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  2. The exit of Antoinette Byron's Natalie Nash from Home & Away from 2000. Coincidentally she played a recast for the character and from what I read from H&A fans this scene with her daughter Gypsy running to her in the rain is a memorable one.
  3. I guess that could work. But if they are going to do that (and I won't be holding my breath) I hope they do it soon, so Annie could get reunited with Joe before she dies. Lovely! Back when the show was actually good!
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  5. Ah, Antoinette Byron. Maybe that's how/why Skye had her real name as...Antoinette. In any case, I knew she was on AMC, but per this article, she was also on Melrose Place (original) and B&B. Assuming these were small roles?
  6. I think this is around late September or early October 1980
  7. It will be interesting to see which episode of All in the Family and The Jeffersons that they choose to re-create. I wonder if this is a one time thing, or if they are testing the waters to see if reboots of the series will work, especially givien the launch of the Disney+ streaming service shortly.
  8. Huh? He’s terrible. One of daytime’s worst actors.
  9. Is Kate Mulgrew doing the VO for the Knorr ad?
  10. Good points. It's also interesting that ABC decided to put a character who apparently wasn't particularly " likable'' on all three of their soaps. From the episodes I have seen via YouTube, Skye was most compelling while she was battling her alcoholism. Btw, I've seen clips of the original Skye (an Australian actress); she was awful, so it's not a shock they decided to recast. I don't believe so.
  11. I love Justina Machado but I'm not sure I love her enough to sit through Will Ferrell. The casting seems very off for me in most of this (although Marisa Tomei as Edith is interesting - Woody Harrelson doesn't have the fire for Archie though), as does having a man who wore blackface well into his career hosting the show.
  12. Hey guys I found these articles from 1980 but the dates aren't correct, anyone know what month this was from? Also alot of great interactions at this point and can't forget the transition mode was definitely in hand
  13. Recap from SOD The twins arrive and Devon asks where Neil is. They tell him that Neil dropped them off and wanted to take a quick shower after a long drive. After many calls and texts with no reply from Neil, Devon goes to look for him, as he has yet to arrive for the restaurant opening. Later, Devon returns and it's obvious that something is terribly wrong. "He's visibly shaken," James relays. "The first thing he does is find Lily and shares the news that Neil is no longer with them. It's as you expect it to be: a huge shock and an emotional moment." The sequence is done without words. "There's just background music playing," sighs Khalil. "You just see Lily reacting and her devastation, then the whole family coming around her."
  14. Wondering if this may bode well for ABC and ODAAT (Justina Machado is taking part):
  15. Nice to see Justina Machado getting a big network showcase with the Norman Lear special while ODAAT is in limbo.

  16. I know the argument that Bethanny is a hypocrite with a double standard for herself and everyone else is not new. However, Tinsley's talk with Lu really got me thinking about what an awful friend Bethanny can be. Tinsley was refreshingly honest in saying to Lu that she realized that her lack of sympathy towards Lu's rehab was based on her anger toward her father. I appreciated that she wasn't apologizing, nor was she attacking, she was just saying that Lu triggered these emotions in her. In fact, if we read between the lines, Tinsley is warning Lu that when she watches the Berkshire episodes in seven months Lu might not like Tinsley's reactions, so she is explaining it in advance. By contrast, let's consider Bethanny and Jules. Bethanny was triggered by Jules eating disorder because she reminded her of her mother. However, rather than saying that directly to Jules, she teased her, disrespected every word out of her, and was generally not nice to her. Giving advice is actually perfect for Bethanny because she would rather talk at someone than with someone. Also, she was condemning Dorinda just last season for saying that death was worse than divorce and now they are bonding over widowhood (despite the fact that a few weeks before Denis died Bethanny was shtooping the hottest cater-waiter in New York and some guy in Boston the week after he died). On the BH front, the timeline of LVP's kitchen is very suspicious. I try to take the show at face value. However, given that we know she stopped filming with the ladies after the wedding, this kitchen reno could be happening on any day of the year. In other words, I do not believe she was demo-ing her kitchen on the same day as Kyle's shower for Camille because I don't believe that two film crews would be working on the same day if the entire cast was expected to be at one location at the shower. After all, Erika couldn't make it to the shower, but it was clear that her rehearsal was filmed on a separate day. I would bet that producers begged Lisa to come back and film solo scenes in her kitchen and in Vegas that could be inserted throughout the season, but didn't actually happen on the same day. I would further guess that she is contracted to film a certain number of days and when she refused to film with the cast, they went back and filmed her individually; which would really piss off the other ladies who would probably love to only have to film in their kitchens rather than go to another upside down infer-red goat yoga class. It is easy to insert scenes in BH because the weather never shifts. Sometimes in Potomac, they'll show two supposedly contemporaneous scenes and it is snowing in one location and humid in the other. But, I'll start looking for clues to see if we are really seeing things happen on the same day.
  17. Here are some upcoming spoilers from SOD: Jack will discover some deception at Jabot, Abby celebrates the opening of Society, Victor makes a confession and Devon learns devastating news. The town gathers together to mourn Neil. Also, the week after next, Sharon will spar with Mia, Victor will cover his tracks, Nikki will uncover a clue, and Cane will confide in Jill. Also, it is reported from people who saw the day ahead episode, that In some clips for next week, Lily and Devon are going to wonder where Neil is. Lily will tell Devon she thought he was recharging a battery at Devon's place for a dance floor, and Devon will say he's not responding to his texts or message. Devon will also be shown hugging Malcolm. Here is a gif, someone posted on Twitter, of Devon hugging Malcolm, after they learn about Neil's death.
  18. I feel like Carrie Genzel benefits from being a clever twist in the Dr Jonathan Kinder story. The team of Skye, Janet, and Erica were so fun to watch. However, in retrospect, the reveal that Kinder's wife Toni was actually Skye was dependant upon Carrie not acting as Skye had acted in the past which is a writer's cheat to try to avoid these types of comparative conversations. Then Skye fell back into her obsessive stalking of men with Edmund and she wasn't as interesting as when she was a part of Janet's coven.
  19. I would accept Carrie Genzel if Robin Christopher did not return. She was perfectly fine as Skye, but Robin will always be my favorite. Regarding Skye's likability, I agree. However, Adam abducted Erica, tried to drive Dixie into a madhouse after using her for a baby, and cost Gloria a child, so I don't personally view Skye as irredeemable. I know very few people seem to have enjoyed the character on any soap, but I saw her as a lonely and emotionally damaged woman.
  20. What if Zack Brady was Stefano’s child or Ciara Brady really was a Lockhart?
  21. Man...I felt they really missed the boat on Valerie. Vanessa Williams had great chemistry, could actually act, and felt so natural as a fit on the show. I never understood why they never really gave her a chance. I always wanted to see more of her.
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