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  2. Y&R: 45th Anniversary Promo

    Always good to see Jeanne remembered.
  3. Soap Hoppers

    @slick jones Please add to your list: Darlene Conley Terry Lester Michael Zaslow
  4. Soap Hoppers

    TINA SLOAN SOMERSET Kate Thornton Cannell 1974-76 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Patti Barron Whiting Whiting 1976-77 ANOTHER WORLD Dr. Olivia __Delaney Matthews 1980-81 TEXAS Hildy Linden 1982 GUIDING LIGHT Nurse Lillian Tyler __ Raines Cooper 1983-09 Television Commercial Actress (70th Anniversary Episode) 2007 VENICE THE SERIES Katherine Pierce 2009-16 BEACON HILL (ONLINE) Louise Casell 2014 MATTHEW ASHFORD ONE LIFE TO LIVE Drew Ralston 1982-83 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Cagney McCleary 1984-86 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Jack Devereaux 1987-93; 2001-03; 2004-06; 2007; 2011-12; 2016; 2017 GENERAL HOSPITAL Dr. Tom Hardy 1995-97 PROVIDENCE Mr. Henderson 1999 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Steven Haver 2003-04 90210 Peter Upton 2010 THE BAY Steve Jensen 2010-17
  5. Y&R: Old Articles

    I wish Liz had stuck around, as it would have provided Jill with a shoulder to lean on whenever she made her mistakes in the late 80's/90's. It would have been fun to see Liz try to interfere with Jill wrecking Nina's life with Phillip by bluntly reminding her it wasn't too long she schemed to get Katherine's life, and to try to take Stuart from her.....I could see her also trying to give Jill the biggest reality check during the 2nd divorce and custody battle with John.....
  6. Soap Hoppers

    PETER BROWN DAYS OF OUR LIVES Dr. Greg Peters 1971-80 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Robert Laurence 1981-82; 1989-90 DALLAS Tom Flintoff 1982 LOVING Roger Forbes 1983-84 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Charles Sanders 1986-87 GENERATIONS Doctor 1989 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Blake Hayes 1991-92 DORIS BELACK THE EDGE OF NIGHT Peggy 1958 Kate Hopkins 1959 Carol 1966 ANOTHER WORLD Madge Murray 1966-67 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Anna Wolek Craig 1968-77 ANOTHER WORLD Nora Simpson 1978; 1979 THE DOCTORS Dr. Claudia Howard 1980 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Dr. Beth Bryson 1981-82 EMERALD POINT, N.A.S. Nancy Frost 1984 ALL MY CHILDREN Mayor Dolly Clark 1986-87 ANOTHER WORLD Inspector Hatcher ??? 1988 ??? SISTERS Naomi Margolis 1991 PICKET FENCES Justice Bader Ginsberg 1992 ANOTHER WORLD Dr. Wager 1993 SISTERS Shirley Nussbaum 1995 MOVIE TOOTSIE Rita Marshall 1982 TV-MOVIE (GUIDING LIGHT) THE CRADLE WILL FALL Edna Burns 1983
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  8. The Politics Thread

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-21/youtube-bans-firearm-sales-and-how-to-videos-prompting-backlash This is a win and exactly the sort of action that is needed from the private sector to help gun control efforts.
  9. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    There is no reason for Sharon and Nick to reunite at this point. The secret is keeping these couples apart. Look at Cane/Lily and Billy/Phyllis. Once they get together there's nothing for them. And most obstacles that come up seem contrived. Bill Bell had Nikki and Victor apart longer than they were together after the first divorce. He did the same on Days with Bill and Laura, Doug and Julie. Sharon and Nick can come close but something needs to stand in their way. Sharon could be relishing her independence,Nick still hurting over Chelsea. So the longing is there but not fulfilled. Soap writing 101.
  10. Y&R: Old Articles

    Liz definitely should have stayed around,at least recurring or a few visits per year, just to maintain some continuity and keep that aspect of Jill alive. Bill did bring her back for Billy's birth so he was interested and Julianna seemed up for returns, so why not? Now the mystery to be solved is who was playing John Abbott. That actor presented as older and less attractive than Brett Halsey. I expected a voice over 'the part of John is being played by...' Looking at those eps from the point of view of a watcher in 1980,there were a lot of new faces dominating these episodes. If this was typical, viewers might have been disappointed not to see their favorites. Maybe Bill should have structured those episodes to make sure their was a balance of new and familiar characters. And when established characters did appear, they were in different spheres Leslie with Jonas, Lucas /Sebastian, Nu Jill with John etc. That was a big change from previous years/stories.
  11. Netflix: The Crown

    I guess it shows how much acclaim is worth in profit that they won't pay her money but will go to the press to either head off a story or try to look good. And now Matt Smith is expected to pay her money for something he had no involvement in. This type of thing, if it goes on too much, is likely to lead to lawsuits over spilling contractual details. Considering how many people throw around money for various crowdfunding gestures, maybe they should just raise the money for Claire Foy themselves. I also see from Claire Foy's comments that she did not ask for any of this to become a public issue. I wonder if she or Matt Smith were even approached by the production company before they made this big PR speech. This is something which will likely be an issue for her career as well as Smith's. If they were not approached first, then the company's tub-thumping about how much they now care about women and equality rings very hollow indeed.
  12. Soap Hoppers

    BIBI BESCH THE GUIDING LIGHT Unknown Role Unknown Year THE DOCTORS Unknown Role Unknown Year THE SECRET STORM Janet Hill Porter 1964-67 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Susan Forbes 1969-70 LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING Iris Donnelly Garrison 1971-73 SOMERSET Eve ____ Lawrence Paisley 1973-76 THE SECRETS OF MIDLAND HEIGHTS Dorothy Wheeler 1980;1981 THE HAMPTONS Adrienne Duncan Mortimer 1983 DYNASTY Dr. Veronica Miller 1984 DALLAS Dr. Gibson 1985 FALCON CREST District Attorney Caroline Earle 1985-86 KNOTS LANDING Dr. Sarah Gilbert 1989 FRESHMAN DORM Mrs. Flynn 1992 NORTHERN EXPOSURE Jane O'Connell 1992-93 MELROSE PLACE Mrs. Davis 1996
  13. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

  14. Soap Hoppers

    I picked a few from each of your suggestions but first this one... JACK BETTS (aka Hunt Powers) GENERAL HOSPITAL Dr. Ken Martin 1963 THE GUIDING LIGHT Dr. Wilson Frost 1973-74 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Dr. Stern 1978 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Dr. Ivan Kipling 1979-81; 1982; 1985 AS THE WORLD TURNS District Attorney Rogers 1981 ANOTHER WORLD Louis St. George 1982-83 ALL MY CHILDREN Lars Bogard 1983-84 FALCON CREST Dr. Roderick 1984 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Dr. David Glenn 1986 GUIDING LIGHT Jack Cutler 1987 GENERATIONS Hugh Gardner 1989 SISTERS Harry Busby 1993 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Roberto 2002
  15. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Based on the show he wrote for cable (A New Day In Eden), I think Marland would've jumped at another chance to write far more edgy racier fare than what he was allowed to do in daytime.
  16. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Sally Sussman B&S in LA. I thought Sharon and Nick have had a nice build up until Friday. It had been slow. But understand. While I'm not liking the JT/Victoria angle anymore, I do like the complications bought on now due to the JT/Victor stuff. Which of course will touch on Nikki/Arturo/Nick, Nick, Abbots by Abby etc., ETA: Speaking of the JT/Victoria angle...now that Victor not only knows about JT spying AND that JT choked Victoria...you now have another thread...and the fact that wedding ain't happening...
  17. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Oh I just meant with allowing Sharon and Nick to slowly re-discover an attraction and a connection. The Chelsea reveal was only a month ago. And we didn’t even get a day of the JT/Victoria stuff to breathe and reverberate before we had the dramatic fight scene between JT/Victor.
  18. Classic GH Thread

    They want her back and how her reign of EP was memorable
  19. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Okay, I'll bite. Howso?
  20. Y&R 45th Anniversary Spoilers

    Monday has a Leanna Love shoutout if I know my history well. All they were missing from recent Y&R was the attic...
  21. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Like I said, MY mashed the FF button on Friday. There was so much potential story he just skipped straight over.
  22. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    See above statement.
  23. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    I feel like the Shick reunion is being rushed. I kept talking to the screen, “Don’t kiss. Don’t...don’t kiss. Don’t...oh for god’s sake.” I just wanted them to feel a little frisson of attraction... and resist it. I just rolled my eyes.
  24. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    It's funny that Melanie (teeth girl) got so much propping at the expense of the characters of Mia and Stephanie.. yet those two actresses had more success in primetime then the actress that played Melanie. Goes to show that you never can tell who truly will make it outside of soaps, and who won't.
  25. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Same. I think I would like it teased out better. It has had a good start and this year is the perfect year for it...but I have been liking Sharon independently. The writing has done a great job of builiding her back up. Meanwhile, Nick is not ready writing-wise. perhaps if they focused on that with some teasing....it would feel organic for what is going on. But right now...NO. And I give no spoilers on Monday's episode.
  26. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    For years, I wanted Nick and Sharon to find their way back together. Now that it's being teased, I'm not feeling it anymore. I like them better as good, dependable friends. Is it possible to outgrow a couple? I feel that's what's happening.
  27. Y&R: Old Articles

    Julianna McCarthy is a world away from what Y&R became by the late '80s, yet the few times she appears even in those years she always has a special spark. It's a shame that we never got to see her all that much with Jess, as the Liz relationship was such an important part of Jill's character. Jill was rebuilt so many times, probably more than any other character on the show. You wonder what she could have been if they'd taken more care with her. I guess we should be happy she wasn't even more ruined than she was compared to some characters. It's a credit to Jess that even after seeing the other Jills I still respect her work a lot, as I am not like that with other recasts (see: Jack), but when I watch older material I feel like she ended up missing out on so many players who made Jill special.
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