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  2. Just curious who might have Roku device of some kind? I have roku stick which I love better than fire tv stick. Plus so many great apps and get free classic tv and movies with it.
  3. Brandon Barash So sick of this [!@#$%^&*]. I guess they needed a cliffhanger since Days is preempted 3 days next week.
  4. Ron does the same thing at each soap, that's why we call him ReRon lol
  5. Today
  6. I hope Ken Corday knows his head writer is ripping off himself. Again. (Seriously, does Ron even WRITE for DAYS, or does he just re-print his old GH and OLTL story projections?)
  7. I won't lie. Watching the "legitimate" press freaking out about the Assange indictment is giving me some pretty nice schadenfreude. These people treated the 2016 election like a game because they assumed they wouldn't be impacted. They thought they would get to spend the next four years beating up on Hillary. Even after Trump handwaved the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, they didn't course correct. They stayed firmly committed to false equivalence and normalization. But now that they are in the crosshairs they want us all to take to the barricades to defend the "free press." Sorry but no. Like so many people suffering under Trump, they did this to themselves.
  8. I like the nuAdam as well. I think the show is watchable. I've tuned in every day so far for the last few weeks. It's not where I want it to be and it's not exactly exciting but I'll take it over damaging writing anyday where everyone hates each other. Griffith just isn't an exciting writer. I think he has some decent grasp and maybe some nice ideas but it doesn't really come together. He still feels like a stopgap, and that's OK, I guess. It feels like the Adam story is at the center and I'm not really here for that again, but I like Mark Grossman so I'm trying. I also do think Sharon seems to have lost a few IQ points back in the Adam story. Sharon Case plays Sharon differently when Adam is involved. IMO. I see we're indeed back to Winters Wednesdays (sort of). It's clear they have no interest in Devon, Ana or Elena. Funny though how Y&R's twitter keeps promoting them but they're all barely on ... Nate and Abby are afterthoughts (literally in Abby's case where the Newmans are concerned, LOL, she's always felt more Abbott to me though and the Abbotts have always been there for her...) I would also LOVE to be here for Beth Maitland and Traci getting a story that involves her writing (and I think this is up Griffith's alley) and falling for a younger man, but why oh why does it have to be Cane? But I don't quite hate it as much as I expected to. I sort of resent they're using Beth/Traci on Cane though. I'm just ... Cane could have filled a role on the show and instead the character is all over the place. It's just time to cut their losses.
  9. THE DOCTORS Mr. Henderson John Corey 1978 Andre's Insurance man after fire
  10. Adam's personal!ity has greatly changed since he got his memory back. I liked him better when he had amnesia. I think right now he's being written a bit too hard. He went from asking Nick's permission to see Christian to demanding to get custody of Christian, and finding Chelsea/Connor. He also wants 500 million dollars. That's a big shift in personality. I think he needs to be more layered and have a mixture of different traits. Including the softer, warmer traits he displayed when he had amnesia. I believe the actor could pull that off. Also, I continue not to like the way that Ana is being written right.now. In a way it seems like the writing is poking fun of her character, by making her make bad suggestions to Tessa. Like when she tried to get Tessa to wear that silly looking outfit today. (They even played comical music, poking fun at Ana's suggestion when Tessa came down in it)She keeps trying to change Tessa into something that she's not. I don't like the way that Ana is being written and I think she's mainly being written like this to provide angst for Tessa/Mariah. I think she is being written as an obstacle for them to overcome. Without really getting to have her own perspective focused on. The way she's acting doesn't really make sense. She didn't act that way with Fen and he was less experienced and even ruder with Ana (at first than Tessa was.) I do wonder if the will say Ana is acting this way to prove herself, which doesn't make a lot of sense. Given she's been in the industry for a while and how she handled Fen.
  11. Interesting It'd have been a lot more interesting. Brenda's son with Carly and Jax's daughter.
  12. That's why I asked. It seems so wasteful to spend time, money and effort building a set when there are no good solid business stories taking place. In this day and age when Y&R cries poverty rather than retaining talent, it seems especially foolhardy to build a business set where no tangible corporate storylines are actually taking place. I mean what about Crimson Lights, The Athletic Club, Chancellor Park and all the other sets where conversations can take place? DH sounds like a glorified Coffee Klatch.
  13. Dark Horse is so unnecessary in my opinion. Nick needs to back at Newman, along with Victoria, Adam etc... Have Abby get back to Jabot! And give each companies actual business storylines that actually our fun and make sense for the most part.
  14. Laaaawd. At least Ron uses masks and Kristen at least isn't crazy enough to get plastic surgery (coughSheilaPhylliscough) LOL!! Kristen was always nuts, used dopplegangers, etc. but at the same time, I'm kind of sad she's been reduced to being this desperate over Brady. It makes my heart hurt a little bit.
  15. THIS! Kim was always useless. I love Tamara Braun but Kim's role (like many other pets) could have been filled with a character folks have a connection to, not something forced. And without Oscar, Kim is even more pointless. I wouldn't have hated Kim and Sonny but they seem determined to keep Sonny and Carly together for whatever reason. I don't think Laura and Maurice have any chemistry at all. (Laura and Ingo did)
  16. I'm glad many seem to be avoiding making her a victim, which she doesn't deserve. Anyway, the responses to this Fooliani tweet made me laugh (the response from Pelosi's spokesperson also made me laugh).
  17. Are there any actual business stories taking place? That involve DH, I mean.
  18. I swear, straight men and their "stories"...
  19. dumbass Wyatt keeps harping about "being truthful!" in his relationship but he did not tell Sally about the TWO TIMES he kissed Flo, while they were still a couple/living together, and the writers are continuing to act like it was "just a kiss" when "just a kiss" between Liam and Sally is what blew up their relationship. WTF???? Trash.
  20. I wouldn't mind sitting with Chandler and eating a pack of Oreos with him.
  21. Makes me wonder if this is why they filmed the reunion earlier than normal - maybe they knew she might be in a spot soon where she may not be able to film and they didn't want a repeat of last year.
  22. Who knows that might be changing, I have a feeling Callum/Whitney are going to be swept up into the Ben drama, one way or another.
  23. Love. It. 86 years young and still as fabulous as ever
  24. He ate a pack of Oreos because he was upset about GoT? Chandler! Dude! IT WAS JUST A TV SHOW!
  25. IA. When Lynn Marie Latham had someone actually murdered at the Nurses' Ball on PC, I felt that the tradition needed to die as well.
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