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  2. Hahaha, very funny 😠 Do not give Josh Griffith ideas :shudder
  3. Looks like ratings weren't that strong in the second week in the key 18-49 demo. HATHN slipped, but was #7 show overall that night on cable. Ambitions didn't make the top 25 this for Tuesday in that demo - likely hurt by slop for HATHN: https://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/daily-ratings/thursday-cable-ratings-june-25-2019/
  4. Lol...you're on a roll. I love Traci and Beth Maitland but this story is horrific.
  5. I love how Delaney keeps begging to speak and then the moderators are like, "ugh, fine, you can have thirty seconds, I guess, but then don't say anything for a while." πŸ˜‚ But you can't blame them because he does nothing with the little time they give him. Why is he running?
  6. Tim Ryan and his bug eyed look scares me...lol And yes I was referring to Booker. I don't care for Castro and Warren is coming off better than I thought she would.
  7. I'm sure Traci will turn psycho at some point and pay someone to murder Lily in prison. All so she can a few licks of Cane's shriveled, Aussie Tootsie Pop.
  8. Ayan Roy Chowdhury from New Delhi
  9. I remember Burke from his stints at FX (when the network was just an upstart) and "E! News Live." As long as they don't pair him off with Nikki or Sharon. They're like the Lincoln and Holland tunnels: you have to pass through them before you can enter town.
  10. πŸ˜‚The worst thing is you could see the wheels turning in Booker's head when Beto spoke it first. "NO! That's my cool party trick that I do." IDK, Booker is just such a goober to me... Like, why do you keep mentioning that you face constant gunfire in your neighborhood? You were mayor of the city you live in, so that makes you look not so great. To me, Julian Castro is having a breakout night. He is offering a lot of policy ideas but delivering it well. Warren is not having a great night, at least to me. I really dislike deBlasio but he has been making the most of the little time he has gotten (although I've been able to finish a few of his sentences, having heard them before. I guess NYC was the test audience.)
  11. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That's a good one.
  12. If only....always thought Will was a bottom though. LMAO....lolololol and magically Will had boobs.
  13. Me neither. Except, it's not really Will, but Kristen in a Will mask (and with a strap-on).
  14. Sonny bear walks in as Will is topping Rafe. Has a massive stroke/heart attack and dies.
  15. Would anyone be at all surprised if he had? IDC what Dena told that fan: if Ken ever called to ask her to return again, she'd say yes faster than you could say "daytime's answer to Whitney and Bobby." Meanwhile, someone better batten down the hatches or at least keep that troll on suicide watch, because Carrie Brady has gone and betrayed Austin, the troll, all DAYS fans, the United States of America and the one, true, living God by sleeping with Rafe. Will the universe ever recover? Like I said in another thread, DAYS/NBC/Sony could just buy Ron out of his contract and start taping episodes in the parking lot on someone's iPhone (which would be a literal step up from how episodes are taped now, now that I think about it).
  16. I don't even recall the Episodes magazines. I always bought the SOW mags and occasion an SOD mag.
  17. Carlivati is not being replaced. He reconfirmed on Twitter the other day that he's staying. All these decisions were made 8 months ago about firing Chloe, Claire, Trip, Ted, I think Rex is going too. Let's hope Sarah Horton is 86'd. Horrible character and actress. All these firings are to make way for Chabby return. More of the same.
  18. If you're going to speak in Spanish learn how to speak it before your mouth opens up.
  19. Today
  20. This was my first soap magazine... Episodes.... I wonder why they stop publishing them....
  21. I mean, that is a totally unfair question to Bernie or any candidate over a year before the convention. β€œOh nobody has voted yet, but will drop out if you lose?” The message that he is seeking to undermine the presumptive nominee and contest a convention is underlying in that question, when he didn’t last time, and it is way too soon to assume he would this time. Idk. I hate that question. It would be different if it were June 2020 and he were asked that question and he was in 2nd place. β€œAre you gonna stay in this and harm the presumptive nominee?” Fair question. In June 2019, β€œif you’re hypothetically in 2nd a year from now, will you drop out?” FOH. That’s not a fair question.
  22. What writer created the character of Dr. Joe Werner - Irna Phillips, Agnes Nixon, or someone else?
  23. How long were Ellen Lowell Cole and Dr. Tim Cole married before he passed away (from leukemia)?
  24. I see you picked up on that, too
  25. The milestone being Victor's hospital monitor flatlining?
  26. No, Victor can't die 😒 EB's 40th anniversary on Y&R is a little over 7 months away; he deserves to have that milestone celebrated on the Monday February 10, 2020 episode.
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