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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward

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  2. Cane needs to go. Period. If he stays, the show will inevitably continue to center him in that family. I haven't seen the speeches yet but it galled me that his speech was next to last. But it was petty so I kept it to myself....until now.
  3. Billy Magnussen (ATWT) continues to get a lot of work in many places.
  4. Shemar owes his entire career to Kristoff, Tonya & Vicki.
  5. Y&R has had the foundation for decades. They don't care. Hence why CANE is a thing & STILL remains centered in that tweet.
  6. Chile! There's no soap box capable of properly conveying my [!@#$%^&*] right now!
  7. If it were Serena, there'd probably be a security guard waiting to escort her off the court. Afterwards the "hot-takes" and press coverage would be endless. If it were Nick, they'd probably bring out the truncheons. More endless coverage. Outside social media, I've heard nothing more about Cirstea (reminiscent of Pliskova's post-match battering of the Umpire's chair). Some of these folks know they've got privilege and they won't be scolded/punished like certain other players.
  8. Yeah, that’s worth a default. You can *never* put your hands on someone.
  9. Shi%. I totally forgot that...you're right. Here we go. This show - when you think you're making things up...you're not. hahahahaha
  10. Today
  11. And pregnant. Don't forget that. If you're gonna repeat story, might as well repeat the entire thing.
  12. April 24, 1976- This is the last known time John Lennon and Paul McCartney are together. The musicians and their wives were apparently watching a movie.
  13. Looking at this picture...the show has THREE (3) Barbers/Winters men, 1 Barbers/Winters female, and 1 Barbers/Winters adjacent Hamilton female they can rebuild that family with without needing CK/Lily. They also have another Winters male child and Malcolm could have a long lost child to come in. There really is no reason to get rid of this family. None. They have the foundation.
  14. Angelica Rosa's McDaniel posted a very nice picture of Neil's loved ones on twitter. (Though the link I just posted to it didn't work.)
  15. She was allowed to play after this?!
  16. People dressed better in the late 80s than they do now. It was back when everyone had money, or could afford to appear as though they did.
  18. Someone has day ahead's posted on youtube and OMG Shemar has slayed all of his scenes. Kristoff was so beloved and you can tell he was such a wonderful person.
  19. OMG yes this would be perfect!!!!!! I miss seeing him on soaps
  20. Here are some more upcoming spoilers from SID and SOD: Billy is going to make amends. Sharon and Mia are going to clash and Sharon will warn Mia. Kyle and Lola will make love, Victor is.going to.have complete control, Cane will open up to Jill. Abby will worry about Devon and Devon will overstep with Elena. Mariah will defend Tessa and Sharon/Rey will make a shocking discovery. Also Victor will deliver shocking news and Paul will confront Mia.
  21. Eric S. Stevens as Adam Newman.
  22. I’m sure a lot of people will get a kick out of the outfits!! 😁😁
  23. The irony that NATAS would use the word confidentiality when the very business of daytime tv depends on as many viewers as possible to watch the shows for them to be successful. But we the viewers can’t know what was submitted because of confidentiality. This is a mess now because we viewers will know what was submitted anyway because of the news outlets releasing that information. So much for confidentiality. This is another nail in the coffin of daytime tv. We’re not respected as viewers and the Daytime Emmys continue to be a joke.
  24. As long as the fresh blood isn't Cane.
  25. Victor spoke and that made sense. By having folks speak that were family and closest to Neil, the show was able to give them the time to allow emotions to resonate. They didn't need to rush. In real life, some people just attend the service. They don't all get to speak. I don't think the show lost anything but not having every single person speak at the funeral. They got scenes to talk about what he meant to them. Ex: we all know that TEB has known KSJ for nigh on 3 decades. But I don't recall Lauren and Neil ever being very close.
  26. I like Rami Malek but I just saw his Bond video intro and I realized that as time passes he's probably going to become more and more like Christopher Walken. 

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