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  2. Ratings for the week February 10-14, 2020
  3. Ratings Report for the Week of February 10-14, 2020 NOTE: Please do not copy and paste the entire ratings. Thank you. Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year) Total Viewers 1. Y&R 3,612,000 (+127,000/-632,000) 2. B&B 3,128,000 (+242,000/-331,000) 3. GH 2,098,000 (+29,000/-247,000) 4. DAYS 1,863,000 (+90,000/-360,000) Households 1.… The post Ratings Report for the Week of February 10-14, 2020 appeared first on Soap Opera Network. Read More
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  5. yes. deals are cut back room, and it can get very nasty. still hoping for Warren. she finally came out with guns blazing last night.
  6. The show's been really bad since new year. I haven't seen the anniversary episodes yet but far too much Linda, the story has felt far too prominent and the Leo story is trash and has just been dragged out.
  7. Much like they've done with Sharon, the writers have really destroyed Victor's character over the past few years. He went from being an anti-hero To a miserably evil old man. With that being said, though Nikki's flashback episode was probably better, yesterday's episode was pretty great! Any opportunity to see the classic y&r on modern y&r is a privilege.
  8. This is a great sequence between Fletcher Reade (Jay Hammer) and Alexandra Spaulding as portrayed by Marj Dusay (RIP). It's not lost on me that, as youth obsessed as soaps can often be, a tender smoldering love scene was crafted with a mature couple in mind and the idea of a long-awaited consummation of a relationship between seemingly star-crossed lovers is not just reserved for the flower of youth.
  9. At BravoCon, Teresa's event got a LOT of fans. She is actually pretty ok with a live audience. I'm sure Bravo was taking note. I think she is one of the few OGs remaining who is safe for now. I wish Danielle hadn't left the franchise so abruptly, as batshit as she is. This latest story that Teresa set her up only reinforces the need for her to return, for a spot at reunion at least. Revenge is a dish best served cold, as Danielle well knows!
  10. ksprnews (@ksprnews) tweeted at 3:57 PM on Thu, Feb 20, 2020: Larry Tesler, the Silicon Valley pioneer who created computer concepts such as “cut,” “copy” and “paste,” has died at the age of 74. https://t.co/litDVpC7Dc (https://twitter.com/ksprnews/status/1230612340120473603?s=09)
  11. Unfortunately, this doesn't end with Victoria bleeding to death.
  12. Oh yes, definitely. In fact, a lot of soaps were hitting 6's as late as 1993. Looking at the numbers, a lot of shows (save for the P&G ones) were on an upswing around '93 and the first half of '94 until OJ.....
  13. I thought today was great too. Carly finally stepped back and allowed Lucas and Bobbie to speak lol I actually don’t see Jordan being killed off, at least not for a while, but I like that they’re reaching back into her days as a double agent to tie her to Cyrus and the mob war. IMO, making her one of the anchors of the story and not just keeping it only around Sonny and Jason would make it a lot more interesting. Pretty much, my only criticism of the reveal was that things moved way too fast, which is the same problem I had with the flashback week on DAYS. I felt like they need to stretch certain things out a little more, particularly Brad’s defense as to why he wanted to keep Wiley away from Michael, and the mob life. And I was kind of hoping for Brad to get slapped or punched by someone lol
  14. GH -- When TPTB thought it would be a meaty story having Emily raped by her husband's doppelganger. It was vile. I forget if it was Pratt or Guza claiming that they would tell the story with "respect" and "dignity" to honour sexual assault survivors only to have it brushed under a rug for whatever reason. Nikolas being Emily's rock lasted only a second, and he was quick to have an affair because Emily wasn't ready for intimacy. Whether it was because Tyler Christopher needed the time off for other projects or wanted more of a challenge by playing both characters, nothing really recovered after that point for me. It probably didn't help that the actors broke up in real life, but the 180 was jarring with Emily moving on with Sonny of all people, and her being wowed by his magic penis all of a sudden. Emily and Nikolas' eventual reunion was a disappointment, leading to her murder, ghost/brain tumor whatever it was, and Emily's twin coming out of the woodwork.
  15. All of them would be salivating for those kind of ratings. But we can’t compare them because those people are not watching today. A middle of the pack soap with today’s audience is what, between B&B and GH? So 1.8 to 2.5? I wonder if the show Conboy was producing was just too expensive. He was from the lavish school of production. Not that Bell was cheap. But a network suit knows what they are getting with Bill Bell. Didn’t B&B get into the 6’s though? I seem to recall them being higher than 5’s when Y&R was in their 90’s glory and Reilly had driven the DAYS numbers up to second place.
  16. I would, too. But it still doesn't change the made up stories--so weird when they had SO much real stuff to work with. And even though it was a family thing, they ought to have included more characters... not just for Caroline, but for more of Peggy McCay's colleagues to be there to pay tribute to her life. It was disappointing. And I think Patsy Pease was out of their hands, but I wonder what the coversation was re. Billy Warlock and Darrin Brooks? Back to current "Days"... how crazy is it that "Gina" and Jenn's meeting happened off screen?!? That should have been one of the BIG moments of the story, considering it was the event to basically kick off and frame the TJ. This is a production issue, and if this kind of stuff can't be worked out, the show can never truly improve. If the schedule can't accommodate this, it is broken.
  17. Yep. It's like the show itself actively works against their headwriters.
  18. That's certainly true, but it's hard to imagine any credible candidate running for president who isn't. His campaign needs to come up with a way of differentiating between having a few million dollars at the end of your life, versus having two billion dollars in income every year, simply by being alive (which Bloomberg does). Income that is in fact taxed less than the income of people who actually work for their money. It's the difference between working for your money and having your money work for you (Thank you Claire Huxtable). Not that I mind Bernie taking that hit. He is such a divisive figure, I won't be surprised if we lose again in part due to his idiot Bernie Bro supporters, no matter who ultimately gets the nomination.
  19. Cam/Trina and Trina/Taggert warms my heart. I'm so here for all of them. But I have no interest in Cam's love for Joss. Lord please spare us! The explosion was well done. If we're stuck with Jason and Sonny at least they're using them properly and writing Jason/Sam as the selfish trash they are. LOL. I'm good with it. I feel like Jordan's death in this story would actually cause somewhat of an impact. I just feel like she's got the anvils of doom around her. I enjoyed the Nelle and Willow fight. It was so much better than the reveal. Lucas suddenly standing and blurting it out. Carly snarling for an hour. Sigh. LOL. For a secret that's lasted over a year the reveal felt kinda rushed and oddly Carly focused. And Brad is *so* not remorseful lol. Lord. Watching today and wondering when Lucas will be allowed to speak ... (and I keep forgetting about Sam being there completely until they randomly cut to her)
  20. I don't know why people are so picky.
  21. I don't think that's true. I think the problem is that they just don't understand where so much of the electorate is right now. A lot of these people have completely bought their own hype. Biden and Bloomberg do. That's why they have stayed mainly focused on Trump with a few side swipes at other candidates. I don't think Bernie will be the nominee. I know we're through the looking glass but the truth is whenever people actually vote, the revolution tanks. He got smoked in 2016 and none of his endorsed candidates won in 2018. Bernie Sanders simply doesn't represent the Democratic Party. The problem is that the other candidates are splitting the non-Bernie vote. There better be some serious dropouts after South Carolina.
  22. Yeah. I know Freddie and Chandler leave lots to desire in the acting department but I do somewhat understand them checking out. They definitely "pushed the limits" back in 2012-2014 but alas ... it's still so tame. Anywho ... yeah it was clear something changed. I also wonder if NBC nipped any Paul/Will/Sonny triangle. That had loads of potential. Did Christopher Sean leave on his own or is that how they let him paint it? I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the mismanagement that is DAYS (and all the other soaps, really) I mean, you have what NBC wants, what Sony wants, what Corday wants, what Alarr wants, what Meng wants, what Ron/Ryan wants (and the latter three probably don't get much say and I have a feeling Alarr is Ken's buddy and in his ear) ... such a mess of interference and "wants" from way too many "cooks in the kitchen"
  23. Warren could have a surprisingly good showing in Nevada thanks to her debate performance and her calling out Bloomberg might have helped Biden a lot on Super Tuesday. I'm not sure how it will actually go over with voters, but Sanders' comment about having a summer camp made him seem a lot more out of touch than he portrays himself. He's not a billionaire, but he is still much more financially secure than most working and middle class Americans.
  24. I haven't seen last night's NJ but whoa, that changes things up quite a bit, showing Teresa encouraging the hair pull? This should make for an interesting reunion. That's the thing. Teresa is one of the Housewives OG's I just can't see Bravo trying to cut ties with. This franchise has been through a lot of ups and downs, good years and bad years, with her as the one constant. Despite her deplorable behavior and general "IDGAF" attitude, her daugherters are her saving grace.
  25. I'm not shocked at all about RHONJ. When I watched the hair pull episode (my first episode in years), it was clear Teresa was encouraging all of the drama. What is Bravo going to do? They've turned the show into the Teresa show and they're stuck with the bow-legged thug. As for Nene, I just can't with those videos. She is so paranoid and delusional. Kandi is keeping Nene from getting her own spinoff? The same Kandi she used to get back into the group? Nene needs to go. I see Vicki is still hurling homophobia nonsense at Braunwyn. That woman (Vicki) is certifiable.
  26. Apparently the show cut all the flashbacks for Caroline's funeral. I would've like to have seen Ron's original funeral for Caroline.
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