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  2. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    Heart of Men Verse 1: Unscrambled thoughts, consuming beliefs / Get down on your knees / Obey your master / Get your reward when you transition / Go forth and spread the message across the land / Advisement certainly comes at a cost / Funds collected will aid in your righteousness / Your body, a temple worthy of care / Your body, a vessel for truth or despair Verse 2: Underestimation of intelligence / Wanting to learn new things / Analyzing traditional methods / Shaking foundations / They say that youth is wasted on the young / Intoxicated by rhetoric / Elevation of words / Robotic mindset, militant stance / Unwavering appeal / Why don't you see the world like we do? Verse 3: In public spaces, people are afraid of originality / They criticize what they don't understand / Differences are rejected / Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly / And expecting different results / Have your judgements / They are contingent on modern attitudes / Social movements gain popularity with the passage of time / Which side of history do you want to be on? Chorus: Stories we've come to know / Since time began / So grand, so legendary / Many take a stand / Free-form thinking clashes with preservationism / Ongoing research and intense debate / Reveal the desires and drives of men Written by B. (Tuesday, May 6, 2014) Copyright 2014
  3. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    You could show it could happen to anybody by doing this same story with Michael or Kevin, who both have a history abusing women. They could’ve built a story over months showing an event triggering them into their past behaviors. It would’ve made sense because it would be steeped in history. This story doesn’t go with the JT we’ve known, which is since he was a teen. This is typical of what they do in UK soaps where they can bring on new characters easier. Since you can’t do that here, Mal plugged JT into the story even though it makes no sense for his character.
  4. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Yeah, I can get why he did it that way.
  5. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I do think BH is better this season than the last two seasons, when Munchhausen and Pantygate made me want to gouge my eyes out. Camille has brought some lightness and Dorit definitely brought the petty! However, underpinning this lightness is meanness and envy. Ever since Season Munchhausen, that is kind of all I see with these ladies' interaction with each other. It's all percolating just under the surface -- until it isn't, and Kim Erika somebody explodes, and then Kyle starts making this annoying face: Truthfully, I think Faye would be a better choice than Brandi, even if she is Kyle's wingman. She has her own business (interior design), is very close with Kris Jenner, she lives in the greater LA area (she's from Brentwood originally) and moves in the kind of circles Bravo would enjoy filming. She's had an interesting life for sure. I think she should become a full HW actually.
  6. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Just to play devil’s advocate: I sort of get what MY is trying to do, in that Victoria is someone we’d think would be the least likely victim of domestic violence superficially. A “strong business woman” wouldn’t “let” her husband hit her, right? I suspect many have, and the #metoo movement has exposed some very unlikely victims. “If it could happen to Victoria, it could happen to anyone.” It would be easier to have it be Tessa or Mariah or even someone who is traditionally thought to be witless like Abby.
  7. Soap Hoppers

    I didn't know that Joseph Mascolo appeared on Days in 1968 before his run starting in 1982. I remember Jeanne Cooper said that Kin Shriner appeared on Y&R in the 70's prior to his GH role. She said he played a delivery guy who brought groceries etc... to the Chancellor home. He has always been close to the Y&R cast and you can see him at cast parties going back to the 70's.
  8. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    Third Eye Open Verse 1: Memories of your lie beneath my feet / Like shattered pieces of glass / Thinking of each one of them / Makes my delicate heart skip a beat / Lingering emotions stir themselves up / When I see couples holding hands / I regret the fact that I wasn't able / To be fully honest with you Verse 2: Tossing and turning is what I do / Throughout most of the night / I often yearn for your touch / Cuddling and spooning the way that we did / Sleeping on the other side of the bed / Waking up and making it together / Then kissing you full of affection / As we headed out into the concrete safari Verse 3: I've got you etched inside of me / As well as other countless possibilities / Of what you and I could have become / But you just took off, you went on the run / Being stranded in the ruins of our encounters / Were a blessing in disguise / It proved to me that I'm much stronger / Than I gave myself credit for Bridge: It's the little things that ignite / The good times which we shared / And it's the big things which occasionally keep me guessing / About your state of mind / About where I stood on your priority scale / But I'm tossing all that, burning all that away Chorus: I was blind but now I see / The kind of person who you really are / I became enamoured with you very quickly / There were a few warning signs / But at least they were not far Written by B. (2005) Copyright 2005
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  10. The Politics Thread

    Are things as bad in South Africa as some in the right wing media keep saying?
  11. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Christel's one of those weaker actresses who play scheming bitch better. I've never been fond of whiny Lily. I wanted Dru's daughter to be stronger. Hilary is more like Dru's daughter than her own daughter. It was only a matter of time before MY started down the Pratt path. He likely wants to shock and awe and try to raise the ratings. He wasn't doing the worst job on his own at first, it was a bit rusty but I was kinda getting into it, sort of, but I've definitely lost a lot of interest. I'm really annoyed ice queen Victoria didn't last because it suits Heinle and I honestly was starting to come around ... but all I see is her getting told she's awful for being a strong and confident business woman. Sure she has terrible people skills at times, but it seems all about beating a strong character down and I hate it (like with Hilary). Not that a strong person can't fall victim to an abuser. But it never made sense for it to be Victoria, IMHO. Heather's Victoria would rip JT's balls off right then and there. LOL
  12. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    While I am sure she will rise to the occasion, I dread today's episode. No matter how meek they try to write her...and the buildup to it happening as a writer has been understandable...it just isn't Victoria. I can see other women on the current canvas (other than Hillary) falling into an abusive relationship character-wise than Victoria. LOL!!! I wouldn't put it past her now. I admit...I don't mind a scheming Lily. Anything other than Stepford Wive Lily.
  13. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    I think Lily should start putting birth control pills into Hillary's coffee!!!
  14. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    THANK YOU. Now as someone who rarely has said a bad thing about AH and prefer her icy and definitely have her Victoria moments...I would say Ranger who I never have a problem with can go have several seats. I said what I said (@NeneLeakes) for the moment. This is truly a low point for the character no matter who is playing her.
  15. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    She was completely unprofessional, IMHO. She should have been the one let go. I know Tom was rusty and people were used to frat boy Miller grinning but what a missed opportunity, bringing him back and it all got turned to [!@#$%^&*]. She'll just never be Victoria to me (I can tolerate her when the writing for Victoria is in character and she's not playing it like she's doped up on ambien). I don't care how long Heather Tom has been gone, lol
  16. ghaw2007's Lyrics

    Reveal Verse 1: I don't know / I do not know if you know who I am / I'm just a guy who stands five foot six / And weighs a hundred and forty pounds / I've wondered / I have wondered if you have ever noticed me / I don't stand out / And I'm definitely not a part of the in-crowd / We've been introduced on a few occasions / I remember each time we have met / There is so much that I would like to say to you Verse 2: I'm hoping / I am hoping that I don't embarrass myself / Taking chances in life comes with no guarantees / I wished they did / I'm thinking / I am thinking about you and I / Sometimes I over-analyze situations / Causing me to get ahead of myself / We've been introduced on a few occasions / How could I forget the times we have met / There is so much that I would like you to hear Verse 3: I'm opening myself to you / Heartfelt emotions are what I want to get through / I'm flawed and I know / Please don't try to hide it, you are too / Bring out the best in me / I'm determined to try the same with you / Expect nothing less from me / I'm more than willing to explore whatever lies ahead / We've been introduced on a few occasions / You caught my attention at the first second / There is so much that I would like you to remember Chorus 1: Let me begin by saying that I love you / I've never felt this way before / My heart starts beating faster / Every time I get closer to you / Is the feeling mutual / Or have I spoken too soon / Either way I want you to reveal yourself / The way I have done with you Chorus 2: I love you, oh yes I do / I've never felt this way before / My heart starts beating faster / Every time I get closer to you / Is the feeling mutual / Or have I spoken too soon / Either way I want you to reveal yourself / The way I have done with you Written by B. (Wednesday, February 9, 2005) Copyright 2005
  17. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    I was the same. That really changed my opinion about her, more than any of her work in the role. I thought she acted like a spoiled brat in her interviews and I can't imagine what the work environment must have been for David Tom.
  18. Y&R: Old Articles

    My birthday is on Sunday... thank you for the early present, @ltm1997and @YRfan23!
  19. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Yep. Thank you. I know it's irritating hearing the same thing a lot, but I think we're all guilty of it. It is what it is. We all have our favorites and actors we hate. We all have our quirks ... lol I'll always imagine Heather kicking ass as Victoria instead of this pathetic shell. Heinle would have been much better as doormat Katie on B&B. They really long should have switched roles. Heinle's attitude also during the Miller/David Tom switch really turned me off to her. She just half asses it. Not that the writing has always been in Victoria's favor as a character, but lawd Heinle is so blah and bland. At least her hair has been better and she's dressed nicer. She's playing herself. Like many actors and actresses at this point, TBH. Oh Heather has definitely overacted beyond belief on B&B LOL but I think it's a choice. So much of what they give her is absolutely ridiculous. I think she'd be far more understated again on Y&R, but who knows? All they have Katie do is cry or screech or have a heart attack. It's all just Emmy bait. She's pretty much been wasted almost the entire time she's been on the show despite the constant Emmy bait. If her name wasn't Heather Tom Katie would have been dumped years ago. IMHO.
  20. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    In Heather's case I mostly just see her work on B&B and think that maybe we're best off only having good memories and not seeing what she'd be now. Of course Katie is one of the worst characters in B&B history, so I doubt that helps.
  21. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    I know people are tired of WWHTD (“What would Heather Tom do?”), but it’s hard to not compare when AH half-asses it so much. It’s inevitable to compare someone to the person who made a role famous. Hell, people still compare Peter Bergman unfavorably to Terry Lester, who’s been off the show for nearly 30 years, and we KNOW Terry ain’t coming back.
  22. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    NOPE And saying that just makes me want to be petty and talk about Heather Tom all the time We can talk about whatever we want just like you can. Praise Heinle. She finally showed up for work 13 years later. It's no wonder we all long for Heather Tom. Victoria's a pathetic shell of who she used to be and should be. I loved when MY turned her back into an icy bitch but then of course he had to be all about plot and have her be weak and insecure and be able to be manipulated so JT can beat her up. It reeks. JT is tossed under the bus. Not that I ever loved him, mind you. But again, kudos to Heinle for finally checking into work. Sorry you like her and most of us don't or are indifferent but I won't stop beating a very dead horse. We all have things we repeat ad nauseum that we're all probably sick of hearing. Such is life on a message board.
  23. The Politics Thread

    This hasn't gotten attention in the way that the TPP and other trade agreements have gotten, nonetheless, there has indeed been a negotiation of a trade pact in Africa. African nations sign largest free trade agreement since WTO Of course, as with any trade pact, there are holdouts. Nigeria (having one of the largest economies on the continent) is being heavily criticized for being one of them. Perhaps they holdout because the pact is seen to favor small to medium-sized businesses and Nigeria's corporate conglomerates (they have more than any other country in Africa) don't stand to benefit directly. Having said that, it seems somewhat bizarre that any African country would forgo the opportunity to trim and/or eliminate high tariffs between African countries when African states currently pay higher tariffs to export between other African countries than they do to export outside of the continent. Again, though, Nigeria and likely, South Africa (another holdout), with their large number of multinationals probably saw no problem with this arrangement as it was unlikely to affect them directly. Still, that doesn't say much for their sense of unity and prosperity throughout the continent or their sense of forward-thinking in terms of the indirect benefits that they could get from their neighbors having more stable economies.
  24. Stars who didn't conquer TV

    I think Paul Lynde was better as a supporting type actor, he just didn't seem like lead actor material
  25. Stars who didn't conquer TV

    Paul Lynde was also shoehorned into sitcom Temperatures Rising after his own sitcom failed. The original format of TR was well received, but they retooled it several times and changed the cast. Cleavon Little was the only original cast member kept for the entire series. Joan Van Ark was in the first season, but was let go with the retooling. The wikipedia entry is a good read about all the backstage and network antics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temperatures_Rising
  26. Soap Hoppers

    @slick jones A magazine article I have said that Patrick Horgan appeared on the radio version of The Road of Life in its last year (which I think was 1959). It didn’t give his character’s name.
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