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  2. While I’m not sure exactly what week the ratings represent, the 12/79 issue of Daytime TV shows that The Doctors bumped Another World out of the Top 10.
  3. They really need to keep Mac as police commissioner. I'm even more convinced after seeing Shiloh's arrest.
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  5. Congratulations to Novak Djokovic!
  6. I'm not sure, what's going on here with Chance. I did see some people predict on another site that maybe Chance was working undercover with Adam in some type of sting. And that may be why he was participating in bad behavior. Maybe he was trying to keep up appearances to make it look like he was into that stuff. Or maybe he started out working undercover and actually got caught up/started to enjoy that type of lifestyle. f something like that is the case, I think that would be interesting. But if those things aren't the case, then I wonder why he went dark. Also, here is an interview with Josh from SID, about the show that was posted on their site today: https://www.cbs.soapsindepth.com/posts/the-young-and-the-restless-head-writer-josh-griffith-returns-171485
  7. Not to mention Neil not being on canvas much during his last few months while the Rosales were everywhere?
  8. I liked Sally as MJ. She had great chemistry with both Fry and Burgi She had a good sisterly chemistry with Kathleen & Cheryl. But that back story of MJ being a hooker was so badly written. Sally did the best she could with that mess. RIP
  9. Chance? Money laundering? What kind of a 180 character change is that? Ridiculous.
  10. According to soaps.com day ahead recap on tomorrow's show Rey will reveal to Nick that Chance has been involved in money laundering and other shady deals. Nick will want Rey to keep digging to see if Adam was involved in any criminal activity so he can use it against him. Also, Cane will meet with Jim at Society. He will tell Jill that him and Traci will be in New York together. He will be there due to a conference for his new work and Traci will be there to meet with a publisher. Cane will tell Jill that he is the inspiration for Traci's character Flynn in her novel. Jill will wonder if Traci is delving into his personal life and putting it on display publicly. Cane will tell her it's just inspirational. Jill will remark it's good to see him smile and say more power to Traci. Billy will come over and will be upset to hear that Cane and Traci will be on a trip together. He will ask Cane what type of games is he playing and saying he is a distraction to his sister. Jill will tell him that Traci's book is based off of Cane and Cane will stress he likes spending time with Traci. Billy will leave. Jill will tell Cane to have a good time with Traci New York. Later Cane will tell Traci about his encounter with Billy and he will wonder if she has second thoughts about their trip together. She will assure him she doesn't and they will go ahead with their planned trip. Also, Jill will interact with Jack and Nikki. Her and Jack will talk about having dreams of Katherine and Dina. Jill will counsel Jack to make peace with his past. Also, Nikki will show up and spar with Jill. Jill will leave and Jack and Nikki will talk. Jack will tell Nikki he senses that Victor has things going on and he hopes that Victor will behind his desk again soon. Billy will notice that Jack seems in a bit of a funk and that he doesn't seem happy about Jabot's numbers. Billy will arrange for the Jet to take Jack to check on Ashley/the competition in Paris. I wonder why Chance got involved in money laundering and what other shady deals he may have been apart of. I am interested in learning more about what made him go in this direction and am looking forward to seeing what happens when he shows up. I am also glad to see Jill on some more and her interacting with Jack and Nikki. It will be nice to see the vets interacting together. And I think it's interesting to see Billy be protective of Traci. I like that. It's nice to see her brothers show some concern for her, especially since she's usually the one showing concern/trying to take care of everyone else.
  11. This thread just sums it all up and it just goes on and on for 12 tweets or so. Seeing all the things he's done summed up like this is devastating. The number of people just going along with it is madness.
  12. Where was all this appreciation of KSJ from Y&R/Sony when he was alive? All I saw were too many awful storylines over of his last years of life.
  13. It’s also Mishael Morgan’s birthday!
  14. Sally had a bad hand at AW, as she was a recast of an actress who had made a strong impression in the role, and she was handed a misogynist, ugly storyline that mostly called for her to be victimized. I liked her work. I thought she had a sweetness and vulnerability about her and she made me care about MJ even though the writing did not. I'm sorry to hear she's gone. She was clearly a great person, especially if a co-star of 30 years ago was still a part of her life.
  15. I still would like to see her tested with Jack. But I'm not sure if they are going in that direction. I saw an interview with Eva not too long ago and she said that she only filmed one scene with Peter Berman. Which has already aired and was when her character met Jack at the Abbott mansion. She said she wasn't sure if she would be interacting a lot more with Jack. I feel like this stuff Lola/Kyle/ now Papa Rosales, is actually isolating her a bit from the rest of the canvas. She's just mostly hung around Lola and Kyle and playing out a plotline that would be soapy in the 50s. And now they are trying to build up some drama with her getting back together with her actual husband. Who Lola resents because he left the family, but turns out Celeste kicked out because he was cheating on her. I would care more about this if Lola, the Rosales were more likeable and if we actually have met/knew the father already. But right now I'm not really interested in this storyline. I would like to see Celeste interacting with more people, including some of the vets on this show. Though, maybe whoever they cast as Adrian might have some chemistry with her and some other women on the show like Nikki.
  16. As much as I hate Victor with these young chicks, that’s a very inspired idea, which seems to indicate that they’d never do it.
  17. A source of conflict can be Victor unknowingly orchestrating Lola's death and keeping it from Celeste. Hey, he's done worse and if it rids us of Lola....
  18. Depending on who ultimately gets casts as Papa Rosales, I wouldn't mind seeing a quadrangle with him, Mama Celeste (ha), Victor and Nikki. Something tells me ELR and EB would be good together in scenes.
  19. "Make America Great Again," my ass! America ain't never been great! We won't. If/when Trump is re-elected, I guarantee that America as we know it will breathe its' last.
  20. They have, so I wonder what he means when he says he wants him and Elena to live together. Might he be trying to move somewhere with her. They do keep mentioning a new hotel is going to be built, I wonder if that turns into a new set that some people will move into. Or maybe him and Elena may move somewhere else.
  21. 😂 That was totally what she looked like.
  22. Haven't Devon and whatsherface been living together since she joined the show?
  23. It's fascinating to me. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that many former soap actors don't have the blue check mark next to their name? Which means technically, they are not tweeting from verified accounts? And verification criteria seems to have nothing to do with follower counts, some accounts that are verified have far less than 10,000 followers. It's a shame that P&G soaps didn't engage in much social media while they were still on the air. Twitter was launched in 2006 while ATWT and GL were still on the air. Perhaps if both shows had even had official accounts while on air, it might have at least given their actors a better post soap launching pad once these shows were cancelled (and PGN/P&G knew that these shows were going to be cancelled) by connecting fans to these actors to support future projects and engage with them. It's just a thought, especially since quite a few actors have struggled in the aftermath of these shows' cancellations. I know Bryce is considered one of the fortunate ones since he was already doing prime time television and movies while doing soap work. Most of the cast of the Brady Bunch are verified and I'm not sure how high-profile any of them are.
  24. I don't know exactly what year this photo was taken, but I thought you all would enjoy it:
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