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    • I watched today's episode late this afternoon on my DVR.  Just when Finn walked into the lab and saw Vinny, my screen went green and when the picture came back there was no sound.  Can anybody tell me about their conversation?
    • With this stint, Richard Burgi will have been successfully wasted at half the soaps left on the air.
    • I cant get into Days of Our Lives. The storylines from what I've seen are too wacky like Susan Banks, Marlena's possessions and New Salem. To this day I still can't. It's also hard because clips on YouTube aren't broken down by storylines (like the ABC soaps) which makes things easier to follow instead of watching entire episodes.   I couldn't get into AMC or Guiding Light becuase I remember them being sub par growing up in the 2000s. But once I had access to 90s clips I really enjoyed AMC and Guiding Light. The 80s and 2000s though I still can't get into where GL is concerned.
    • Richard Burgi THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Ashland Locke 2021- BORRASCA    Killian Clery    2021   Jackee Harry DAYS OF OUR LIVES    Paulina Price  2021   Kyle Lowder DAYS OF OUR LIVES    Dr. Rex Brady      2018-19; 2020; 2021   Ryan McPartlin ALL AMERICAN    Coach Manny      2021    
    • And he wasn't. I forgot Scotty.
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