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  2. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

  3. Matthew Labine passes away

    Not even. She died last November 8th.
  4. B&B Recasting Major Role

    I just found out about all of this. It's all so strange, but I'm curious to see how Ingo will work as Thorne now, so there's that.
  5. The show did have a nice balance for a while. The College Years became a tad annoying and started a slow decline, but I still enjoy every season overall (rewatching Season 5 now as it is airing on Pop and lawd Dylan the addict got on my nerves bad and until she emerged on her own, you could have crossed Val's name for Brenda with the whole insta Dylan relationship, it would have been great Brenda/Dylan angst). MP and 90210 had some truly SOLID soapy seasons in the middles of their runs.

    LOL Carl. But I agree. I was never a fan of Kevin Dobson or Mack really. Keep the recaps coming @YRBB ! I'm enjoying them and realizing it's been way too long since I've watched Knots. Also to add I agree that Gary/Val sort of made Kenny/Ginger redundant. I never thought of it before but now looking back on storylines, a lot of what could have been given to Kenny/Ginger was given to Val/Gary. Also great comparison on the Gary/Abby and Gary/Val chemistry/relationship, I agree with you @YRBB
  7. The Politics Thread

    Amy Klobuchar is a very smart woman who, if we had a functional government, would be one of the best people to write a bill to shore up the ACA. I saw a good explanation for why the owners got involved with the protests. White billionaires resent having another white billionaire* tell them how to run their business.
  8. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    @Cat, after learning Leeanne has a history as an actress, I just trump her actions up as being tomfoolery. She's just acting up for the cameras. I do think she is annoyed with the women, but I doubt she'll actually hurt them. All that trash talking is just for her to alleviate stress. D'Andra, who knows Leeanne so well, says that is her; she said Leeanne just pops up off but doesn't mean it.
  9. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Bill adn Brooke have been having the same exact episode every day
  10. The Politics Thread

    That BBC article on Chad being added to the travel-banned countries list, while Sudan is taken off, makes me suspicious that perhaps Trump Inc. and/or his cronies have some secret investments in Sudan (oil, e.g.). There have been far more atrocities committed in Sudan than Chad over the past decade, but then again Trump is in thick with the Saudis that have been major backers of Bashir and Sudan (or is that North Sudan now?). Many Chadians were squeezed from all directions when the ISIS onslaught took place in earnest in neighboring Mali - with refugees fleeing violence in Mali, they had difficulty securing their border, particularly against militants and the U.N. was quite slow in sending help to secure their border, although the African Union did what it could in helping that effort. The U.S. did send reinforcements to help train Chadian troops, while working with AU and Chadian government in reconnaissance and intelligence-sharing but with the U.S. tied up perpetually in the Middle East and Libya, the bulk of the heavy lifting was mainly left to a regional effort, led by the AU. Unfortunately, many countries are now figuring out that these days, it doesn't pay to cooperate with the U.S. , as they have become and unreliable partner, as Angela Merkel hinted in a speech this year. This could have a chilling effect, particularly in Africa, parts of which the fraying networks of Al Qaeda and ISIS are still lodged, not just in the Maghreb but in bands in parts of the Niger-Delta. By the way, it's not just anti-terrorism efforts that may be thwarted down the road but parts of Africa's coasts have been fighting a low-grade drug smuggling operation as the worldwide routes have shifted in recent years due to South America, Latin America and the Caribbean strengthening their security and confiscating drug smuggling boats and apprehending smugglers much more effectively now and well as countries like Colombia, Bolivia, etc. making reconciliation pacts with their resistance groups, providing local farmers alternatives to growing coca in favor of other profitable crops (many of which used the money from deals with drug cartels to fund their resistance efforts) to end access to routes and crops to the cartels. It is already known that groups like the Taliban (poppies=heroin) and Al Qaeda use money from drug smuggling to fund aspects of their organization. Hopefully Chad is not in the path of those recent drug routes that that have springing up in Africa. That would be an entirely new danger. Talk about the rule of unintended consequences. Just this morning, I saw a headline that suggested that Trump had taken up this NFL issue to provide 'red meat' to his base that had been disillusioned over his recent 'bipartisan' efforts. Now there are articles about his supposed uptick in the polls. Jerry Jones, like most of the NFL owners are worried about not being able to showcase their 'product' (i.e. the players) as that is where their money-stream comes from. As much as these Trump supporting owners (look at their campaign contributions disclosures) backed Trump over his promises to boost the prospects of 1%ers, if it's a choice between Trump and their cash cows, guess who'll they'll side with? $$$$. Don't forget, the NFL has a very active union. I'm sure the owners would dissolve players unions if they could but they know that the unions are here to stay (especially as long as that 'pesky' concussion/CTE issue remains a thorn that they can't make go away), which means the players have power. It's all about the Benjamins for these owners...greedy, obnoxious Trump might even appreciate this.
  11. The Politics Thread

    In a way, it surprised me to hear how Jerry Jones joined in, let alone sanctioned, the protest. If ever there was a quintessential Trumper, I think he would be it.
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  13. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    @I Am A Swede I thought you might like this scene.
  14. The Politics Thread

    Ok I wasn't going to but I watched the healthcare debate on CNN last night. Now I hope most know I am no Bernie fan but he did a good job and Amy Klobacher who has not endorsed Medicare for All talked about everything and the sun EXCEPT that and she knows her stuff. I thought she came across smart, warm, and compassionate Ok I know it's bias, but frankly I thought Graham and Cassidy were awful. Their own hypocrisy was hard to miss. And many of their falsehoods debunked. And I hope this entire notion of patriotism etc that Trump is trying to fire up with this STUPID NFL stuff finally showed to the dummies what it's really about. Even Jerry Jones came out and kneeled with his team, which they all did by the way BEFORE the anthem and then stood up for the anthem. They were still booed.
  15. WH has stated that he was fine with being on recurring, and appearing for a few episodes here and there. It seems Bradley got it in his head to do a 2,5 week story with Thorne, and if WH wouldn't commit the time, I suppose Brad had to follow his heart. lol At least they stuck with the hunky blondish look, although it would have been great to see Brooke/WH again, if this is where it's going.
  16. The Politics Thread

    I've heard that as well. But I think there's a difference. George W. Bush blundered Katrina because he was incompetent. Trump is blundering Puerto Rico because he's incompetent AND racist.
  17. September GH Thread

    I remember reading it here somewhere. The member had said RM has Parkinson's Disease. I don't remember who it was that wrote it though.
  18. September GH Thread

    with background "Heather and Susan" shadowy figures.... yawn. More Franko propping... I'm assuming Robin Mattson wasn't in the mood to push Kelly's BLT's.. How hard would it have been to take a scene from 81 or 82 of Heather and Susan talking in the carriage house, mute it and have Betsy telling the story? Oh , wait, that would take thought. I didn't know RM had health issues. I like your Grant connection, but I doubt Smelly or Pissy even know Heather's maiden name. I was amazed they knew Scott was Jason's guardian.
  19. The Politics Thread

    You know it's messed up when media darling Marco is actually trying to do something (although I imagine a camera being present is the main factor).
  20. I dreamt about Y&R and it was better than an actual episode. 

    1. DRW50


      What happened in it?

    2. Cat


      Nothin'ButAttitude for HW of Y&R!

    3. Nothin'ButAttitude


      Sorry for the delay. It one's of my days off and I dozed off again. :P


      In it, Newman, which was now publicly traded, was having a big board meeting (secretly called by Nikki) to remove Victor from the role of CEO. Apparently, he f-cked up again and did something against a morality clause. Victoria's goofy a** sided with Victor while Abby and Nikki rallied a heap of votes to boot Victor from the position. Nick was the deciding the vote and he sided with Nikki. Victor and Nick got to scrapping, and Victor (for once) got his a** whooped. Nikki surprised everyone by nominating Jack as the newest CEO and the board went with her suggestion. Victoria whacked Nikki, but Nikki stood firm in her suggestion. Hilary, who was watching on, was wheels started turning as she now wanted to be with Jack and claim the riches he is about to embark on. 



      Then my dream shifted to some hood drama (probably wasn't good that I watched one of my faves, Juice, before I went to bed). In that a dream, a gang member was pick off his fellow gang members one by one. It got to the climax with the big shoot out then my phone went off and I was awakened. I was p-ssed of course. :lol: I swear my dreams are better than TV and Netflix. 

  21. Love and Hip Hop Thread

    Brooke is ridiculous. She is playing games and is ending up playing herself Lord, the extras made this episode! "At least I got a free drink to film this bullsh-t scene" "Girl, the tea, the tea!" "Chhiiiilllle! I got my popcorn for this mess!
  22. The Politics Thread

    People are starting to refer to Puerto Rico as 'Trump's Katrina'. He seems to be too busy blaming P.R. for their fate, rather than giving details on any aid. Someone in his administration mumbled about assistance arriving next month, many people have been screaming that their could be a whole lot of dead bodies by next month. What happens when a white supremacist is POTUS while two territories filled with brown people are hit with a natural disaster? This is the end result.
  23. Star Trek returns with streaming series

    I'm a huge Star Trek fan (TNG, DS9 and VOY). While I HATE the fact this is another prequel (I want to see what happens AFTER DS9 and VOY)... I still thought the Discovery premiere was better than I expected. I'm ready to see next week's episode to see the new cast and where this all goes. I love the lead (Michael) and I like Saru (?). I really didn't take to Michelle Yeoh's captain - she reminds me of the stiff Genevieve Bujold, the first Janeway before Mulgrew took over. Seemed robotic and unbelievable. I'm hopeful that was her last episode...
  24. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    The whole scene between Victoria and Billy was so clumsy and stupid it's both hilarious and sad. It was just another way to insert Victor into yet another story (this seems strangely similar to how Victor was being utilized before SS took the writing reigns) by making supposedly intelligent, business-savy Victoria a needy little girl who needs her Daddy to intervene and fix her company. So between Dina having nightmares about Brent Davis and Graham is insinuating that Ashley is illegitimate ("I'm no bastard, Ashley" sic), I wonder whether Davis was already married himself when he and Dina had an affair and perhaps he abandoned a wife and child to pursue Dina. Dina assumes that Graham has no idea who Ashley's bio-dad is but perhaps Graham's mother might have told him all before he stalked Dina. *shrugs* I still don't see many future possibilities for the Graham character.
  25. The Politics Thread

    Many foreign policy experts are confused and unhappy about Chad being on the travel ban list. Some think it's because of Tillerson. Another decision that will be another long-term consequence/pain for the US most likely. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41388570
  26. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Thank you for watching so some of us don't have to! I don't know if I can face YET another #FakeCancer SL on this show. OC is a mess and I really don't enjoy any of them at this point. Can't we just FFed to Iceland already? Haven't watched Dallas yet, but I plan to. First of all I love Cary (she's my fave), and I think D'Andra is a good addition. Definitely the new Tiffany -- only better. I was just about done with LeeAnne, but you have helped to contextualise her for me. I truly thought she had violent mental problems, but perhaps she's all bark and not much bite. I do want to like her because I can see in her VTs that she is often very self-deprecating and tongue-in-cheek about herself.
  27. Dynasty Discussion Thread

    Yes, thanks for sharing! Always interesting to read interviews from the stars of Dynasty. He comes across as being bitter about a lot of things, but I suppose feeling as if you have to live a lie your whole life will do that to you.
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