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  2. Agreed. And I know this may seem silly but some of the Matthew Ashford stans on Twitter make me wish he never comes back.
  3. When B&B began, Ronn Moss was 35 and Clayton Norcross was 32, so they weren't that far apart in age. The recast Thornes were a good amount younger than RM; Jeff Trachta was 8 years younger and Winsor Harmon was 11 years younger. Bradley Bell must have forgotten that Ridge was the older brother when he recast Ridge with Thorsten Kaye, as TK is actually 2 1/2 years younger than WH. So with Ingo Rademacher coming on board as Thorne, at least Ridge will now look like the older brother LOL.
  4. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I had to laugh at stupid ass Billy and Victoria loudly talking about Billy breaking the law, in the building owned by the company they're stealing information from, in a room that's not locked that Victor conveniently can listen at the door unnoticed. Hilarious.
  5. B&B Recasting Major Role

    I hope Brad tries something truly BOLD and has Thorne hook-up with Myra. Somehow I think IR and KM would look really good together.
  6. September GH Thread

    Slick i think u are a closet Shelly Altman fan and are not being upfront about it.
  7. The Politics Thread

    So the Trump administration denies that Trump's rhetoric constituted a declaration of war (someone should try to convince the leader of North Korea), even though Kim Jong-un read a statement on air (something he nor any North Korean leader has ever done before- I guess Trump is bringing about a LOT for firsts!) saying that he regards Trump's threat to destroy North Korea as a declaration of war. Twitter for some reason released a thread (never have I seen this from them) discussing why they haven't taken down a post in their Moments section about the apparent declaration of war and what it means. I'm guessing that Herr Trump is trying to force them to take it down but Twitter welcomes bots and trolls so obviously they couldn't care who the request is coming from. If they truly cared, they'd just block the Troll-in-Chief from posting. Interesting times, we are living in.
  8. The Politics Thread

    if true, they must have been pulling their hair out when Baron was born
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  10. The Politics Thread

    People go on and on about the Clintons, but the Trumps without question are trash. IVANKA TRUMP AND DONALD JR. TRIED TO 'BUMP' TIFFANY OUT OF HER INHERITANCE, ACCORDING TO NEWLY RELEASED RECORDINGS
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  12. Well, he does have a family to support, so I guess you go where the money is!
  13. B&B Recasting Major Role

    He said in the interview they're living in CA now
  14. Kind of surprised Ingo has agreed to the role since he left GH because he was moving to Hawaii and has, in fact, lived there for a while.
  15. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Well, duh! ;-) I would just add the word "officially," to that... And unofficially, this means that all 3 Mason Capwells enjoyed the company of men - allegedly. Btw, love Gordon Thompson, and agree with his assessment of the culturally-vacant Dynasty 2.0... P.S. - Just finished reading the entire article... what a wonderful, enlightening interview!
  16. B&B Recasting Major Role

    Was just watching some vids Ingo has on his Instagram page with his family and he doesn't have an accent at all anymore, couldn't even hear it
  17. B&B Recasting Major Role

    So Winsor gets tossed aside just so Bradley can get the 15 mins of buzz again by "stealing" Ingo from GH? Just like he got a lot of temp buzz from having Kimberlin Brown back. It's too bad that people only talk about this show because of casting and not actually because of what is ON the show these days. Bradley is trying to get people talking at the water cooler while not offering any water in it.
  18. The Politics Thread

    The health care bill is pretty much DOA https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/25/us/politics/obamacare-repeal-susan-collins-dead.html?emc=edit_na_20170925&nl=breaking-news&nlid=63533604&ref=cta
  19. Dynasty Discussion Thread

    You're very welcome, I too enjoyed it.
  20. The Politics Thread

    By the way, Susan Collins is a NO on Graham-Cassidy.
  21. Undoing the daytime soap stigma

    No, thanks Pat, I'll spin
  22. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Gordon Thomson, who was seen as Mason Capwell from 1990 to 1993, has come out of the closet.
  23. September GH Thread

    So Jake Dough's name is Drew... As in "we Drew a blank when Burton decided to come back".... Betsy (wasn't her name Karen Anderson...whatever) re-telling a twin story with background "Heather and Betsy" shadowy figures.... yawn. More Franko propping... I'm assuming Robin Mattson wasn't in the mood to push Kelly's BLT's.... "Patient zix hazzz a pein" was Alla Korot just a nurse for a day? Sam shrieking and crying again with "Dough Boy" I guess he's done auditioning for new roles. Shut up Ninugh! The Red Menace jumping around being shrill. She still is a square peg in a round hole on GH. Michael is rich and good looking, why is there only one person in town interested in him? Poor Carly Tenney, stuck in a spa clinic again with an "evil" doctor
  24. B&B Recasting Major Role

    I am not sure if I have seen worse than this.....Clayton wasn't this bad...
  25. B&B Recasting Major Role

    Uh....no to above on BD and Lucas. And....WOW.
  26. Undoing the daytime soap stigma

    You called?
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