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    • Yes, Vee, my mileage does vary. My fandom & appreciation of Ellen Wheeler is not something that just covers her at AW/ATWT, AMC, B&B as actresses. It includes her as a Director & an EP, as well. As a lesbian who adored "Otalia" I don't hold it against EW that she is a Mormon. I think they set out to tell the story of two women of a certain age who fell in love with each other & not per se a gay tale. The show had to deal with Jess's pregnancy somehow & I did not find anything about their handling of it offensive. However, I understand completely that people have different views on this issue and I totally respect that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From an interview with Jane Elliot ...   WLS: What, in your mind, is your finest moment?   Jane Elliot: No question about it. "Guiding Light." The story [head writer] Doug Marland created for me was just so good and so rare. Thanks to Doug, I learned who I was as an actor. He stretched me. He pulled me. And I rose to the occasion. He made me look good and I made him look good. ... But, to play Carrie Todd, I had to go very, very deep. And it wasn’t just because of her madness. She was a fully fleshed out, fully realized character living a really rich life. It was a very complete role. And I loved playing opposite Jerry verDorn [Ross], the most generous actor I’ve ever worked with. It was a once in a lifetime thing and I knew it at the time. No 20/20 hindsight necessary."
    • I'll be damn.  I remember John Abbott's first scene pretty vividly, and I could've sworn the character was played by Brett Halsey from day one.   Bond Gideon's husband has posted that episode on-line where Sean Garrison is playing John.  I don't remember ever laying eyes on that dude until I saw Bond's clip, though.   On the show, Bond Gideon's Jill was working at this place called "Bob's Beauty Barn", or something like that; she *hated* it there.   Steve Williams gave her a little pep talk:  "You're pretty, you're smart, you know how to present yourself effectively, you don't have to work in a place that you hate."  Next thing we knew, Bond was prancing into the office of John Abbott --- evidently Jabot was so small that John Abbott personally did all the hiring? --- and she was impressing him enough so that he offered her a job.   I could've sworn that it was Brett Halsey who hired her.  But maybe not.  Maybe it was that Sean Garrison.  Pretty sure it was Brett Halsey though.   I'd really like to know what the deal was with Brett Halsey.  I've never heard anyone speculate why he was suddenly OUT as John Abbott, but his exit seemed to basically stunt the entire progression of the Abbott storyline for a solid year or more.  Which in hindsight was probably a blessing.  If the two daughters had been cast in 1981 instead of 1982, they'd have probably lasted six months instead of 38 years.   Nothing in 1981 seemed to stick.  Not the characters, not the actors, not the sets, nothing.  1981 was just a complete mess.  lol. 
    • Yeah it is. There seems to be some contention about that. But Brett Halsey isn't mentioned as joining the show until August 1980. John Abbott first appeared in May 1980. While cast change news was sometimes late, it rarely took several months. I also read somewhere (and I have forgotten where) that Sean Garrison was indeed John Abbott #1.    @Paul Raven Just found it from Aug 10, 1980    
    • Sean Garrison? Is that the John Abbott seen in the Bond Gideon clip posted online? I assumed he was atemp and that Brett Halsey was the original John. He was the actor mentioned when John was first announced.
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