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  2. Jean Passanante looks back at her career

    I really liked the baby-switch story she did on ATWT. It was a true umbrella story, involving Jennifer, Gwen, James, Paul, Emily, Carly, etc. Unfortuanetly, I hated every other story she was involved with on that show.
  3. The Tennis Thread

    Today's matches proved why Tomas Berdych never won a major. The only loss from the Europe team was in doubles. I was wondering where is Grigor? Why wasn't he picked to be on the team instead of Berdych who is lower ranked?
  4. Jean Passanante looks back at her career

    While the interview was gracious and non-confrontational, I remain convinced that besides GH's falling ratings, the ugly confrontations that JP had on social media contributed to or even forced her "decision" to "retire". I will give Ms. Passanante credit for one thing. I have seen interviews with other soap writers through the years, and many times, it seemed to me like the interviewers had to remind the writers of what they actually wrote. Ms. Passanante seemed to have a good handle on the stories she wrote or had a hand in, years later. As for her GH tenure, I don't think her biggest blunder was the Julian/Alexis thing with Julian holding a knife to Alexis's throat. The backlash on that one remains, but I think her biggest GH blunder was making Paul Hornsby the hospital serial killer. I hated the whole story and its conclusion absolutely sucked. It was written sloppily from beginning to end, a real stinker.
  5. DAYS: Wedding Crasher Reveal

  6. he's doing all the jobs to put himself through college. Working HARD.
  7. Today
  8. Ghost Jack appears after JJ accidentally shoots Theo!
  9. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    @DRW50, what are your thoughts on James Willmott-Brown returning and being in cahoots with Max?
  10. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I saw this on another forum. If it doesn't consist of the original Miami girls, I doubt I will care. I want at least Lea, Alexia, Adriana, and Lisa attached to this new show. Honestly, I think Bravo would be stupid to not just pick up where we left off with the last 8 (Ana/Alexia/Lea/Adriana/Lisa/Karent/Joanna/Marysol). That group of women had a great dynamic which was nixed too soon. I've heard rumbling too that Bravo might be trying to do a Housewives of Santa Barbara too. I think they should go back and revive DC instead. I wanna see where the original 5 DC housewives are at in their lives as many of them are now divorced. Then I say bring on 2-3 more women to add to their dynamic and go from there. With everything going on with Trump and politics/Capitol Hill being a hot topic at all times, Bravo is stupid for not reviving this show. Plus, I am sure there are a plethora of women who are married to insiders, politicians, and lobbyists, who'd love to jump onto a housewives show and spill stuff. DC is filled with many famewhores as of late.
  11. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    @DRW50, I sure did enjoy the shirtless Trucker scenes. Trisha ruined them though with all her screaming and pouting. Had Trucker been standing in front of me shirtless, a damn fax would be the last thing on my mind. OK. Can someone remind me why Shana and Jack have such a tumultuous history/rivalry? I'm drawing blank right now but am very interested to know why. God I didn't recognize Laura Wright at first glimpse of her. What is the story surrounding her? And I forgot to ask why Paul is wheelchair bound? Was he shot and paralyzed? Are we about be near the end of his stint on the show? Stacy annoys me in everything I watch with her in it. She's such a damn whiner. Not surprised that Jack didn't stray more often. I'm gonna watch the November episode in a few. I've been so busy that I haven't found time to sit and watch all these episodes despite getting notifications when they pop up.
  12. DAYS: Wedding Crasher Reveal

    Let's hope so!
  13. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

  14. Im thinking that may be Derrick
  15. https://soaphub.com/days-of-our-lives/soap-legend-robin-strasser-joining-days/
  16. The Politics Thread

    Sigh...yeah. Of all the stuff I'm seeing about Democrats, this is really worrying me.
  17. Yesterday
  18. The Politics Thread

    The Democrats are taking black women for granted https://newrepublic.com/article/144901/democrats-taking-black-women-granted?utm_content=buffer3a406&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  19. Guiding Light discussion thread

    You right about Frank and Rick as a couple, but I'd still want to see it just to watch Grant Alexander played the scorn third wheel. Even if they didn't write it as a triangle, you know Alexander would it play that way. Phillip wouldn't have been pleased for Frank to take his place in Rick's life. And I think O'Leary might have taken that seriously.
  20. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'm assuming he's joking but I pray that RC does not touch or rehash the possession of Marlena...
  21. Fuller House

    Jeff Franklin hopes December
  22. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    The sad part about it is that the show just finished one rape storyline, which was preceded by another rape storyline.
  23. The Politics Thread

  24. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    who the hell would think this is a good idea? rape is never a joking matter or to be taken lightly
  25. Fuller House

    I'm almost finished, so glad you didn't spoil anything. Gah when does the rest of this season premiere????
  26. September GH Thread

    GH needs Karen Harris & Michele Val Jean to write the show
  27. FX: American Horror Story

    Some are just doing guest gigs like Emma Roberts
  28. Fuller House

    I agree and was happy with the Return cast member in episode 9 Didnt see that coming and was so happy
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