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    • Yes slick!  How do you post images? I haven't done them in so long and I'm just going stage left when I should have went right. 😓
    • There are way too many worthless newbies with no real ties.  This team even invented ties  with Kim and Oscar and then killed him off.   I do have to add that all the comments about a public employee’s insurance covering all their medical expenses for an injury or illness not related to their job are wrong.  You can have insurance and still have major medical bills.  Especially public employees, depending on their location.   The real issue is didn’t Drew hit her?  I know it was an accident, but his insurance or better yet, a lawsuit against the Quartermaines should cover her bills.  For that matter, why aren’t they paying anyway?
    • You are right.  They do not care for any of their black cast.  The only reason Devon has anything to do right now is because the writers want to play with people who are sentimental after KSJ passing.  The stories for all these character sound so stupid and contrived.  You can tell that no thought went into any of it.
    • I think Emm-zzz-a will be found dead.  Most everyone is going to suspect that Suddenly Off His Rocker Thomas did it (yesterday Brooke reminded Hopeless that "Thomas is the most unstable one" in his family).  Detectives Always Eating a Hot Dog Baker and Token Latino Sanchez will return and go hard after Thom-ass.  But before he gets properly fitted in a Forrester Original prison jumpsuit, it'll be revealed that Dr. Wayne Brady murdered the long absent Dancing Queen Wannabe.
    • I agree a lot of the newbies would've been a lot more connected and interesting if they were former characters!
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