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  2. Well SC did admit to being a Shick fan all day, everyday, sooooooo😎
  3. So what you're saying is that they fucked? They got one in for sure.
  4. I seriously laughed when Ben, the person who killed Heather, was defending Bobby, the person who killed Abbi and was like "WTF Lola people change". :///
  5. Interestingly enough, Joshua said the same thang bout those scenes, good times
  6. He looks like Brenda, and Brenda and her son are desperately needed on the canvas. No one is saying Willow is Serena. It’s just that Willow’s story could’ve gone to Serena or Brook Lynn or Lila Rae instead of creating a random newbie with no legitimate ties to the canvas (and being Nina’s daughter is still not a legitimate tie).
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  8. I love this promo! Thanks for sharing it.
  9. Oh I totally agree. I just feel like people hoping for some great fantasy storyline where Liz, Sarah, and Hayden are all onscreen together are fooling themselves. As long as Hayden is around and onscreen, she's going to be Liz's sole adult family in town, even if they have no relationship. They could have basically told the exact same story with Sarah that they did with Hayden but they didn't because they just don't care. Like you said, they've heaps of chances to get a solid Sarah and they didn't. They had years to either bring back Carly Schroeder or get a good recast and they didn't do that either. They brought on Hayden and any number of interchangeable 20 somethings instead. At this point, you just have to assume it's disinterest. As for people who want Dev to be Brenda's son, I just have to ask- why? How on earth would Brenda's son ever become a homeless teen who is a pickpocket? It's as absurd as the rumour that they're going to recast Robin (which will never happen) or the idea that Willow will turn out to be aforementioned Serena. How is exactly is that going to work out when Lucy, Kevin, and Scott have seen and interacted with Willow? They don't know what their kid looks like or where she is? I'm all for history but come on now with some of these ideas and suggestions. He was awful as Lucky and GH needs to be losing cast members, not bringing back old ones in new roles.
  10. “Nomad” from Mongolia
  11. Why didn't they give Garren Stitt a dual role? Because some things are a stupid idea, John.
  12. Well they recast Liza and Nina (twice) and Angie and they were all not well received.
  13. That's exactly what she was saying. I'm amused they kept it to Nick/Phyllis clips probably to placate her.
  14. Udit Kapur from Mumbai
  15. http://edgehomepage.com/storylines-1971.html I think the story you are looking for can be found around October (towards the bottom) It involved Kate Sloane and Cookie living with Bill and Martha Marceau. Hope this is the right one.
  16. Y&R will throw Sharon Case into their story (as usual) in a couple of weeks because nobody cares about the pairing.
  17. That's odd. But then again that seems like the stance on the Bauer clan at that time with the exception of Rick and Johnny. But why didn't the writers just tie Johnny/Lacie to Meta or Trudy instead of creating this whole new branch of Bauers that the audience knew didn't exist instead? That would've been the more logical route.
  18. She's gonna spend all of their scenes eyefucking him because you know that's the pairing she's always thirsting for. In that clip of her watching old stuff it sounded like she almost wanted to say they had to tone it down because sh!t got too real.
  19. Are you kidding? Recast Jenny Gardner Nelson? Kim Delaney was too damn popular even to THINK about recasting her role. AMC would have been committing suicide had they done so.
  20. Well, to be honest, that is the decade I am most interested in, but it's always a treat to see episodes from the soap's golden era under William J. Bell. And we are VERY FORTUNATE to have access to ANY material at all from Y&R's first decade. I'll always be thrilled to see more episodes if they ever pop up, but I am totally appreciative for the ones we already have. I'm more likely to re-watch material from the 1970s than to endure new episodes produced in 2019, LOL.
  21. Armstrong was also a Miscast Kevin Buchanan on OLTL in 1994-95 playing the same age that Greg was in 1986 Wonder why they didnt recast Jenny with Cynthia Sullivan instead of making her a new character?
  22. Unfortunately, the failure of the Greg/Sheila relationship made TPTB skittish about trying again with a different love interest for Greg. They (most likely) reasoned that fans were too devoted to Jenny (and to Kim Delaney) to allow Greg to find happiness again -- when, really, they probably felt it was just too soon after her death. Ergo, IDK whether the show ever would have "gone there" again with Greg. As it was, they waited until Lau had left, and they had recast Greg with Armstrong, to try pairing Greg w/ Robin McCall (IIRC). And even that didn't go very far, thanks to Armstrong's miscasting.
  23. You're welcome! That was AMC's studio where they filmed the exteriors, right? Marcy's actually in the next episode. In approximately two weeks, the recast occurs. A pity, really. I wonder what would have happened if Lau and/or Greg hung around a little longer.
  24. Yes. Exactly. LL stayed on for two more years (or so) with absolutely zilch to do; and when he did leave AMC (for AW, I think), the show foolishly recast (with a DREADFUL actor) rather than just let his character leave town (which they had to do, anyway, when Jack Armstrong turned out to be a bust).
  25. No, you're not Deidre Hall. You're Donald Trump.
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