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  2. You can always msg me at the other place!
  3. Now that North Korea is firing missiles again (openly...I doubt they ever really stopped), I guess I can at least say they give me reason to post one of these Kyle Mooney/Beck Bennett videos I always enjoy.
  4. @Vee I was going to send you a message, but I can't, so I'll just wave hello from here I guess!
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  6. Harry Treadaway is extremely talented. He also got full-on naked from every angle in season after season of Fortitude, an Arctic thriller with a who's who of British and American stars (including Dennis Quaid, Stanley Tucci, and GOT's Michelle Fairley and Richard Dormer). Fortitude was only good for one season before going totally off the rails fast, but I'll always be grateful to Harry Treadaway for showing the goods for literally no reason in episode after episode. Uh, also I love Alison Pill. This is an exceptional cast so far. With Michael Chabon involved and Discovery having vastly improved, I'm really excited to see Trek finally return to the post-TNG/DS9/Voyager 'future' of its timeline.
  7. Oh that liberal Washington Post, bending over backward for Mike Pence. The man is so dangerous in part because the media have tried their hardest to give him changes and support, likely because of their daddy issues, and because he hates the right people. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/04/18/pence-buttigieg-debate-over-conversion-therapy/
  8. New additions to the MasterList: Dr. Louis Champlain Eric Sinclair 4/87 Maple Leaf Home Mr. Collier Richard Stahl Marjorie ____ Drake Jean Byron Raoul Drake Russell Johnson 1994 sold Haunted Star back to Luke Eddie Charles Tyner Harper (Horace) Henderson...Stuart Silbar 86 Dot Jenkins ...friend Mariah...Jane Kean 84 Toughie "Richards" Jones...dockworker...Kevin Hagen 86 Roger Marchand Maurice Hill Mrs. Pelham Peggy Rea 12/87 Quaretermaine Cook Alice Pensley Frances Bay Hank Robbins Richard Bull Evelyn _____ Trumbull Carole Matthews Detective Valerie Spencer Paulina Bugembe 2019- added 2019 to Nora, Lesley, Andre, Piph, Robert, Amy and Chet Bailiff ....Brian Majestic 2017-Present ..Alfred Adderly 14-Present Assistant (Madame Lavoie) Rafaella Biscayne 4/18 Anesthesiologist ..Delpaneaux Wills 12/12/17; 1/17/18 Cello Player Christine Wu 5/8/18 Construction Goon David Profitt 2/8/18 Delivery Person Ruffy Landayan 1/25/18 ????????????? Ted Evans 5/15/15 ; 2/20 &2/21/18 Medical Examiner.. Jason Jin 2/1/18 Messenger Johnny Hawkes 1/16/18 Chris Triana 2/26/18 Metrocourt Security Person Rodney J. Hobbs 3/25&26/18 Mystery Man Dave Ehrmannn 5/31/18 Nurse Jessica Evans 5/17/18 Patron ...Margaux Amie 5/3/18 Photographer .... David Sampen 1/13&1/17/18 Red Carpet Reporter/Photographer Richard Madenfort 5/16/18 Reporter .... James Elden 1/18 Scottish Musician Steve Hopkins 2/9/18 Staffer Chad Yazawa 2/19/18 Teen...Desi Friedberg 3/5/18 Waitress...............Kristine Angela 2/23/18 Adriana Natale 3/13&14/ 18 Lauren Whitestone 5/1/18 Natalie St. Peter 5/10/18 John the bartender ... John Cahill 16-Present Assistant ... (Ryan as Kevin) Debbie Fan 1/11/19 Attendant....... (Turning Woods) ???? 12/17&18 &19/18 Bartender .... (Metrocourt) ???? 11/19/18. Caretaker John Trotter 12/28/92 Cuban Waiter ???? 11/29/18 with Leisl Cops ...PCPD... Michael Sun Lee 4/26/18 ??? 12/4/18 (with Zander) ....????? 11/27/00 (with Chase) 1/22/19 Delivery Person...???? 5/17/18, 7/11/18, 10/11/18 Doctor Lulu ????? 1/21/19 Firemen ???? 1/22/19 Metrocourt Waitress.... ???? 11/16/18 Nurses: (Oscar) ?????? 12/13/18 (Sam, Jason, Danny) ???? 12/17/18 (Roger Winters) ???? 12/23/15 Officiant ....????? 11/26/18 Orderlies: ?????? 11/30/18 Supporter (Laura) ??????????????????? 1/9/19 Waiter with Justus ????? 12/23/05 Waitress..... (Kellys) ... ???? 11/28/18 added 2018 to Donald Gallagher Steven Allen Lee, 2019 to Brick ????????????? Derric Dalton ????? J. Michael Parker Batender/Waitress (Charlie's Pub) Lauren Mora 2/27&3/27/18 Bartender .... ((Michael, Chase, Floating Rib) ???? 8/20/18 AA Leader. (Finn, Alexis) ???? 5/29/18 Building Safety Bureau Chief ????/ 8/17/18 Bodyguard. (Nina) Travis Andre Ross 9/14/18. Delivery Person.. ???? (Maxie's flowers) 10/31/18 Dorell Anthony 7/11/18 Election Official Alretha Thomas 11/5/18 ER Nurse.. Fredericka Meek 9/4&9/5 18 Firemen ???? (Charlie's Pub) 9/11/18 EMTs(Paramedics) Marklon Correa 7/23/18 Janitor Herbert Russell 5/17/18 Liquor Store Owner Bill Gratton 1986 Messenger ???? 3/29/18 Metrocourt Employee ??? 7/24/18 Percussionist (Eddie Maine) Steve Hopkins 3/30/18 Nurses: Jennifer Andrews 9/85 ?????? with Michael/Nelle 7/6/18 ?????? with baby 7/26/18 Reporter .... ????? 2/6/18 ????? 2/6/18 ?????? Leonard O. Turner 1984 Bartender .... (Charlies) ????? 4/20/18 Announcer..Pam LaTesta 1992 BBellman ..Bob Margitich 92- 6/93 .Las Vegas, Scott/Dom.. Candy Striper Kimberly Graham (Miss American Teenager 1971 Cop ...???? with Obrecht 7/27&30/18 ?????? with. Obrecht 7/27&30/18 ...??? 5/31/18 .....????? 5/31/18 ....????? 4/12/18 ??? 4/19/18 Dancer.. (Feel It Still) Mariela Arteaga 5/17/18 Desk Sergeant.. ???? 2/28/18 ???? 3/1/18 EMTs(Paramedics) ????? Maxie 5/21/18 ???? Maxie 5/21/18 Fire Rescue Chief Bobby Neely 3/21/18 Guard. John Martin 9/1965 Jail Guard ??? (Carly Yelling at Nelle) 6/4/18 Judge ..Maurice Manson 10/63 & 1/64 Noodle Buddha Guy ????? 4/12/18 Nurses: Helen Mayon 1963 Lauren Mora 2009 ????? (Drew/Franko) 3/22/18 ??? (Liz/Franko) 4/19/18 ???? (Liz/Franko) 4/19/18 ???? (Liz/Franko) 4/19/18 ???? (Griffin) 4/19/18 ???? (Nelle) 5/24/18 ???? (Dr. Lasiris) 7/27&7/30/18 Erica Agreder 11/14/18 Orderlies: ?????? (Lasiris) 7/27/18 ?????(Mary Pat) 7/27/18 Patients .....Pat Rosson 8/1963 ??? Ferncliff Dayroom 6/19/18 ??? Ferncliff Dayroom 6/19/18 ???? ??? Ferncliff Dayroom 6/19/18 Patron (Restaurant ) Fred Roberto 1963 Philanthropist.... NB Aaron David 5/26/16; 5/21/18 Popcorn Guy ???? 4/13/18 Reporter ???? 6/18/18 ???? 6/18/18 Swiss Official ????? 4/17/18 Third Grader Gabriel Sky 11/14/18 Waitress..... ?????? (Kellys) 3/21/18 ????? (Charlie's) 4/19/18 ???// (Berkeley) Finn and father 6/6/18 Bartender ????? 10/29/18 Bailiff.. (Pierce) Francisco Rodriguez 8/9/19 Clinic Sheriff...Harry Danner 00 Cops ...PCPD.. ??? with Nelle 8/1/18 ???? 8/3/18 ??? with Carter Buckley 9/7/18 ????? with Carter Buckley 9/7/18 Lab Tech..... Andy Taylor Kim 9/28/18 ????? (Curtis) 9/19/18 Metrocourt Kitchen Staffer ??? 11/16/&19/18 Metrocourt Bartender 11/16&19/18 ????? Metrocourt Room Service Waiter Antione Grant 11/16&19/18 Male Nurse..???? with Mike Corbin 8/9/18 Minister.. ???? (Jonah's wake) 8/21/18 Nurses:???? with Kevin 9/4/18 Martica De Cardenas (Ferncliff)6/22/18 ???? with Lucas 9/19/18 ???? with Kim 8/22/18 Orderly Rodney Knoll 94-96 Trayvon McCall with Kevin 8/10'18 Police Sergeant Scott Barry (Jordan's office) 7/30/18 Prison Guard. ?????? 10/29/18 Waitress.....???? Kelly's 11/16&19/18 Carol Isabel Cooley 5/26/65 Cheryl Metrocourt Waitresss ????? 2/14/19 Dr. Cohen ???? 2/21/19 (Anna, Finn, Cabot) Dev the Turkish pickpocket Ashton Arbab 3/19 Judge Naomi Carson Anita Finlay 19 Dr. Arthur Cabot Time Winters 2/19 DVX doctor Agent Gray ???? 2/25/19 Cliff ???? Jail guard, Franko 2/19 Bridget Breana Raquel 3/5/19 Billy Jonathon Stanley 2/11/19 Beechers Corners cop Dr. Neil Byrne Joe Flanigan Alexis' psychiatrist 19-Present Judge Benjamin Don Stark 2/20/19 Ahmet Nicholas Guilak 1/25,28,29/18 card player added 2019 to Dante Linda Forrest Nikki Tuazon waitress, Kelly's 18;19 Nurse Elizabeth Webber {Spencer Lansing Lansing Spencer Spencer}.Baldwin.. temp...Martha Madison 11 ...Rebecca Herbst 97-Present Lorraine Miller aka Harmony Inga Cadranel 19- + Shiloh raised Willow as her daughter Ilsa ... ????? Cabot's nurse in Sweden) 1/13/19 Trina Robinson .Tiana Li friend, Josslyn 6/23/17; 2/18 Sydney Mikayla 2/19-Present Bill Henderson...Curtis Taylor.. 10/65. made his feelings clear about Steve Hardy Lorna Hill...teen...Denise Alexander 65 Student Nurse Kate Larkin...Kathleen Larkin (daughter, John Larkin, EON) 12/65 Dr. Lyons...Martin Blaine 4/65 Dr. Andy Lacey Jonathon Ohye 15-Present ER Doctor Maureen (Laura's assistant) Anna Gibbons 3/21/19 Kiley (knows Aiden) Cali Di Capo Nurse Lynn Adrian Snow 18-19 Willow Tait .... Katelyn MacMullen 9/18-Present teacher, Aiden, Charlotte Wiley's mother(Wiley is dead) by Shiloh. real name: Callie Miller Wayne the RCMP officer Tom Billett 3/11/19 (search for Ryan) Randy Washburn.. malaria .patient, Audrey...Mark Miller 64 -65 Zoey Brooke Burgestede date for Michael and Neil on same night 2/18/19 Agent Vick Gwendolyn Osborne Smith WSB agent chief in Turkey 3/19 added-19 to Nurse Kay, added 19 to Raj Patel Officer Russo ???? with Kevin 3/29&4/1/19 Principal Schultz ????? 4/5/19 Willow's boss Fred Fleming...Simon Scott 63 4-7/65 Janet Fleming...Ruth Phillips 63 4-7/65 ????? David Sampen 1/22/19 Assistant Jennifer Choe 3/14/19 Bartender .....Nathan Bosinger (Floating Rib ) 2/13/19 ...... Curtis Kingsley (Charlie's Pub 2/8/19 Bailiff.. ????? 2/20/19 Bodyguard. ????? Ahmet 3/4/19 Card Players (Turkey) Abraham Justice 3/4&3/5/19 Amir Khalighi " " Maor M. Bursano " " Cops ...PCPD.. (arrested Franko) Kyle Cartieri 2/6/19 in art room ????? 2/7/19 in art room ????? 2/7/19 Doctor (Jordan) ???? 2/25/19 ???? 2/26/19 EMTs(Paramedics) ???? (Niagara Falls) 3/6/19 ???? ((Niagara Falls) 3/6/19 Firemen ???? 1/22&23/19 Guard. Sevak Hakoyan (Raj) 3/19 Rico Dakhil (Raj) 3/19 ???? (Raj) 3/19 Waitress...?????? 3/14/19(Charlie's) Edna Steigler 1/21/19 Waiter Hamzah Saman 3/19 Turkey Union Rep (Willow) 4/5/19 ???????? Secretary. ?????? Principal's Office 4/16/19 RCMP Officers ???? 3/11/19 ???? 3/11/19 Patrolman ??? found Laura 3/5/19 Patients ...... Fred Rapport 1/18/65 Orderlies: ??????? 2/18/19 Ferncliff ?????? 2/19/19 Nurses: ???? Niagara Falls 3/12/19 ???? 3/8/19 Niagara Falls ???? 3/18/19 ????? in hall 3/1/19 ???? Jordan 2/25/19 ??? 2/8/19 blood drive ????? 1/11/19(Anna/Peter) Metrocourt Bartender ????? 2/7/19 ???? 3/28/19 ?????? 4/1/19 11/16&19/18 ????? Manicurist ???? 2/19/19 Lab Tech....????? 3/29/18 Tiffany Lowery (Maxie/Peter) 2/20/19 Nurse Lynne Adrian Snow 18-19 (3/6/19) A new Master List will be posted and the others will be removed
  9. Most of the movies she’s done recently have been typical direct to dvd fare. I think she’ll last as long as she was intended on B&B, which knowing Brad Bell will be six months to a year. She’ll have a marriage and love triangle then fade away like most people with potential.
  10. Vanessa Williams (Valerie) is returning to the show in May. No idea if it is long or short term.
  11. I agree a lot with this. Except she got Terry mutliple times when she would imitate and mock a line he delivered, like any sister would do to a brother. Only when Jack was being a smart ass though, but I don't think Terry always expected it. He seemed a bit tacken back a couple times. I agree Eileen had a lot of layers that Brenda didn't. When Ashley is cornered by Nikki over her affair with Victor, Eileen does this thing where she tries to make Ashley seem tough and strong, but her voice has a quiver and weakness to it, because she is shaken in that moment. Even though she is basically telling Nikki to get out of her face, her body language and voice give her away.
  12. @Broderick, I enjoy reading your posts about pre-1983 Y&R. I started watching here and there until we got a VCR and was able to tape it. I have a question about a Chancellor Enterprises character. Can you tell us anything about George Packard? Was he around long or was he only there for the storyline we've read about with Judy Wilson? Do you have any idea who played the role? You are so knowledgeable about those earlier years. It's hard to find information about the character, though I saw him briefly in an episode here. Thanks for any help.
  13. The only Walker the viewers wanted was Marcy. I wonder if she was even approached about coming back after Palace Guard tanked.
  14. BJ and Warren never made sense. And unlike many, I thought they had zero chemistry. I hated Cassie, but she and Warren (even with the later incestuous angle) had chemistry. Ditto Warren and Angela. So why the hell TIIC put Warren with BJ the drip mystified me. Well, I kind of know. To help Pam Long's pet Kim Zimmer's character's family get a foothold. Alas, the Walkers sucked. Every last one of them.
  15. "Parenting on steroids" - what a lovely defense. They deserve jail time just for being this arrogant and stupid!!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-lori-loughlin-college-admissions-scandal-defense-20190417-story.html%3foutputType=amp
  16. That was one of the final nails in SB's coffin, truly.
  17. ON TODAY'S EPISODE OF THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW The future of relationships are tested! A well kept secret is revealed! Keith continues to stalk Ava! And, Amy reconnects with her uncle Quentin after 5 years! READ TODAY'S EPISODE HERE: https://tatfanfic.blogspot.com/2019/04/ep-46-second-chances-for-lucky-few.html
  18. Eileen Davidson's version of Ashley just had so many strange nuances, quirks, and tics to her character that it was almost impossible for Bill Bell to pair her with someone initially. Although Eileen was only 22 or 23 years old when she first came onto the show, she read as older, because of all the eye-rolling, hair-flicking, head-scratching, and impatient cutting off of other character's dialogue that characterized her portrayal. (We don't usually think of such a young ingenue as developing such a "take charge" personality in scenes, but she definitely did.) The poor little boy in the lab --- Eileen just ate him up and spat him out. Same with Eric Garrison and Marc Mergeron. Eileen just stole all the thunder from their scenes and made them look like patsies. Eric Braeden was old enough (and experienced enough) not to let Eileen steal all of their scenes together, and I think that's why their pairing initially worked. Braden and Terry Lester were about the only actors on the show who could "control" Eileen's tendency to snatch a scene completely away from her partner. (And this is why I felt Brenda Epperson bombed epically as Ashley. Epperson was a very pretty girl, and did a good job of portraying a sweet soap opera heroine, but in no shape, form or fashion did she ever embody the quirky mannerisms that we'd come to expect from the Ashley Abbott character.)
  19. As bad as it’s been, th3 show hit a new low with the “Will has brain surgery” scenes. I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream. Will’s seizure looked fake, as did the concern from the “brain surgeon” or anyone else. Then they wheeled Will out of the O.R. and it was impossible to tell he was even operated on. Of course, he can go home tomorrow and resume all physical activities. AFTER BRAIN SURGERY. And don’t even ASK if any of Will’s hair had to be cut. This show sucks so bad.
  20. For a minute I was hoping the writers were bringing back Dina to some normalcy in that scene with Jack. Instead it was an excuse for a Jack to AGAIN yell at Dina and reflect on his pathetic life. The scene in Jack’s office where he dreamed of talking with young Dina was just an Emmy bait scene for PB. I think Jack should frickin grow up. A 65 year old man should have long ago stopped asking “Why’d you do me wrong, ma?”
  21. Hopefully someone will because only EW gave a decent amount imo, if these are the real numbers. It's not really about the amount though. I'm a believer in the Widow's mite way of looking at it. It's about the percentage. In Beto's case, I'm hoping he made some off book donations because otherwise I'm embarrassed for him. If you want to be my leader lead and that means giving when you are relatively wealthy. I'm really sorry you went through all of that. It seems many people on this board had similar experiences, so you are not alone.
  22. NYC was laugh out loud funny tonight. This franchise is head and shoulders better than the rest. Ramona's naked hatred of Barbara is wonderful. Loved every second of it. Luann was acting like a total [!@#$%^&*] at the blow dry bar, but she was lovely with Tinsley at that lunch talking about alcoholism and Al-Anon. Really enjoyed Bethenny's dinner party. That was fun and convivial. Ultimately, this show is so much better because these women actually know each other and generally run in the same circle. Although there's obviously production, it feels far more natural and organic than the rest of the shows.
  23. Brandon and Adriana could have been the Ted and Laken of the late 90s. BTW, I just thought about Warren and BJ's age difference. BJ was Cruz's daughter whom he had in high school. So, she was at least eighteen years younger than Cruz, and Warren was the same age as Channing, who was Eden's older brother. So, there are at least twenty years between them. I know that I seem to be stuck on the ages of Santa Barbarans, but that one is gross considering that BJ's introduction was through a sexual abuse storyline. That finale just got a lot less romantic for me.
  24. I think the purpose of writing him off was to rapid age him and eventually bring the character back, but the show was cancelled before they could do so.
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