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  2. Y&R: Old Articles

    I caught my breath for a second when they went from John in his office to Leslie onstage. Transition periods for soaps - such stark transition periods - always fascinate me, and few fascinate me me more than this era. I'm so glad to finally be able to get to see more of it. When it rains it pours - we've gotten a lot this past year. DC's Lance really was a wet dishrag. Victoria Mallory is a bit too shiny and empty in performances to fit Y&R, but I do wonder how she would have been with a better partner (I haven't seen most of her scenes with John's Lance or with Lucas). I did enjoy that little bit of her singing. I wonder how viewers at the time - albeit taking it much less seriously than some of us do - felt if they sensed one era fading out and another moving in. Deborah Adair is so clean and pretty and polished, so I struggle to believe her as "poor" Jill or in those trashy scenes with Jack, but I'm so glad to see this stuff. I had to laugh that they actually brought up the "Jack and Jill" nursery rhyme that I've always thought of with them when they have scenes together. Terry Lester was terrific in that flashback - pure sex. Andy is so sweet and kind, I can see why Jill leaned on him, while pining away for the life she actually wanted. Even if Deborah isn't how I see Jill, she is a very good actress, and I actually do wonder if having a new actress in the role at this time helped sell the restart of Jill for viewers. Would Brenda have had too much baggage? Can anyone tell me if this is a redesign of the old Foster house? I remember the first one seeming smaller. (or is that not the Foster house?) I wish that the earlier scenes with Lucas and Lorie were available. Did they fake a fight so she could ensnare Victor? Were those their last scenes together? I love how JLB plays this episode - she was a very complicated, nuanced match for the complicated, nuanced Victor of this era. No phoning it in and trampling over scene partners from Braeden here. The Kevin and Nikki stuff is the least interesting material for me, as it often is when I watch this period.
  3. Soap Hoppers

    Suggestions? OK ... Mary K Wells Clarice Blackburn James Douglas Rod Arrants Ron Harper Millette Alexander Joseph Mascolo
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  5. AMC Tribute Thread

    I just remembered how every time Dimitri and Edmund got mad at each other Dimitri would start running around shouting "STABLE BOY!!!" God, that used to crack me up. What cheese. Goodnight, everybody!
  6. Y&R: Old Articles

    That’s what I was thinking. Jerry Douglas must have been fairly new in the role.
  7. Soap Hoppers

    Due up tomorrow: Anthony Addabbo Virginia Dwyer Brian Gaskill Charles Grant Rick Hearst Patrick Horgan Jon Lindstrom A Martinez Judith McConnell John Wesley Shipp Looking for suggestions for Wednesday
  8. Soap Hoppers

    LENKA PETERSON RADIO THE ROMANCE OF HELEN TRENT THE ROAD OF LIFE TELEVISION LOVE OF LIFE Ellie Hughes Crown Unknown Year THE SECRET STORM Unknown Role Unknown Year GUIDING LIGHT Unknown Role Unknown Year ONE LIFE TO LIVE Unknown Role Unknown Year YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE Faye Bannister Koda 1959-61 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Isabelle Kittridge Moore 1962-64 FLAME IN THE WIND/ A TIME FOR US Martha Skerba (Driscoll) 1964-66 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Evelyn Reedy 1978 RYAN'S HOPE Nurse Grady 1981 ANOTHER WORLD Marie ___ Fenton 1983 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Grace ___ Blake 1984 ALL MY CHILDREN Faux Mother, Brooke English 1984-85 GENERAL HOSPITAL Edna 1987 ANOTHER WORLD Helen _____ D'Angelo 1992 If I can fill in more blanks on LP, I will
  9. Y&R: Old Articles

    So the flashback of John finding Jack and Jill in bed was re-created with Jerry Douglas as it was Brett Halsey's John in the original scene.
  10. I'm starting to expect it will be up and available earlier than expected given some of this week's onlinehappenings. Well, they started mentioning the Walnut Grove Bicentinnel thing today so I expect it ties into that. I do hope they bring some rare flashbacks.
  11. Y&R 45th Anniversary Spoilers

    Or she can at least slap Phyllis again.
  12. Stars unable to have lightening strike twice

    Barbara Eden couldn't follow up from I Dream of Jeanie. There was a pilot in the early 70's 'The Barbara Eden Show' and then 'Harper Valley'
  13. AMC Tribute Thread

    Wasn't Erica a bit old to get pregnant by that time? Of course, Susan Lucci is a few years older than Erica Kane (who was a high school student at the outset, and SL was 23 or so when AMC began).
  14. B&B Actress Out

    Fully agree. That said, I thought the Spectra arc had a beginning, middle and end - and closed a chapter of the show which was left ambigiously open and got a decent revival.
  15. Vanderpump Rules

    Okay, I'm behind... ...for anyone watching...what drama happened with Billie the transgender host and Jamie that got Tom all mad at the girls? That said...I cannot believe Jax has stumbled onto...dare I say it...redemptive arc for himself. Shocking enough, I'm intrigued. Can one move on from their past? Or more specific...can he?
  16. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I read that in Gerry Waggett's DAYS trivia book. All worked out for the best, as Drake began on DAYS the same year that MacGyver debuted - 1986.
  17. AMC Tribute Thread

    The dialogue and breakdown staff was largely great in McTavish's first stint. Even when the plots were absurd as hell, much of the day to day writing was excellent in the early/mid 90's.
  18. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Wow. I never knew Drake was in contention for the original MacGyver! Cool.
  19. AMC Tribute Thread

    Polarizing, to say the least. I give her credit for taking ownership. She described her own guiding of AMC as wanting to take characters and stories to their very edge. There were things I loved, and things I didn't. The whole tone of AMC became very dark under FJ. I really disliked the Maria / Dimitri "grief sex." It just didn't ring true, and I thought even kind of gross. You had this very powerful scene of Edmund not letting Maria abscond with Sammy, and taking him from her arms to return him to Kelsey... Then the next episode, you see have Dimitri under the sheets with Maria, who kind of looked grossed-out herself. To me, it threw an unnecessary cliche over an otherwise well told story point. I realized later, of course, that it was a means to an end: to have Maria miraculously be pregnant, and worry that the baby was Dimitri's. That was another means to an end - PPD-afflicted Erica, just having miscarried, takes the baby and makes it appear to Maria that she died. And in spite of my hating the actions, it was somehow riveting. The scenes of Erica confessing and returning the baby to Maria were amazingly well written & acted.
  20. Soap Hoppers

    GILLIAN SPENCER THE EDGE OF NIGHT Lyn Wilkins Warren 1961-62 THE SECRET STORM Leora Davies 1963 THE GUIDING LIGHT Robin Lang Bauer Bowden Fletcher 1964-67 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Victoria Lord Riley 1968-70 AS THE WORLD TURNS Nurse Jennifer Sullivan Ryan Hughes 1972-75; 1997 ALL MY CHILDREN Daisy Murdoch Cortlandt (Monique Jonvil) 1980-89; 1994; 1995; 2010 STORY CONSULTANT/WRITING GIGS ALL MY CHILDREN 86-92 AS THE WORLD TURNS 93-94 ANOTHER WORLD 97-99 ONE LIFE TO LIVE 99 GENERAL HOSPITAL 00-01 DAYS OF OUR LIVES 01-03 GUIDING LIGHT 03-05
  21. Y&R: Old Articles

    It’s amazing to see a mix of the original and “newer” casts blended together! I know some 1982 has made it on here recently but this is a first with those combnation of characters... i thought DA did great with the crying and reminiscing of her affair with Jack causing her to lose John the first time ... and Lorie held her own with Victor.
  22. Stars who didn't conquer TV

    Debbie Reynolds tried a zany Lucy type character for her sitcom.
  23. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I'm pretty sure she will, too. I love how Sheryl has such a love of soaps, past and present. She was in her element in late 2016 when the casts of ATWT, GL, Y&R and B&B were on for an episode to celebrate CBS Daytime being #1 for 30 years.
  24. Beverly Hills, 90210 Discussion Thread

    It seems that several people who were close to Aaron fell off the rails after he passed - Tori, of course, and Heather Locklear. On the other hand, Randy seems to be having a happy and healthy life out of Hollywood. Last I heard, he was working as a life coach and living in Oregon with his wife and young daughters.
  25. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    I don't think they had any idea what to do with her, and what they did give her was offensive and terrible. It might as well have been a completely new character as it didn't bare any resemblance to what the character once was. I also didn't think Jenna was anything special in the role. The dynamics with the characters that meant the most to Michelle (Sharon, Ian, Martin, Kathy, etc) felt very off to me.
  26. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Agreed! When was he in primetime last - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Of course, the choice for the original MacGyver came down to Drake and his Seven Brides co-star, Richard Dean Anderson.
  27. EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    The ‘damage’ had been done. They might as well have tried to stick with it. Having Martin’s sister around was worthwhile, they haven’t really made the most of it. I’d much rather have her than Kat back again, talk about a dead-end.
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