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  2. James Cameron was a SOB but she left that relationship with $150 mil, so I'm super happy LH has moved on because this is a dream for me.
  3. Vack has had a good career https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0114430/ Boyd hasnt acted since 2005 https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0101787/
  4. What we certainly already knew: locking up and/or detaining children is profitable for these unconscionable folks. I wonder how many Trump officials have investments in these shelters?
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  6. So Y&R was regularly hitting #1 in the latter half of 79, outrating all the 60 min shows. No wonder CBS pushed for it to expand. SFT hitting #3 - the Carringtons were working wonders, but couldn't sustain it. And GH was inching up month by month... Hope you can post more!!
  7. Wait to See: Nick’s charade is exposed Theo began to sabotage Lola and Kyle’s relationship by talking about Kyle’s wild days in NYC Lola and Celeste make peace again. source courier journal
  8. Nola Dancy The Doctors Kathryn Harrold Kathleen Turner Kim Zimmer Tom Conway Somerset Michael Nouri Ted Danson Shouldn't this be in the DTS thread?
  9. Kacey from NYC 🇺🇸
  10. Julia Shearer (AW) Kyra Sedgwick Faith Ford
  11. I have a lot of issues with the likes of Splinter, but generally they saw the coverage as half-assed and hesitant, or enabling. I'd tend to agree. https://splinternews.com/the-failing-to-accurately-describe-racism-as-racism-n-1836376695
  12. Reggie Montgomery (AMC) Chadwick Boseman Michael B. Jordan Wasn't Lea Salonga famous before playing Lien, though?
  13. While discussing the many Casey Hugheses on As The World Turns in the Where Are They Now thread, it struck me that three of the actors who played the role (four if you count temporary replacements) have gone on to have reasonable careers in primetime/movies. As I was thinking a bit more about it, I realized that the same could be said for Casey's cousin, Lucy Montgomery. What other characters have sent several of their portrayers off to reasonable careers? Casey Hughes (As The World Turns) Joseph Cross Zach Roerig Scott Porter (temporary replacement) Billy Magnussen Lucy Montgomery (As The World Turns) Amanda Seyfried Peyton List Spencer Grammer Betsy Stewart Montgomery Andropoulos (As The World Turns) Meg Ryan Lindsay Frost Lien Hughes (As The World Turns) Ming-Na Wen Lea Salonga
  14. Boyd and Vack were both on less than a year, and, as such, haven't done much with the role. Cross, by contrast, was on for quite a few years (longer than Roerig and Magnussen), but his Casey was definitely still a kid, who was often sent upstairs after a few seconds on the screen. It's interesting to me though that Cross, Roerig and Magnussen (and Porter, for that matter) have all gone on to have reasonable careers in primetime/movies.
  15. I like her too. She doesn't really give off that stuck up snob vibe that Michelle Stafford did.
  16. Did they ever give a reason why M.J (a woman) was named Michael Joseph?
  17. So Elena and Devon are so boring that they release a spoiler about her moving into his room? Is this romper room or a soap opera? I feel like I am reading spoilers for a kids show.
  18. Don't think these photos have been posted before
  19. Rare to come across any pics from L&F/FRFP. This is Vicky Dawson and David Abbott
  20. I like Watros a lot, but I don’t see much in her Nina so far. It’s pretty much a non event to me. I love Gina Tognoni, but Stafford has been strong in her return, in my opinion. I’m enjoying her.
  21. I cannot stand Lola the character or the actress. Terrible storyline, and the actress has the fakest smile I’ve ever seen. She plays it so often it’s pathetic, and I never forget that she’s ACTING. God, she’s terrible. Adam has been on a lot, but I’m a big fan of Grossman and the character. He was featured throughout today’s show, but I never felt Adam took over and hijacked the show. I've seen gross on daytime, and Mark Grossman isn’t it. And where’s this coming from about Eric Braeden and another romance? I’m not seeing anything like that on my screen.
  22. Elena is likely moving into Devon's bedroom, since she already "lives" with him. Maybe Theo has unrequited feelings for Kyle, which is why he couldn't take listening to Summer drone on...... (kidding.....)
  23. Here are some upcoming spoilers from the Courier Journal for this week and one for next week. Elena will happily agree to move in with Devon, Theo will start to sabotage Kyle's relationship with Lola, by talking about Kyle's wild days in New York. Celeste and Lola will make peace again, Abby and Nate will share a passionate kiss and she will invite him to a family dinner. And next week Nick's Charade will be exposed. I'm not sure what the spoiler about Elena agreeing to move in with Devon is about, since they already live together. I believe that the family dinner that Abby will invite Nate to, is definitely the one that Nikki is throwing where drama will end up happening. I also don't know why Theo is trying to sabotage Kyle's relationship with Lola.
  24. Lola is so annoying. Could care less about her daddy issues. Just write her off already
  25. Joseph Cross 2nd Episode starting at 15 mins Joseph Cross last Day starting at 3:42 Ian Boyd Starts at 50 sec in Peter Vack Comes in at 11:31 Zach Roerig at 1:49 Billy Magnussen at 1:25 Temp Casey, Scott Porter at 57 seconds with Voice over
  26. Oh my goodness, I'm not sure I remember this promo but that is a "lewk" for Jill with the lenses, lol.
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