel 536... and after seeing Thorne/Brooke together plus Caroline remarking how perfect they would be together... I don't get why the show didn't try to pursue Thorne/Brooke at this time instead of having Brooke go for Eric. Maybe when this Thorne left, the plans changed?
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  10. I see your Jane Eyre and raise you a Great Expectations ... would there be room for a Miss Havisham-style older aunt? (Alas, Grayson Hall was already long dead.)
  11. Didn’t Marlena just find out that Mickey is her granddaughter? She probably hasn’t had the time needed to bond and connect with her, thanks to Sarah and Xander. Man, they really are pushing greasy Xander at Eric’s expense, aren’t they? It’s Ben all over again.
  12. Prison was a wonderful opportunity to pair Will with someone new -- perhaps, with a guard who was struggling with his sexuality (since I think pairing him with another inmate might be too cliche). Instead, it's become an excuse for one more person -- and one of his victims, at that -- to champion the never-ending cause that is Ben.
  13. On the one hand, I hate that no one at GL ever brought back Kyle Sampson. I always wanted a real, honest-to-God Reva/Josh/Kyle/Kyle's wife quadrangle (with Kyle's wife preferably played by Sharon Gabet). But, on the OTHER hand, considering how much TPTB interfered in GL's final years, perhaps it was for the better that he stayed dead.
  14. Ugh Noah. Yeah let's put the larger-than-life Reva Shayne with the most boring slab of beef known to man. Great idea. But at least it was better than the Buzzard.
  15. She's also in at least one Facebook soap opera group.
  16. I would have had Monica shoot the bastard right after it was revealed that he killed AJ, but she was pretty much forgotten about once everyone found out. When I was watching GH on and off, I actually liked Sonny, but after I started watching everyday he really began to annoy me. What really made me start to dislike him was Avery's conception. That was just nasty.
  17. True. But it would be the perfect time. CS' animated show is ending, and Will needs somebody, who's not Sonny, once he gets out of prison lol
  18. In the end, it'll probably turn out to be Steve with Stefano's memories. The show wouldn't be that stupid to actually think they could recast Stefano. Joe Mascolo defined that role, similar to the way that Stephen Nichols defined Steve.
  19. Probably Rolf either microchipped him or did some kinda MK Ultra type [!@#$%^&*].
  20. i'm a new viewer so bear with me but, Whats the deal with Stefano? Did he like have plastic surgery to look like Steve or was he memory mapped like on GH? lol
  21. I've been saying this for awhile. I honestly think the main reason B&B has been sustaining/gaining in the ratings is less to do with their storytelling (because we all know how consistent THAT is) and more to do with the fact it's aired in relatively bite-sized chunks so it's easier to get sucked in than an hour-long show (I also think this is why no soap that's debuted as an hour has ever been truly successful in the ratings). GH honestly needs to do a big blowout story where someone who has hated the mob for the past few decades (I always figured Monica would be the best person to head this up) brings the mob down and then we jail the worst ones (Sonny/Jason etc.) and move on with actual doctors and medical stories.
  22. PATRICK O'NEAL THE INNER FLAME (PORTIA FACES LIFE) Carl Blake 1954 TODAY IS OURS Karl Manning 1958 AS THE WORLD TURNS Bill Abbott Early 1960's THE DOCTORS AND THE NURSES Tom Farrell 1963 EMERALD POINT N.A.S. Harlan Adams 1983 also.... DICK AND THE DUCHESS Dick Starrett 1957-58 DIAGNOSIS: UNKNOWN Dr. Daniel Coffee 1960 KAZ Samuel Bennett 1978-79 TOM ORMENY DAYS OF OUR LIVES Lloyd Garrison 1990 GENERAL HOSPITAL Detective Monahan 1992 PROVIDENCE Dr. Kurtz 1999;2002 BOSTON PUBLIC Mr. Coolidge 2002
  23. I imagine it will be Thatcher all over again. They loathed her and that loathing has been a key part of their relationship with the Tories ever since. The only real difference is Johnson is less of a hardline conservative and more of an opportunist. He just wants power and money. And Northern Ireland has had no government for two years now. Some think voters decided to punish the major parties to tell them to get back to work. Absolutely. All this came up when Cenk made his announcement and the response from his fan club was usually "Oh he apologized." Which was interesting, as that never seems to be enough for people who are opposed by TYT or their fan club. (my favorites are the people who say he made those comments in his 20s yet no one cares that Elizabeth Warren was a Republican in her 40s. Plenty of people care, and he did not make all the comments when he was in his 20s.) It will also be interesting to see how the Bernie bros react to their messiah "selling out" and being part of "the establishment," as this is a classic move of someone who is trying to be part of the establishment rather than staying with the dregs.
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