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  2. Y&R uses Kristoff's death to further marginalize its remaining black cast. Wow.
  3. Brown had previously appeared on Search and Loving, both 30 min shows so maybe wasn't prepared for the extra work of a 1 hr show. Also, I recall that it was a rather late casting and he had to tape a number of episodes in a short time span
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  5. Soap Hopper Hall of Famer Lawrence Weber appeared on several shows in more than one role over 30 or so years The Doctors 3 roles Edge of Night 2 roles Search For tomorrow 3 roles
  6. Here are some upcoming spoilers for next week from Lynda Hirsch's soap column: Theo will try and make amends with Mariah by offering that they work together. She will cautiously take him up on his offer and the two will hit it off. But after parting ways it's clear that neither person trust the other one. Abby will be excited when Adam hands her over paperwork to the Grand Phoenix hotel and tells her that it's hers. She will be thrilled by this news and her and Nate will spend the night together. Elena will grow closer to Nate after she begins her residency at the hospital. But she will keep the details of her and Nate's new friendship a secret from Devon.
  7. Moon Knight and his five personalities are coming for his money.

    1. Khan


      Could you (or someone) explain to me the significance of Spider-Man leaving the MCU?  In fact, what IS the MCU?  I don't watch any of those movies, but it seems to have affected a lot of people, so I'm being curious.

    2. Vee


      MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe, their stable/studio of their many films.

      The Spider-Man drama is overblown IMO. Long story short, due to financial issues in the 90s Marvel sold the rights to Spidey and others to other companies. Sony and Marvel now share (or shared) control of Spider-Man. After years of underwhelming stand-alone films made on their own outside the MCU, Sony agreed to bring the character 'home' and partner with Marvel Studios to make the latest popular iteration of Spidey starring Tom Holland and featured in Marvel's own movies, with Marvel producing and creatively managing the content. When Marvel decided to renegotiate their sharing deal for better terms recently, Sony walked away from the table. If this sticks it will mean Spidey will be abruptly removed from all Marvel movies going forward.

      IMO it won't stick - this is just a PR negotiation war and will be resolved. And Sony is unable to make good superhero movies on their own.

    3. Khan




      How in the world will Marvel be able to explain Spidey's absence in future movies -- provided, of course, negotiations remain at an impasse indefinitely -- while Sony carries on with the franchise, with movies that can't, "by law," have anything to do with the MCU?  Does this mean we could be on the verge of yet another Spidey reboot?


      Either way, it seems like both Marvel and Sony could stand to lose a lot by not coming to some sort of agreement.  Judging from the reactions I have witnessed, audiences either will be confused by the next set of movies, or they will stay away from one, or the other, or both.


      Thanks, @Vee, for the explain!

  8. I'd love a link to S4 as well! I never got to see that!
  9. So it's be confirmed that they are rebooting Lizzie McGuire....I'm sort of here for that! :)

  10. I didn't know she turned down coming back....I guess Thudley has had it with her crazy behind.....then again...
  11. Most people who watch news programming are older and older people of course tend to be more conservative. Conservatives also seem to need validation of their opinions from like minded people and that is what Fox News is there for.
  12. Juan Williams is ahead of Ingraham? She must be crying in her white hood.
  13. Im actually wondering if Sally and Josh could balance eachother out? You know, it's really funny cause I remember back in the day when everyone was saying OLTL fell apart once Griffith left his post as CO-HW! Almost makes me feel like Malone would be a perfect fit at YR with his stories and pacing imo!? If only Sally would have made Alden her CO-Head.........
  14. Here is the promo for B&B for next week:
  15. Nicolas Coster played 2 characters on ATWT, both involved with Lisa (years apart).
  16. Except for the fact the look so BLOATed!!!!
  17. I remember a time when DAYS was an intelligent, erudite, classy and subtle drama aimed at adults. Seriously. No lie.
  18. John

    9 to 5

    Anyone watch this on TV? I loved the film & saw some of the Sally Struthers years but missed the ABC Seasons
  19. The first 6 minutes of today's show was just repeated content from yesterday. Horrible. Susan chewed her way through the rope 😂
  20. The ratings during the Bell/Falken Smith era were stable, with the show usually ranking in the top half of the soap pack. The problem was, during that period, the competition was FIERCE. Unlike today (actually, unlike the last few decades), many soaps were on fire at that time and able to battle quite effectively for the viewers' attention. DAYS only really started to dive-bomb in the ratings after Smith was axed and the revolving door of mediocre writers began. And although two of the soaps' long-running stories (the secret of Mike's paternity and the inability of Doug and Julie to be together) had finally been resolved, I did not take that as an indication the show was in storyline trouble. Brilliant as they were, and as familiar with the characters as they were, I was confident that Bell and Smith would continue to weave more magic. They always had done so on DAYS, and they continued to display their talents on other soaps. DAYS would have been in safer storyline hands with these experienced pros than it ended up being with the hacks who replaced the vet scribes and took a chainsaw to Salem. I would disagree. Popular characters on daytime TV must all face the conclusions of stories during their tenure. That doesn't been the characters are played out. Gifted writers just have to weave them into new situations and plots. The audience would scream bloody murder if their favorites got written out as soon as those characters' latest stories drew to a close. IMHO, most of those stories were poorly written and contrived because the writers responsible for them were weak; not because the characters were played out. Once the audience grows to love soap characters and the veteran actors who have always played them, I don't think physical appearance matters much any more. Viewers understood and embraced them anyway as Charita Bauer gained weight, Macdonald Carey began to tremble on-screen, Ellen Corby of The Waltons showed physical aftereffects of her stroke, Anna Lee ended up confined to her wheelchair, etc. The idea that any of these actors would be replaced or fired for not aging well would make viewers' heads EXPLODE, LOL. Agreed, but poor casting choices damaged those characters, not faulty writing. If the roles had been impeccably recast, viewers might have continued to be engaged in the characters. Agreed. Soaps must always evolve and grow with the times and introduce new blood, but DAYS' overhauls were WAY too severe, done much too quickly, and clumsily inflicted onto the show/audience by temporary and incompetent PTB who were not talented enough to handle the transformations effectively. Had DAYS kept Bell and Smith, the changes might have been as effective as Bell's revamping of Y&R after it went to an hour and the focus shifted away from the Brooks and Fosters in favor of the Williams, Abbotts and (later) Newmans, or as Smith revamping of DAYS when she returned to the show in 1982. Mass carnage by new writers and producers NEVER works. Ugh. I would daytime TV would learn this lesson.
  21. I had no idea that Fox dominated the news to this extend. Jesus take the wheel.
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