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    • Oh I don't disagree on this. At all. I felt a lot of the same way at the time you did. The tone set was: "Denise is awful and Lily should be raising her daughter instead" and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I loved Denise but I know she wasn't well liked and it was likely done on purpose. I feel like Hillary on Y&R suffered a lot from this type of writing as well, in a slightly different way. Other examples exist of course too. 
    • Kyle is such a punk. Everytime she's confronted she walks away or cries, but when Denise wanted to remove herself from the same stupid conversation about why she didnt want her kids around adults talking about sex, Kyle was telling her not to leave and to revolve it. These ladies really need three dinner parties to resolve something that should be a non-issue. It's beyond pathetic. Kyle is super insecure and these ladies are using this to bring Denise down. Kyle also keeps thinking she's doing something with those questionable outfits she keeps wearing this season, which is laughable especially since she has made several judgements on cast wardrobe in seasons' past. 
    • I would agree for sure that Kate is the contemporary of John and Marlena. Vivian was the contemporary of Stefano, Victor, Maggie, and Mickey. But she was/is glamorous and was written comically at times, so she always seemed younger. But Kate's contemporary? No way. LK's Kate has always been the comparable trophy wife for Victor and Stefano. 
    • Luann came across so well in this episode. She was so wonderful with Dorinda. It reminded me of a scene years ago when Sonja took down her ex-husband's painting in her townhouse. Who was there to hold her hand? Luann.      I just laughed and laughed with Sonja this episode. I love how industrious she is - she's going to strike a business deal at a bar in Rhode Island and God help anyone who gets in her way. 
    • I dont think Marland would have been able to write Maggie so it's for the best.  She probably would have sung the praises of those annoying Snyder's.    I notice Alan seems to shut up if he doesn't know the stars...and both Duncan and Shannon were gone before he arrived.   To me, most of the GL ones have been fun..and I wonder if perhaps the stars of GL were more animated and fun?
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